What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 27, 2007

Talking to themselves

I am easily amused, but as easily amused as I am, I do not even come close to being as easily amused as Ron Paul supporters are over talking to themselves.

Back in August I wrote a post entitled "Ron Paul Sucks."

In October, I noted that my post came up fourth whenever anyone googled "Ron Paul sucks."

Well, it now comes up first and the comments to that post number nearly 100. I wouldn't know this except that I see google searches for "Ron Paul sucks" coming up multiple times each day on 2pj's stat counter.

It seems that Paul's acolytes have nothing better to do than to google "Ron Paul sucks" and try to engage in a conversation that I stopped responding to months ago.

At least, one can hope, it keeps them off the streets.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: Ron Paul does not suck that much. He has the support of "Strippers for Ron Paul" and the owner of the "Moonlight Ranch" in NV. This guy must be a real swinger.

Agent Ska said...

You know, it's funny. I remember reading that title, but I had to run off somewhere, and was never able to read the actual post.

Ever since then, I've just assumed he most likely sucked as I tend to trust your opinions.

I guess I should get caught up as everyone else in the world is seeing that.

Blogger SEO, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Hey, John K!

Still no comment about Major Andre? Didn't that get you spanked here a few weeks ago?

You got pwned and the pwnage was brutal.

Take a look everyone:



I win!

omnitheist said...

Ron paul is a moron. May god help us if his policies are ever implemented...

zak822 said...

Goodness knows I'm no Ron Paul voter, being a yellow dog democrat!

I just like having at least one candidate in the race who is actually talking about real Constitutional issues and not backing down from the beltway media buzzsaw.