What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 28, 2007

Uh, Thanks. I guess.

Check out Tony Norman's column today. He wrote a column in response to Pittsburgh Magazine's yearly "25 Most Beautiful People" list.

Imagine my outrage when I read:
David DeAngelo and Maria Lupinacci are co-founders of "2 Political Junkies," one of the most popular political blogs in town. David is no Adonis, but he and Maria do have "beautiful minds."
Did I read that right?? "No Adonis"?? I was shocked SHOCKED when I saw that.

And here's why. Here's a very recent picture of me. I took it this morning, in fact, with the camera on my phone:

Anyone (ANYONE!) who knows me knows that I look exactly like that! Full head of hair, ripped muscles, not an ounce of body-fat. Yep that's dayvoe perfectly.

So where does Tony "I have a column at the P-G and so I can get to make up lies about local bloggers" Norman get off saying I'm "no Adonis"??

Tony, there's gonna be such a nasty letter to the editor on this one. I promise you that, my friend! I promise you that.



Schmuck Shitrock said...

I can't understand why you would post a picture of yourself before you started getting in shape. You're just confirming the lies that Norman is spreading.

Sherry said...

my heart just BLEEDS for you. ; )