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August 6, 2007

Ron Paul Sucks

Yeah, yeah, Republican Candidate and darling of the Libertarian wing Ron Paul is good on Iraq.

But I just want to remind anyone who cares about women's reproduction freedom that he is anti choice.

And, if you've read this blog at all you'd know that I can't stand anti choice Libertarians even more than I can't stand anti choice Republicans. Maybe it's because I expect more from "freedom-loving, keep-the-government-off-of-me" Libertarians. But, too often I find that the same Libertarian males who kick and scream and cry and rend their garments over the thought of the government taking one thin dime of their money have no problem whatsoever with the thought of that very same government crawling up into a woman's womb.

Go figure.

Oh yeah, he's also not just anti universal healthcare, he's anti Medicare.

I say: Fuck him.


Kate said...

THANK YOU MARIA! I am so sick of people that treat Ron Paul like the second coming of Christ when he's really just a hypocrite like any other. Fuck him, indeed.

Maria said...

Thank you -- glad to know that I'm not alone.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Maria, Ron Paul says it is a "state issue."

Libertarians are all over the map on this topic. Some are for choice. Others are not. Many are in the middle. Republicans are less scattered on this issue than Ds and Ls.

The guy is a lot of things -- but hypocrite is NOT one of them.

The Doctor gave birth to thousands of babies in his career. He was the ONLY OBGYN for many years in his county.

Maria, you are not a Republican, so your opinion on this is NOT really a factor for the short term. Plus, your brain might break if you came to understand that the one guy who could help the nation the most was a Republican.

The Ron Paul race isn't about pro choice. It is about neocon Republicans.

Ron Paul does not want "foreign intervention" in matters that do NOT concern the federal government. Ron Paul wants each person to make his/her own choices and he'll fight like few others to keep government out of our lives (and bodies).

His campaign may be too hard for you to rationalize. Think again.

Ron Paul is much unlike the others.

But, none are immune to pin-headed slams, as you've proven.

Sherry said...

and arlen spector has just cast another pro-choice vote. just got the e-mail from Nancy Keenan
NARAL Pro-Choice America so i could send my thanks to him.
i don't often agree with sen. spector but on this and his support for funding for NF and it's related genetic diseases i do.
as to ron paul and any man that wants to tell me what i must do with my body, yes, fuck em. i'll debate a woman, but a man has no right at all to tell me about pregnancy.it's an issue that i do tend to become radical about.

Sherry said...

nope, i beg to differ with you. i do not care how many babies he has devilvered, he can not get pregnant, he can not face what millions of women have faced.

throwing it to the states is a cop out.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

So whaddaya think? Paul/Gravel or Gravel/Paul? It's gotta be one or the other!

jaywillie said...

It's gotta be Gravel/Paul.

Gravel is waaaaaay crazier than Ron.

I'd have to agree that Paul is not a hypocrite. He's not really trying to hide his positions.

If I had any criticism, it's liberals/progressives who support him without know his other stances, many of which I don't happen to agree with, like abortion.

I think he's right about the war and on that issue, I see him as an ally. And I'm glad someone in the GOP is making that argument amongst all the other warmongers over there. But he loses me on many of the social issues and that's where we'd have to part company.

Kate said...

With all due respect Mark, there is no such thing as "the Ron Paul race" - he's a candidate in the presidential race, which (even though it's not yet primary season) affects the whole country, not just registered R's. The nation's Republicans can (and do) hold strong opinions on Clinton, Obama, et. al., so why can't Democrats have opinions on Ron Paul? Is he beyond the judgment of mere mortals?! ;)

Maria said...


Wrap your brain around this:

Many said that slavery should be left to the states. I think they were wrong too.

I never said all Libertarians or even all Libertarian males were anti choice, but it is my experience that far too many male Libertarian candidates don't give a fuck about women's reproduction rights and that far too many male Libertarian supporters bend over so far backwards to support them that they end up looking like this guy.

Check the mirror lately?

Also, considering that you think that my "opinion on this is NOT really a factor for the short term" because I'm not a registered Republican, I'm sure that you will take your own advice and from this moment forward refrain from expressing any opinions on Democratic candidates...and Libertarians, Republicans and Independents cause God only knows you've run as everything so who can keep track of what party you belong to at any given moment?

Anonymous said...

Ohhhhh Ohhhh Ohhhh he is anti-universal health care! He does not believe in universal health care! He is not a Communist! Oh woe is me! F-him! F-him I say! Even though I haven't the slightest idea of the failures associated with universal health care! One good look at Canada's failed system should say it all, but I am too dumb to know any better cuz I am a liberal moonbat with my head up my ass!

It is the people like you Maria who lack the self control to simply refrain from stuffing their faces every 10 seconds - if you all did, then perhaps the health care in this country would cost less, yes? But no. You all stuff your faces, get fat like the gargantuan swine you all are, suffer clogged arteries, possibly have a heart attack, not to mention all of the back, foot, leg, and knee problems all associated with your pudginess, and then you will bitch because you are not getting good health care and it should be free. To that, I say f-you. Why should my taxes go into fostering free health care for you because you do not know how to stop stacking the chicken wings on your plate when you go to Ponderosa every week?

Go move to Venezuela and bunk up with Sean Penn and his pal Hugo. I am sure Hugo will take care of you two. Better still...move to Cuba with your pal Michael where Castro will take good, good care of you both where you three can watch "Sicko" over and over as you relish in Cuba's awesome health care system as compared to the USA's.

Maria said...

Regarding the hypocrisy issue:

The dictionary defines a hypocrite as a "person who professes beliefs and opinions that he does not hold."

Libertarians want government off our backs.

Oh wait a minute -- I get it now -- they mean "off our backs" LITERALLY, so it's fine if government crawls up into our wombs with any damn law they please as the womb is located in the FRONT and not on our BACKS.


My bad.

Maria said...

Anonymous 11:06 PM,

Please, please tell me you are a follower of Jesus and make my day.

Maria said...


Mark Rauterkus said...

You should be sorry Maria -- for the foul words you swing around. You seem to have gone out of control.

Bye for now.

Maria said...

Uh-oh. I think I made Mark cry.

Bad, bad, Maria!

Bram Reichbaum said...

Okay in some defense of Mark / Ron ... I think you are cutting the states rights issue short-shrift. It is a major article of faith for them that the federal government does way, way too much. What right do Pennsylvanians have to tell Utah how they should live?

Or put another way ... if the right to choose is such a fundamental, inalienable right ... would you favor invading foreign countries and overthrowing governments that do not allow abortion?

Yes that sounds extreme ... but that's the kind of wild cultural diversity that I gather many Libertarians want in our 50 states.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Anonymous of 11:06 --

Failed health-care in Canada?

PUH-LEASE. Source this, please.

And don't tell me "it's running huge deficits." Everything in government runs deficits, but we manage anyway. Have you checked out our own government?

And no, I don't think government has a "responsibility" to provide health care. But if it would like our companies and our citizens to compete with the rest of the world, it might want to. Because they do it, and they're not "failing."

Anonymous said...

No maria. I am a follower of Allah. F-Jesus!

Anonymous said...

so bram we will just run more deficits and will manage anyway and it is ok to do so according to you. in fact why dont we just surrender our entire paychecks to the federal government? fuck taking home paychecks! after all, it is not our money, it's the government's money! right?

it is people like you who are the cause of bridges to collapse because you are more interested in more government programs while neglecting the infrastructure of everything else.

oh my yes! did you know that Minnesota is one of the highest taxed states in the usa? did you know they had a huge surplus of money left over from last year and still want to raise taxes? and yet the bridge collapsing is bush's fault, right? even though the bridge falls under state responsibility. i hear none of you a-holes complaining about where the tax dollars are going in the state of Minnesota. all i hear is you kooks on the dailykos blaming bush ten minutes after the bridge went down.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 6:49am:

Hey, Braden. Nice of you to show.

Your wife know you're blogging?

Maria said...

Hey, everyone! Bet you didn't know that TrollBraden was a Muslim. Anon 11:06 PM and Anon. 6:41 AM and Anon 6:49 AM are all TrollBraden.

TrollBraden, why do you insist on commenting anonymously when we KNOW who you are via our stat counter?

C'mon, TrollBraden: man up and at least call me fat using your real name.

Maria said...


Seems like the Burghosphere isn't much different from the workplace.

According to a recent study:

"A man who gets angry at work may well be admired for it but a woman who shows anger in the workplace is liable to be seen as "out of control" and incompetent, according to a new study presented Friday."

Yes, Mark, it's perfectly OK for you to get angry at what I wrote and to repeatedly insult my intelligence in your anger, but I'm the one who according to you is "out of control."


Maria said...


States Rights, schmates rights. That's been used to justify all manner of usurping civil rights.

Besides, Ron Paul says he's anti choice. Why shouldn't I believe him?

Justin said...

@ 11:06 PM Anonymous:

Where should I start? Rush? Michael Savage looks like's got a bit of pudge going. More locally, what about Honsberger pre-gastric bypass?

O'Reilly's got a bit of a stomach. I can't really tell about Sean Hannity--his pics look okay, but he might just be hiding it.

About the only big time right-wing commentator I can think of who doesn't look like he's got a bit extra around the middle is Glen Beck.

Care to criticize them for their size, or is that okay because they're all Republicans?

(And before you make any assumptions, I myself am not even approaching being overweight. Quite the opposite, actually.)

jaywillie said...

Actually, with regards to the Minnesota bridge collapse, that was an Interstate bridge and the states are very, very dependent on funding from the Federal government to handle those kinds of things.

And since Republicans have not invested one dime into updating our atiquated infrastucture, it's no surprise this happened. It will probably happen again.

But when you're spending hundreds of billions of dollars on a war that has no military solution...well, that's a bit of a mismanagement of our tax dollars.

And believe it or not, more money is spent on Corporate welfare than public welfare. Cut that and we'd have money to do a lot of things.

But as a democracy, the government does whatever the people want it to do. If the people feel that the goverment should provide some sort of national health care, that fits perfectly with the words in the preamble of our Constitution to "promote the general welfare."

And if we cut our defense budget by $100 billion, we could do a lot more and still spend more on defense than the next 10 countries combined, including giants like China.

It's immoral that 50 mil people are without health insurance. A person shouldn't have to decide between going bankrupt and getting the care they need or, worse, choose between dying and outrageous health care costs.

I'm tired of hearing how the free market is better suited to solve problems. I believe in the free market. I support it. But it is not good at solving problems because the primary motivation is making profits, not finding solutions. It has failed to solve health care - costs keep skyrocketing. It has failed to solve the costs of educaiton - costs keep skyrocketing. It has failed to advance the recovery in New Orleans - two years later, the regions still a disaster.

The Federal Government does a lot of good things. And, frankly, I get a little worried when I hear the vitriolic attacks Republicans and conservatives launch against. These people hate our government almost as much as the terrorists who attacked us on 9/11.

The problem is the people we put in goverment. When you elect people who don't believe government can work, there's no impetus for them to make it work. They want to see it fail. They want a return to the Gilded Age and Robber barons.

They hate public education, something Thomas Jefferson believed in. They hate helping the poor, despite beating their Bibles and claiming to be followers of Jesus. They don't want the government to help in times of disasters, like Katrina, a role that most Americans feel the government should play. They don't want a fair system of taxation; they want a rigged system that benefits the wealthiest - who, by the way, are not the most productive members of our society. They don't like environmental and labor protections because they don't respect working Americans or the country they live. They worship the dollar and that's it.

How is it that every other industrial nation can afford and manage very effective government run health care programs? Canadians aren't complaing about there system. The British seem to like their's. The only plus to the American system is that we do have the best high-end care - of course, no one can afford it.

Like everything else, conservatives and Republicans have used fear and misinformation to deny Americans a better government.

Cranky said...

I'm a RonPaul supporter, and I'm pro-choice.

One thing to keep in mind is that Ron Paul would return most of these controversial issues to the states.

This puts the power *much* closer to all of you personally, where you'll be fighting it out with your neighbors/peers instead of a few wealthy gazillionaires. So basically Blue state = Choice State, Red state = Pro-Life state. And people will probably be much happier then.

Even if you live in a crappy state that disallows ALL abortions and forces their teenaged daughters to have rape-babies (ie: Oklahoma), you can at least vote with your feet and go/move to a state that doesn't suck as bad.

I'm afraid this will be as good as it gets without major strife.

Pgh Ron Paul co-organizer

Maria said...

Yes, teenaged girls can vote with their feet.

Can we pretty please go whole hog with this states rights business and bring back no interracial marriages too?

How about bringing back slavery, y'all?

Maria said...

I must say that I never knew there were so many guys out there who believed that blow jobs should be outlawed on a state-by-state basis...

vrabincha said...

Cranky is just cracking me up. Wealthy gazillionaires won't figure out how to influence STATE politics, nope, that'll just baffle 'em!

On the Ron Paul hypocrisy note: truly being Libertarian means you don't want ANY government interference - national, state, local. If you're calling yourself a Libertarian and you say "leave it to the states," then you are either stupid or a hypocrite.

When I argue with Repugs and Libertarians about government-run social programs, I throw their beloved economics in their faces. You can't argue with a heartless person using arguments that tug at the heart. Hit 'em in their purse strings.

Let's lay out the scene without government programs. First: people who, with the government's help, are barely keeping their heads above water all turn into Jean ValJean. Poor, hungry, and most of all desperate. Up goes crime. Up go communicable diseases. Down goes the average level of education. Down goes the quality of life - for EVERYONE.

Second: You know what happens when government doesn't provide a social good? It has to be done through charity. Which means we'd be asking our medical providers to provide more free care to even poorer, sicker people. Sicker = more care = higher cost to the provider. You know what happens when a provider of goods and services has to do something for free? He charges the rest of us more to make up for it. And you can be damn sure those inflated charges are going to be more than what I pay in taxes right now (Uncle Sam has price-bargaining power that keeps costs lower than what they'd be on the free market...i.e, I WIN by paying taxes). Anyway, thanks to these increased costs to me, I go from middle class to barely scraping by. People who can afford insurance today won't be able to anymore. People who can't afford insurance but who can get to the doctor once in a while won't be able to anymore. So now there are even MORE sick people, and like the poorest group, they're sicker than their current-day counterparts.

Third: The drop of the middle- and lower- classes has wider economic effect. At first, supplies are too high, leading to possible waste and lack of profits. Ultimately, the price of new goods increases because with fewer goods produced, you're expending more in production costs to make each one. And then the rich-poor gap widens even more, with the vast majority of people losing out. In other words, even more people become desperate. And we start all over again...up goes crime....

When I pay Uncle Sam to give my grandma Medicare, I'm helping myself as much as I'm helping her.

Bram Reichbaum said...

So I put it to you again, Maria: do you favor invading foreign countries and toppling governments that outlaw abortion? If not, why not?

Maria said...


I assume that you favor democracy. I assume it's really important to you.

I don't, however, assume that means you automatically favor invading Cuba, China, Iraq, etc.

Got it?

Bram Reichbaum said...

Well, then, if you wouldn't force people from a foreign country to change their abortion laws ... what makes you should impose your views on the people of Utah? If even the women of Utah are pro-life? Do you live in Utah's culture, do you know what it's like in Utah? What business have you there?

Mark Rauterkus said...

The goofy remarks here are so far gone it is hard to know where to begin.

Talk about being nuts is clearly visible within this blog and this thread. Ron Paul must be thankful that logic like this is NOT on his side.

A couple of points: It is not the Wealthy gazillionaires who drive the choice/abortion/reproductive debate and issues.

Rather, the wealthy "gazillionaires" are the ones who are most interested in driving the war industry -- and -- driving corporate welfare. They are looking for the mega gov contracts, and getting them too.

The right to life issue is NOT that important as it isn't really money in their pockets.

Frankly, I like to have government management on a smaller scale. I love local school control. I love state rights. It is good that some states have made moves to outlaw eminent domain. Others did not. Fine.

Bram's question is legit. You can not answer it.

Ron Paul does baffle the rich as he attempts to fight corporate welfare. I don't like corporate welfare either.

Being Libertarian is NOT to mean NO government interference - national, state, local. That is an anarchist, not a libertarian.


As a Libertarian and candidate I can get along with government. I would like to change much of it. But, I work within the system and do so. It is important to put the right duties onto the proper roles with the best people and in an established framework. More often than not -- the wires of government are crossed.

It is wrong to say: If you're calling yourself a Libertarian and you say "leave it to the states," then you are either stupid or a hypocrite.

Perhaps the stupidity ends at your nose and is revealed in those statements. Real objections that are current are matters to discuss, and so far the boldness in the bashing makes this blog nothing but a sink, slime filled as well.

Think again.

Maria said...

Why should the Federal Government not have allowed slavery to continue? Didn't the Southern states know what was best for them?

Why shouldn't each state be allowed to decide whether or not women could vote?

Why shouldn't Jim Crow laws be allowed to stand? Didn't the states that had them know what was best for them?

Why shouldn't it still be allowed to exempt all women from jury duty on a state by state basis? (Only changed in the '70s...that's the 1970s. Ever see the movie "Twelve Angry MEN"?)

Why shouldn't sodomy laws be allowed to stand and only be enforced against gays?

The answer is because even though we are 50 states and many issues are left up to the individual state/municipality, our society says that it believes in basic civil rights for all.

In equality under the law for all.

Unfortunately, the Founding FATHERS (all white male landowners) did not believe in this concept.

Apparently the Libertarians who comment here don't seem to think it's very important either.

Why am I not surprised that no Libertarian will touch the racist newsletter issue...

Bram Reichbaum said...

1. For the record, I believe the majority opinion of Roe v Wade is extremely convincing. I believe in constitutional rights to privacy that extend to abortion, and believe in the 9th Ammendmant. So I believe Maria is right on abortion.

2. I just don't think a differing opinion on this makes you a monster, or a fool. The slaves and their supposed masters, for example, were evidently equals. Fetuses and the women who carry them, while unequal, are by no means EVIDENTLY unequal.

So even when random politicians want to attempt to enact restrictions and regulations that fly under the radarDirkStruan
of Roe v Wade, I am still willing to do business with them.

We should keep close watch who President Paul nominates for the courts, though.

Maria said...

It isn't just abortion.

He wants to make it law that the Supreme Court cannot rule on ANYTHING based on a right to privacy, though he's bigoted enough to helpfully point out that this can and must apply to gays as well as "reproduction" which can and has been used to ban even passing on information on birth control.

Top that with the VILE racist rants and why the hell would I want to "do business" with a man like this?

Sorry, but I can't understand why anyone would.

Perhaps you can explain why you want to "do business" with someone who has printed up and paid for newsletters that say that blacks are terrorists then said it was taken out of context then only much later, said someone else wrote it?

Perhaps you can also quote where I called Paul a "monster" or a "fool."

I said "fuck him" just like he's said to me and others with his policies.

And, here's where we get to the "greedy anarchist" bit (Mark).

A political party which seemingly cares more about their tax bill than the civil rights of others are greedy anarchists to me. When they brush off laws that give others equal rights (to marriage, to control of their own bodies), when they don't care about any sort of social safety net for anyone else, than yes, I call them greedy anarchists because they only seem to really care about laws that affect their very own wallets and for everything else it's every man for himself.

"President Paul"? Do tell where "President Paul" is standing in the polls now and how you think he'll manage to win one Republican primary.

Bram Reichbaum said...

What say you, Mark? Is Ron Paul actively campaigning against privacy rights? That makes him ... how shall I put this ... dangerous.

(BTW, he is also dangerous because he's the GOP's best friend right now. He is actually *getting Democrats to change their registrations*. Are you telling me that's not going to benefit some Bush whelp down the road?)

Kate Dammit Run said...

Ron Paul is the biggest phony out there. He's the ultimate triumph of style over substance. The choice thing just shows it. He's got all the little internet drones who want to be "different" fooled into thinking he's some kind of maverick.

Anonymous said...

Something that the pro-fascism (err...I mean Ron Paul) shills ALWAYS ignore is that this asshat IS AN UNREPENTANT REPUBLICAN!

ANYBODY who runs as a rethug for public office has 7 years of absolute CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY, and 30 years of CORRUPTIONS AND CORPORATISM, to make up for. The ONLY way to do that...is to quit the party and campaign for the incarceration of these criminals for their crimes.

But...not so with Ron Paul! Despite 17 years of carrying water for the rethugs, on the ABSOLUTELY WORST aspects of the RNC platform (without EVEN ONE of his sponsored bills making it out of committee btw)...he is PROUD to be a republican?!

So yeah, he is NOT a hypocrite. He is just a proud corporatist and fascist, who loves to hang out with: pedophiles, war criminals, thieves, liars, murderers, and religious fanatics...also known as the Republican party.

These RNC scumbags need to be treated like what they truely are: the fetid bag of shit around the neck of the nation that is keeping us ALL from living in a country we can be PROUD of. Next time you see somebody wearing a "proud republican" shirt, or attending an RNC rally, do your patriotic duty for yourself and all our descendents...spit in their face.

Now...people are going to read this and ask "why post anonymously?", albeit for widely divergent reasons ;) The truth is: I don't HAVE a blog or website, and all putting my name in here would do is get me a 1-way ticket to Gitmo...or a bullet in the back of the head on some deserted road somewhere. And I REFUSE to die without the chance to deplete my saliva glands!

Avarius Federalii said...

I'm a 14 year old f.y.i

I'm pro-choice and am still going to vote for Ron Paul.

I'd like to just tell everyone that Dr. Paul is a specialist in obstetrics/gynecology, he's delivered more then 4000 babies.

Someone that delivers a baby might think of them diffrently. I think a rversal of Roe v.s. Wade would be horrible, and Ron can't make that happen.

and don't get me started on Government health-care programs, I hate Medi-care, and I hate the idea of Universal Healthcare.

I just think that everyone needs to realise he has'nt hid his views, hell go to his site and it will tell you exactly what he believes.

Go watch a few of his debates/interviews and you'll find out much more then sitting here bitching about the best Republican Canidate in a long time.

Maria said...

Wait a few years and see if your views change when you actually have to try to pay for your own healthcare and come up short or if you do have insurance but the healthcare provider refuses to let you have the medical care you need.

And, something that everyone forgets but it is OB-YNs who do provide abortions and, frankly, I don't care why Ron Paul is anti choice.

Lastly, I don't vote for folks who put out racist crap like Paul's newsletters.

Nyek said...

As a Ron Paul supporter, I'm delighted to see the arguments by "Ron Paul haters" boil down to either "F--- him" or some pseudo-intellectual drivel. I'm particularly amused by whoever used the word fascism and Ron Paul in the same sentence. There are alot of vitriolic (look it up) statements out there against Ron Paul, none of it based on any sense of rationality or clear-headed thinking. And maria, you really should think about a career in fiction, or perhaps getting an education, whatever works for you.

Mark Rauterkus said...

Bram asked What say you, Mark?

Bram, what I say is very clear. I'd be happy to answer any questions.

Q: Is Ron Paul actively campaigning against privacy rights?

HELL NO. He is all about privacy and rights. He is against the Federal ID for example. Few in government are as strong as Ron Paul on the protection of privacy -- and protection of personal freedom.

Q: That makes him ... how shall I put this ... dangerous.

The danger is assuming otherwise. It is dangerous to be a Tom Ridge Republican.

Q: (BTW, he is also dangerous because he's the GOP's best friend right now.

Wrong again Bram. Ron Paul is the worst friend of the GOP power-elite. The neocon Rs hate Ron Paul. The Rs told him in Iowa that he could not go to their debate. A R in Michigan wanted Ron Paul out of all the R debates.

Q: He is actually *getting Democrats to change their registrations*. Are you telling me that's not going to benefit some Bush whelp down the road?)

A: Yes. Ron Paul will make America more nimble. Ron Paul will make voters take notice. Ron Paul will break the mold and force many, such as Maria and you, to think again. And, people do move into and out of political parties.

This Ron Paul campaign is going to go for another year. Then there may be four years in the White House. But, after it ends, and it could be sooner, the Bush Rs are going to be weaker.

Any way you slice it, the Ron Paul campaign is going to help the liberty movement.

Britton said...

You can lead a liberal to liberty, but you can't make it drink.

Anonymous said...

Maria, you are an idiot.

Anonymous said...


You keep bringing up slavery and stupid sex laws as reason to not support state's rights. Obviously, those ideas were much more vested in the times in which those laws were passed, and thus are no longer respectable philosophies. Modern-day Libertarians believe in equal rights for EVERYONE, and freedom, so long as those rights don't infringe on someone else's rights. Therefore, you can have consensual sex however you want, and you can't hold slaves, because that infringes on someone else's rights. How anyone could disagree with these positions is beyond me.

Another point that someone (maybe you) brought up is the failing health care system and the failing education system. Is it possible that these aspects of society are in complete disarray because of government interference? Health care costs are skyrocketing because through government programs, doctors and hospitals are given blank checks from the federal government for the simplest procedures. They charge that much because they CAN. They can charge whatever they want, because the government is footing the bill. Imagine how expensive your cell phone would be if the government wrote Verizon or AT&T blank checks for cell phone service. When you eliminate the NEED to keep costs down (trust me, if no one could pay, costs would go down -- that's simple economics), they will not go down.

Now on to education. The government has eliminated competition, another VERY important ingredient for any kind of success. Ever wonder why private-schooled kids are that much more educated than public schooled kids, by and large? Because again, the government writes the checks to the schools, and therefore the schools have no profit motive to do a good job.

In short, ANYTHING the government gets involved in that has nothing to do with government, constitutional business, they screw up. You can't name ONE single thing the federal government has EVER done that has been effective and efficient, and it's really really really difficult to name something that's been either.

Please reconsider your socialist ideas. Please have faith that free people are more willing to look out for their fellow man (or woman) than fettered people who can hardly make ends meet because the government wastes their money before they can do anything with it.

Anonymous said...

Universal Healthcare is probably one of the most damaging things to the economy. There is no competition amongst drug companies and doctors to strive for success, so you would be getting half-ass health care. Look at Canada, I know for a fact, being one, that Canadians come to the US for health care. It is awful there, and the taxes are too high. I really don't think you know what you are talking about. Another uneducated bush-basher.

Anonymous said...

To Bram Reichbaum
I am a resident of Canada. I can verify his comment. The system here is terrible. So you should shut your mouth, because it's not like you know, being you don't live here and I do... You all act like you know the issues firsthand, yet you aren't even affected...

Anonymous said...

I'm not a non-partisan individual and mistrusting of most politicians (TALK IS CHEAP)BUT Re: Ron Paul and anti-abortion, I can't help but wonder if Ms. M. L. (and left wing liberals) have ever witnessed an abortion procedure...and I don't mean an early term one. Don't get me wrong, I feel abortion is justified in cases of rape, incest or if the woman has a serious life threatening health issue. Abortion has become a universal cop-op replacement of taking personal responsibility in terms of protection and birth control. Maybe mandatory sex ed should include graphic photos and videos of abortions & the physical(not to mention psychological) results of sexually transmitted diseases. I just think there is a middle ground when it comes to an issue like abortion. I certainly find fault with religious groups (such as the RC church) who are not only anti-abortion but also anti birth control. That to me is totally unrealistic & absurd. Not everyone in the Republican party is "bad", nor is everyone in the Democratic party "good".

Anonymous said...

Typo Correction for Anonymous 4:06 PM
I intended to write that "I am a non-partisan individual." My apology.

Johnny 5 said...

you know, the reason Ron Paul does not run as a libertarian is because he isn't one.
just because you believe some things a group does, does not make you a part of that group.
so you cannot call him a hypocrite on the issue of being a libertarian because he does not refer to himself as that.
also to all libertarians,
do you think it wpould be easier for yall to get some of your ideas passed with a republican like rudy guliani or a republican like ron paul?
you should probably stop standing on the sidelines and criticizing this and that, and get in the arena and play ball.
your never going to get anywhere close to getting somewhere in the political spectrum, unless someone like Ron Paul is elected as a stepping stone toward true libertarian ideas.
do you want the rest of the country to stop labeling yall as a fringe in politics?
well, this man is your chance.
sure maybe you dont see eye to eye with on things such as abortion or other social issues, but those have been around for quite awhile and i believe that the debate will continue for many years... Anyone disagree on that?
so then what is the most pressing issue?
i believe it is the war issue. this election is the most important one in decades.
will we continue the trend of empire building (with iran being next) that will ultimately lead to WW3? or will we elect someone that actually has a pretty good grasp on how to deal diplomatically around the world?

btw: hillary clinton voted for the authorization to use force in iraq, funny how there's a war in iraq but no declaration of war, it seems so familiar...

Anonymous said...

states' rights are key.

citizen shelly said...

Thank you thank you 1,000 times thank you. I feel exactly the same way. The people who love him haven't even bothered to read his voting record. They are the most ignorant potential voters I have ever seen.

johnny 5 said...

what is off about his voting record?

Anonymous said...

USE A CONDOM!!! there I said it, no big deal.

Anonymous said...

anonymous #1 good shit..if ya ain't pro life bitch.......then ummm don't start one. and you got plenty of states to go fly to and have yur abortion..sick of yu dumbass people wake up.or go vote for hillary then let's see what happens to your life.

Burton Washington Christ said...

Maybe if you "WOMEN" didn't get knocked up and leech that child support check, then we wouldn't have this problem. That's why women shouldn't be allowed to choose, the man should. It's his money. Women will always choose to have the child, not for the life of the child, but for a life for themselves while they soak up child support and turn into fat, fucking bitches.

Anonymous said...

I support Ron Paul and I am pro choice. This debate should not be about pro-choice or pro-life. If birth control were made cheaper and more accessible than the argument here would not be as aggressive as it is. This leads me to my next point. Universal health care.

The government currently pays health insurance plans that administer Medicare advantage 12% more than it spends on patients enrolled in Medicare. I'm certain that a "Universal Health Care Plan" would continue to benefit the insurance companies through our tax dollars. This would in turn lead to more inflationary pressures and a weaker economy.

Ron Paul has stated that, as president, he would remove the block placed on prescription drug imports. This would take power away from the corrupt medical industry. As I mentioned earlier, it is my belief that if a woman were to have easily accessible birth control, than the pro-choice/pro-life argument would not be as pertinent. Lowering prescription drug cost would in turn make birth control more accessible.

I am concerned about womens rights. My girlfriend has worked for a womens rights organization in our state. The fact that birth control would be widely accessible under a Ron Paul presidency allows me to look past his pro-life stance and see the wider "economic" implications of his presidential campaign.

Thank you for your time and attention!

KineticReaction said...

There is no argument that abortion is guaranteed by the right to privacy. That's like saying parents have a right to kill their children in the privacy of their own homes. Abortion is not a Constitutional issue and should therefore be decided by States.

Roe vs Wade was a bad ruling even according to many who are pro-choice, and it should be over-turned.

KineticReaction said...

I hate one-issue voters, you're so fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

thanks for reminding me why i love Ron Paul's platform so much!

Anonymous said...

ron paul is a waste of skin he would only invite more attacks on the country because the islamist would think that we are all pussies like ron paul fuck him and anyone who supports him

Anonymous said...

hahaha. If your profession was delivering babies I would hope you were against abortion. If you listen to him he says all too often that it is not for the federal government to legislate social issues and that should be left up to the states, which is the same thing I have heard Hilary and Barack say.

And if you want universal health care you are insane. When has our government done anything better than private people? Who do you want taking care of people? A slow, paper work filled, department of heath care or private doctors and hospitals? I don't know about you but I like being able to get an x-ray or surgery whenever I need it. He probably has one of the best solutions for health care in our country and seeing as he was a doctor for 30 years and has been in the system I would think he has a better grasp on that area and knows more about what it needs than anyone else. My uncle is doctor and he and all his colleagues have all said they will retire if health care becomes socialized in this country.

The only thing our government can do well and within a reasonable amount of time is kill people.

Daniel said...

24 years ago at the age of 12 I was reading the paper when I turned to my grandmother and asked, "Gram. What's the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?". She looked up from her book, and said "these days Daniel, not much", and continued to read. That was 1983. Enough time has passed to more than simply validate that claim. I knew of a high ranking politician that said to my ex-girlfriend, "Voters are stupid!".

Daniel said...

24 years ago at the age of 12 I was reading the paper when I turned to my grandmother and asked, "Gram. What's the difference between a Republican and a Democrat?". She looked up from her book, and said "these days Daniel, not much", and continued to read. That was 1983. Enough time has passed to more than simply validate that claim. I knew of a high ranking politician that said to my ex-girlfriend, "Voters are stupid!".

Anonymous said...

I still think the majority of you are just blowing shit out proportion because you need to add all the shit he says up together.

Ron Paul is anti-abortion. Ok, we get it. But Ron Paul is pro-having-state-votes-to-pass-stuff-like-this. So while you don't have to agree with all things he says recognize that what he says primarily is that you don't fucking have to agree with him. If enough people hold your same views then you don't have to worry anyway cause the vote would never pass. Ron Paul isn't about to go off and pass some fucking amendment stating no-abortions the only thing he could do is pass it to state votes and the people would decide for themselves.

As far as health care goes, get a job. Regardless of if any of the other candidates invented some magic Medicare program where everything is free you would be paying taxes out the ass for it. More then likely anything that would be legitimately needed for your immediate survival would be no where near free. They might have it setup where you could have a free checkup or something but if you broke your leg don't expect anything besides a monster of a bill. You think doctors would have you come in for free? They get paid shit tons to do what they do. Also as someone else mentioned the majority of the health issues in our country are because people are fat, lazy, and wouldn't know how to eat cheap and healthy if someone made a pop-up book for them. This ignorance is the 1-2 punch of high cholesterol, diabetes, and heart problems galore. So the next time you go eat fast food keep in mind that it is just your one step closer to health problems. You are fine now but you'll be fucked later. And like I said before, get a job that doesnt revolve around fast food or lethargy and I bet you would have decent insurance anyway. I'm 21 and I've had my own healthcare since I was 18 from my job; dental, eye, and health. Maybe it's me or maybe it's because I'm not a fucking moron that bitches about every little thing because they don't understand the big pictures laid out right in fucking front of them.

Oh and whoever said Ron Paul iis probably anti-choice because he is/was an OBGYN, that was fucking hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul sucks...we need a soicalist government. Lower crime rates and help the econemy....we need socialism

Thomas said...

Ron Paul is awesome!

I mean seriously, Leave it to the states to decide everything! We should just disband the Union, period!

Since we are on the topic of getting rid of government involvement we should get rid of military, police, firefighters, schools and turn it over to the private sector! BECAUSE Capitalism is competitive. Think of all the profits you can generate when corporations cut corners!

We should go back to the gold standard too! Even though there isn't enough gold to back the currency, people won't horde dollars like they did in the depression!

Government shouldn't intervene at all in corporate America! They won't pollute because they are good guys and can police themselves!

It's super Smart!

Gravel 08!

Thomas said...

What we truley need is a fair tax system that pays for a fiscal responsible government services...

Anonymous said...

Hey Maria..... you suck.... FUCK YOU!!!!!!

Pon Raul said...

ron paul is so cool I'm gonna stay up ALLLLL night posting comments on blogs that disagree with me....I'm gonna call everyone names...and...and...I'm gonna keep on keyboarding until everyone thinks my way and only my way! no dissent! me me me my opinions! if you don't like ron paul you must be a gay whale for buddha! do as I say!

no opinions other than those who support the Great Ron Paul! And I'll use my libertarian guns to threaten you! I'll use blogs! I'm gonna make sure that EVERYONE THINKS JUST LIKE US AND HOW DARE YOU HAVE ANY OPINIONS THAT DISAGREE!

In other words, Ron Paul supporters online = stalinist politically correct folks that hate any opinion other than theirs.

Keep on blogging, ladies and dorks....maybe if enough Ron Paul supporters spam every blog, he might get a few more votes....? But will mom let you out of the basement apartment and drive you to the polls?

Eugene said...

I am really glad I am not the only one. He is just another liberal hipocrite. He tries to trick people but I will not be tricked. I think he deserves to have his own TV show exposing him. It almost makes me sick to see someone like that get the power to talk. Damn, I wish I could vote now instead of waiting till I am 18. Ron Paul, FUCK OFF!

brie said...

crazy that this man can be anti choice and pro prostitution.... has he ever spent a night on the streets talking to prostitutes and trying to find them a safe place? has he ever talked to a woman who believes that she has no other choice? has he ever spoken to a woman who is owned by a man? has he ever read the statistics of rape among prostitutes? does he really, truly believe that men should have all of the freedom and absolutely no accountability? you have to be kidding me.... this man is inhumane.

DavidGX said...

I am so sick and tired of everyone on the internet (especially places like digg) that hail ron paul as the hero of America and savior of freedom. Abortion isn't a FEDERAL issue or a STATE issue.. it's a PERSONAL issue. That's a decision that should rest with each and every single individual. If you think it's the right choice for you, fine. If you don't like abortion.. then fine, don't get one.

I don't see why that's so difficult to understand. Forcing your beliefs on everyone is beyond idiotic. Not to mention that ron paul would destroy the government and cut tons of programs that help so many people. Instead of fixing things, he just wants to get rid of them. That's the laziest crap I've ever heard.

So, yeah, fuck ron paul.

Rickster said...

to "Anonymous"/TrollBraden, whotheheckever,

FUCK YOU, you piece of shit maggot.
What the FUCK do YOU know about socialized medicine?
Socialized medicine worked, DOES work, and will continue to work. I know because I grew up in the country were the doctor came to YOU, provided care, and didn't charge an arm and a SOUL.
So FUCK you.
You got some nerve talking down to people like that. What about those who have serious medical problems, but can’t afford it because of greedy and ignorant fucks like yourself?

"Why should my taxes go into fostering free health care for you"
Why don't you ask that the sick kids who can't afford healthcare, you fuck?

omes said...

some people need to look at the big picture here, ok maybe he's not perfect but hes way more perfect that the others who want to imperialize the world! so we can send troops to KILL WOMAN and CHILDREN! and don't try to deny that our soilders dont rape women either! or do you only want to kill the babies in your womb? by the way I'm sure your happy your mother didn't decided to EJECT YOU! look at the bigger picture, and by the way, choice shouldn't be made when your pregnant, it should be made before you choose to open your legs to someone your not going to spend your life with. If there were no ho's in this country there would be no need for pro choice. CLOSE YOUR LEGS BEFORE YOU KILL A BABY!

Hype-Jersey said...

He's not perfect? He's a goddamned TRAIN WRECK! Paul supporters are completely INSANE. They are forced to say shit like, "He's not perfect" and "congress will keep him in check" in order to make their INSANE choice for a candidate look viable! Wake the fuck up! This guy is like your crazy fucking grandpa, running around out on the lawn in army fatigues and mumbling about the "gov'mint" and taxes while pissing his fucking pants! Get this through your head: YOU CAN'T BE LIBERTARIAN AND STILL BE ANTI-CHOICE. IT JUST DOESN'T WORK.

griblets said...


Do some homework on Ron Paul before you spout off about things you do not understand.

This man is anything but a hypocrite. He has been consistent for 30 years.

As for abortion, he is personally pro-life from his experience as an OB-GYN. However, if you took the time to research his political position, his position is that the federal government, per the Constituion, has no authority over such matters, that it is a State's Right issue.

May I suggest that you please educate yourself before you label people.

Anonymous said...

OK, lets calm down here. I will identify myself as pro-choice, anti-socialized medicine 14, year old Paul supporter, bit more radical in actuality. I wish to offer a moral delima for Socialized medicine supporters. You are a middle class member of your neighborhood, and you happen to own a gun, and you are the ONLY person to own a gun. The community relies on your for protection, and you kill anyone who tries to compete with your services. You are walking down the street one day, and you see 2 people. One is poor peter, who needs money for his medication. Next to him is Billionaire Bob. Billionaire Bob walks by without looking at poor peter. You REALLY want to help poor peter, the compassionate individual you are. You pull out your gun, and demand that BB give you enought money for Peters meds. Billionare bob, cringing in fear, offers you a few thousand dollars. You give the money to peter. Then you see that there are many poor people and rich people. You threaten all of the rich people and demand their funds. They give because they don't have a choice. You feel much better, after all, you have done a good deed, helped many people. No what you happened to have forgotten was that you had threatened several doctors a few weeks ago to make their meds a certain way, and then many of them went out of business. So Peter couldn't get meds because you took out the stores that would have helped him. But you don't care, ends justify the means after all.

freedom lover said...

if you:

vote for Hillary because you are female.


vote for Obama because you are black.

..then you need not to vote because you are a dummy.


If you vote for Ron Paul it's because you intuitively know some evil plan is taking place all over the new world.

do you have a hard time believing that? i bet you do.

Thomas said...

You realize there are more Dem choices than CLinton and Obama? Paul is hardly an alternative to them. Someone like Gravel or Kucinich is the better option for a Dem than Paul. You can even look at other parties before Paul like Nader! Paul is degenerative to progress. He wraps himself in the Cloak of the constitution without realizing that its an EVOLVING document! Use the guidelines given but we also need a change like the National Initiative (http://www.ni4d.us/) Paul is a dinosaur not by age but by doctrin concepts.
Major Problems with Paul:

1. Leave it to States Policy
- we can't have 50 states independantly of each other(I think there was a war fought over this). Reform the department of Education, FDA, ATF, EPA etc. Make them fiscally responsiable with REAL specialist in charge not some corporate lobbiest scumbag

2. IRS abolishment
- Taxes are not a bad thing as LONG as they pay for programs that most people benefit from ie a National Single Payer Health system. I am just tired of my taxes being used to fund corporate wars and programs that are NOT effective or efficient. Just reform aggressively.

3. Non- Government Regulation
- Where do I start on this?... let me mention goods from China, Enviroment, Monopolies (read about Jay Gould and Rockafellar) just to name a few.

4. Gold Standard
- Read about the great depression. Ohh and we don't have enough Gold in Fort Knox.....

5. Pull out of the UN
-Awesome idea, NOT! WWI was a result of secreat treaties with other nations. THE UN is NOT a New World Order. Grow up and educate yourself with real history.

I can go on and on..... Paul is not a supreme choice. I do like that he wants out of Iraq, I agree on decriminalizing dope, I agree with him on why the world hates us but that is were it ends...

Kasim said...

First off, bullshit article. You just throw out words like abortion and just say that this is his stance. You never go in to WHY that is so. We all know hes an OBGYN doctor but he also says that for a woman far into pregnancy to take up an abortion option is simply inhumane. That being said, he still doesnt propose that the federal government step into this and wants the states to take up this issue..

and for the stupid woman writing "I dont want him to tell me what to do with my body"...dont worry...he's exactly NOT doing that...he telling you what not to do to SOMEONE ELSE's body...

Anonymous said...

o i get it, your pro murder; i like to kill innocent people too, Gay much? RonPaul2008.com

Anonymous said...

I say fuck you!

Anonymous said...

God, this is a bullshit hit piece. Ron Paul's evil because he's pro-life... and says that it's not up to the federal government to make that decision one way or another.

Nice way to demonize someone on an issue that shouldn't (and won't, when he's elected) apply at a federal level.

So in my response, I'll give you about as much respect as you gave Dr. Paul: "You want the government to pay your medical bills to kill your babies so you can be a slut, then vote Ron Paul, and then change it in your own fucking state. We're concerned far more with restoring the republic, and far less about bitches who get knocked up. If I gotta choose easy, carefree pussy with government-backed 'baby-insurance' over liberty, I'm going to have to go with liberty.

Oh, and a woman has reproductive rights. We defend them in court. If she doesn't want kids, then she shouldn't be sticking cocks in her cooter. Abortions are a silly replacement for a dildo."

anoemone said...

The important thing is that Ron Paul is Pro-Constitution meaning he would leave the Abortion Issue to the States to decide. Why don't you bash Huckabee and Romney for wanting a Federal Ban on Abortion! Why bash the best of all Republicans?

Maybe if the Liberals would start following the Constitution then we could have universal health care in a state like California. And we could allow states to legalize drugs and legalize same sex marriage. At least Ron Paul talks about being in favor of these things!

The problem with our health care is the government is already too involved in it. We were forced into the HMO system by Congress.

Rob said...

Wow... Most - Ignorant - Paragraphs - Ever. Even if Ron Paul was anti-choice , I wouldn't disagree with him. Girls shouldn't be fucking just for fun and accidently get pregnant then go kill the baby they just made fooling around. Some women have had 5-6 abortions; it's disgusting. Of course the mother being in danger and rape victims could be an exception. I say Fuck You; people like you get the people like George Bush elected who wants to enslave his own people and the world.

Anonymous said...

pro choice, anti choice who gives a shit. it would take a president forever to overturn roe v. wade. so why don't you focus on the more important issues. no candidate is perfect so take him what he's worth, the lesser of all the evils.

Sick and Tired said...

I really thought the same thing about Ron Paul...that he was so different and a such a refreshing change to the current f-ed up administration...until I went on his website. Wow, I park next to a woman who has a huge RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT sticker on her car. That to me, is like a black man trying to get the grandragon of the KKK elected into office?? Makes absolutey no sense. The man has, in bold, his stance on abortion and while I admire that he doesnt gloss over the issue and play both sides, I absolutey disagree with his views. 1. As a woman, its so frustrating to have yet another rich white man, who knows nothing about what is is to be a woman in this society and have to make such a difficult personal choice, tell me what I am going to do with my body and my unborn fetus and 2. As cold hearted as it sounds, doing away with abortion is very stupid from an economic standpoint. Why does he think most girls/women get abortions?...ummm...maybe because they are young and their daddy's(or baby's daddys for that matter) are not wealthy doctors like himself???...Bingo!, you guessed it Dr. Paul, they are not ready to be a parent both financially or emotionally. So, who the f-ck do you think has to carry the burden of that unwanted (but I am sure very much loved) child? Bingo again Dr....we do. Pull your head out of your ass. Dammit, when are we ever going to have a candidate that really is one of the people???

Anonymous said...

http://digitalcueball.com talks about your post

Dan yons said...

Oh no, give the states a choice? We can't have that, it's the monstrous federal power-grab hour! Big govt. for everyone! It should be a state issue, I'd love to keep washington out of my bedroom and any potential uterii that I may impregnate in the future.

Way to post an insubstnacial attack.

Anonymous said...

Man Maria, you are a cranky ass bitch. I know you think women should be allowed to be huge whores and fuck everyone they come across, and then just vacuum the baby out, but that isn't very nice, now is it? Condoms: Try them out.

Oh, I believe Ron Paul said that the decision is between a woman, her family, and her physician and NOT the federal government to decide. Seems pretty free and open to me? Guess I have to turn off my brain to think like you though.

Thomas said...

Ron Paul is a backwards fundamentalist. The government system is broken. It needs a update and some policy reform to push into the new age. I don't know why Ron-Bots can't see the obvious flaws of their candidate. This is the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Not the independent states of America. Freedom is protected Federally not by States. That applies for abortion rights. I personally don't agree with the choice BUT that is up to the woman's conscious. IT should be a Federal standard throughout all 50 States. IF you leave civil decisions to the States, you would have complete dysfunction, kind of like today. You Ron Paul people need to read some Utilitarian philosophy in order to understand the complete complexity of the issue. I am not going to explain it to you.

Gravel 08!

Anonymous said...

Its funny that most Ron Paul supporters are Tech Geeks. I realize assumptions are incorrect most of the time but I am going to make an observation. Most IT people have Associates in Science degrees or are self taught certified. The problem is that Philosophy is not a required course like it is in the Arts. What is so great about philosophy? It creates critical thinking skills. Something the sheep of Ron Paul lack in general. Its like they see the problem but don't understand it; so they grab on to a candidate that seems like he does offer solutions. Open your damn eyes. Do some digging on other topics instead of what the Ron Paul agenda wants you to believe. Why Do I pick on Ron Paul? Because, he takes away votes from other candidates that understand real change. Stop being Sheep! So I concur with this article that RON PAUL sucks!

Lupin said...

You're a dumb bitch.

You should realize that there is no way Ron Paul would agree with abortion, as he is a doctor, ans has delivered over 2,000 babies in his career.

I don't think he would EVER be for the irresponsible choice many women take of getting knocked up, then surgically fixing it.

I say, Fuck you.

sab233 said...

thank u lupin
u took the words right out of my mouth..

Anonymous said...

Roe V. Wade will never be overturned, abortion "rights" are a non-issue. For all you pro-death people who like it to be, I guess you should ask your god Bill Clinton how he feels about the 100,000 Bosnians killed in concentration camps AFTER he started bombing Srebenica, or the 800,000 macheted to death in Rwanda. I guess Bono can't save them all.

Anyway, most of these refutations are ridiculous. Slavery was contested at the founding of this nation by some outspoken legislators, but the Constitution ultimately could not have been ratified without its passing. This is why it was decided. If you continue this "all-or-nothing" debate while you keep killing your bastards and the religious right keeps popping out fifteen per family, you are ultimately killing any chance of abortion anywhere down the road.

If there was a federal ban on abortion, you absolutist liberals who forget about the two party system would be BEGGING for a state's rights allowance for some abortions.

Or have you not noticed everytime a state legalizes gay marriage the Supreme Court marches in and strikes it down in accord with Christian zeitgeist? Or how about the people incarcerated by the federal government when they use prescribed marijuana for terminal conditions?

States rights are your BEST FRIENDS. The Fundamentalist Christians never give up, and whenever you get a Democrat in office they make sure to dig up a Karl Rove to ensure it doesn't stay that way. Compromise, or the Falwell's will never shut up blaming you for the misdeeds of pissed off Muslims.

Enjoy your freedom while it lasts, or the slight amount you've had since 1913. Because its going, going, gooooooooooooone.

AARON said...

Ron Paul RULES!!!!!!

fuckyou said...

the fiministr bitches in here should shutup and take a dick n maybe they wont be so cranky and dumb

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is a hypocrite for other reasons, not just on choice. Dig his voting record on sending aid to New Orleans after Katrina. He was against it, saying it was an inappropriate use of "federal money." But he's a pig at the trough for the Federal Flood Insurance Protection for HIS district, which includes Galveston! Dickface.

Anonymous said...


first of all the fact that ron paul is pro-life is the smallest detail of his campaign. anyone who would actually listen to him talk knows that he doesnt want the government to tell everyone not to have an abortion. he wants that power to be reserved for the states like a true libertarian (NO GOVERNMENT CONTROL). his pro-life stance is nothing more than an opinion because he will have no say if the states are responsible for the laws. as for his stance on universal healthcare and medicare, he doesnt want either, of course, because neither of them work. expensive medicare controlled by big business or bad quality controlled by the government.only ignorant people are only able to see the two options shown to them. ron paul wants to bring the power away from the big corporations and put it back into independent companies. this will cause competition and in turn lower prices and better quality. im just asking for you to research the topics before you form and opinion and slam people without really knowing the issues.

-Long live the rEVOLution

Thomas said...

Hey Hippocrate above me! You should research your issues about Universal Health care. It does work... In fact here is something you RON IDIOTS don't do, source site!
http://www.who.int/whr/2000/en/whr00_en.pdf. You can go to page 152 and look at the Stats for just a quick look of Standings. I doubt you will read all 200 pages.

So before you go off flapping your mouth, read a fucking book.
Ron Paul is a idiot.

Anonymous said...

1. States rights does not mean "invading womens bodies". He's saying that each state should determine whether or not abortion is allowed or not. He's saying the federal government should stop messing with it. Why not? The only people benefitting from the current system are the federal lobbyists and politicians.
2. Who cares if "Universal Health Care" works or not? So does having a paycheck, reducing the influence of HMOs, and having a program to support those who are unable to afford health care due to disability, disease, or age.

Anonymous said...

Its great to have choice, except on abortion, your not making that choice for one person, your making it for two.

Take a look at the person who started this debate from Roe vs Wade. What is her stand point now?

See link below - http://www.leaderu.com/norma/nmtestimony.html

Interesting if you ask me...

Anonymous said...

Every four years, the big story is ‘the underdog’

The candidate is reportedly polling low, is largely dismissed by the media,
and then wham! He places high in an early primary state…or even wins!
Remember Kerry? Buchanan? McCain? Clinton?

They shocked the media and the “experts”. They shocked everyone!
• Has won more straw polls than any other candidate?

So who will be this year’s underdog primary SHOCKER?
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• Receives more donations from active duty military & veterans than any other candidate?

• Was awarded “Taxpayers’ Best Friend” in Congress…10 years in a row?
• Puts forth an exhilarating message of liberty, backed by a proven voting record?

Who will be this year’s “underdog” story? Why, Ron Paul, of course!

Big government and Big corporations means less people choice and rights...

Stay Ahead of the Curve!

This time, find out before the story breaks why his message has energized tens of thousands of concerned Americans to sacrifice their time and money in support of this noble statesman.

Visit: RonPaul2008.com • RonPaulLibrary.org • Call: 1-877-Ron-Paul.

Anonymous said...

To all non Ron Paul Supporters . Keep watching Fox ,CNN ,MSNBC
At least look at the mans credentials before you decide


Anonymous said...

Maria and Sherry, et al.

Here's a novel approach for you. Instead of pissing and moaning about pro-choice, why not just keep your legs together, or try using some type of contraceptives. Or, use your filthy mouth instead of your vagina. However, I can tell by what you have posted that you're the type of person that gets themselves into a fix, and then you want someone else to bail your ass out. Then, when all is said and done, you blame everyone else for your mistakes, and you would like the tax payers to pay for it. It's always someone else's fault. RIGHT? Your the type that will probably say, "Why should I have to use a contraceptive"? Well, you answered the question yourself, remember? "I don't want anyone crawling up my womb". It's morons like you that keep this country full of idiots. Get a life and then be responsible for it.

Anonymous said...


Think about it, if there were no more taxes here, how much insurance could you afford to buy? Let's say you're the average American, you probably pay about $344 per month for insurance. You also probably pay about $600 a month in income tax, and another $300 in other taxes, sales, etc. If you were keeping that money, what kind of insurance could you afford to buy then? And while your thinking about that, think about this. If this country did away with all taxes, the United States would be the biggest tax haven in the entire world. How much money would flow into this country then? A lot. Furthermore, industry would return to this country like never before.

Ron Paul is the ONLY candidate that cares about YOUR freedoms, YOUR money, YOUR life.

And another thing. I see a lot of Hillary supporters wanting her to be president simply because she's a woman. And many Obama supporters simply because he's black. Personally, I don't care what color, or gender the person is, I only want who is best for the job.

Anonymous said...


Jim Crow laws and Slavery? Listen Princess, the civil war had nothing to do with slavery. In fact, Abraham Lincoln said that if he could keep the southern states from succeeding from the union without freeing one single slave, he would do it. You've been programmed from watching televisions sugar coated version of the civil war. The civil war was really about money and industry. The South was exporting all of it's mill work overseas to places like France. Much like we're doing today sending jobs to India and China. The North wanted the South to use their industry, and the South said F-you very much. And that's REALLY what it was all about. However, that's really off of the main topic here, but I wanted to set you straight.

nvcameron said...

Ron indeed sucks & its about time someone says it on the internet. His ideas about crime in the inner-city are beyond retarded & reason enough to know he's a complete fruitloop. Folks on the internet love anything that falls from his crazy lips.

Vector said...

A vote for Ron Paul is a vote for slavery.

robert said...

He does not want to make it a state choice.

See the "Sanctity of Life" bill he proposed in Congress ! For those that are too stupid, Congress passes NATIONAL laws...

Too bad I sent him $100 before I saw his hypocritical stance on abortion. Keep government out of our lifes in all things. Let this be a decision between a woman and her doctors.

Anonymous said...

robert, Vector, nvcameron,

You should know about suckiness, you three suck more than anyone.

Maria said...

Mre on how much RP SUCKS here and here.

voice of reason said...

If you want the government to be your Daddy, you will likely end up a bastard child. RON PUAL BELIEVES IN YOU!

Rick said...

To Maria and those Pro Choice,

I just want to start by saying I personally feel it should be a woman's choice, but I am voting for Ron Paul. Here is why:

The Unborn Victims of Violence Act of 2004 (Public Law 108-212) is a United States law which recognizes a "child in utero" as a legal victim, if he or she is injured or killed during the commission of any of over 60 listed federal crimes of violence. The law defines "child in utero" as "a member of the species homo sapiens, at any stage of development, who is carried in the womb."[2]

Currently, if a pregnant woman is murdered, it is considered a double homicide. Yet if a pregnant woman decides to abort her child, there is no crime. Why?

Ron Paul is a constitutionalist. He respects the life of the unborn child as a citizen. It is not about taking a womans rights away, it is about fighting for the rights that that unborn baby has.

Though I do not completely agree with it, I respect it because it is logical. If abortions should continue to be legal maybe we should repeal the Unborn Victims of Violence Act as well.

Just my 2 cents.

Maria said...

Ron Paul Sucks (in a really racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic way)!

asands1 said...

maria: thats a tough issue..and I can defintly see the logic in repealing the double homicide act but perhaps the idea is that the woman who was murdered was going to let child come into being while a woman who is considering abortion would not allow the child to come into being. Thus one situation would have a human in the future and the other would not. (Duh :P) Yet, if we define a "human being" as an underdevolpped fetus we are in fact "murdering" children (which is not my view but is the logic behind the double homicide act)

BTW, where is the male accountablility for all the "fat fucking bitches who wont keep their legs closed." I dont know what small town you came from that didnt teach proper sex education but a baby requires a male and a female to make. Yes, our govt requires men to pay child support but for a woman to actually get that child suppport costs lots of time and resources to fight her case in court (I know from expereince from my own mother's struggle to collect it from my father.)
Women are accountable to some extent for their bodies. We can say no to unrpotected sex and require a condom (although this doesnt guarantee anything) My friend has had 3 children at age 25 and complains about all the money it costs to keep kids up..yet she recieves thousands of dollars in natal care. WOMEN! There IS birth control out there...it is not "impossible" to get (at the moment..wont guarantee anything under a republican) and it is a LOT cheaper and is time-consuming than a child. I am pro-choice but im on birth control...sure it costs about $500 a year but it is better than having a child.

Also, totally off topic but Louisiana State Law has enacted the "state defecit reduction bill" which has made students like myself pay 4x for birth control..I can afford it but I cant speak for all students

As for universal health care, I live in the netherlands after living in the US for 21 years..there are none of the imaginary waiting lines for healthcare and a failed healthcare system..ive recieved better healthcare here than in my "red" state in the US...perhaps US should look to countries like the netherlands where people are forced to pay a minimum of $50 a month for healthcare or youre not insured. it works here (im sure not everyone agrees with this but its in my experience that people are generally happy with the balance of health care costs and service)

Commenters: Arent we a little old to be calling people names? If this is the america you love so much then why are you calling your fellow American an idiot for disagreeing..isnt this a democracy? We dont have to hold hands and sing kumbaya but calling someone an idiot is just going to lead to people ignoring your ideas and writing you off as immature.

TrollBait77 said...

This just proves, all republicans are (*@#ing retarded. Litterally.

Anonymous said...

Fuck Ron Paul. He's a racist. He an old southern segregationist.

Anonymous said...

The whole idea of abortion is wrong, in my opinion. "You are not allowed to have friends. You are not allowed to experience joy, happiness, or love. You are not allowed to show the world that you matter. And you are not allowed to do any of these things because you are not born yet, and were not wanted. Not even by your mother. We have the right to end your life before it begins" Well, here is a thought: what if that baby grew up to solve global warming? What if that child grew up to help the starving children in Africa? What if that child, who you just killed, would have loved you.

Anonymous said...

whooooaaaaaaaa....your telling me that other canidates are better? take a look at the democratic canidates, both want to socialize medicine. Therefore becoming like Canada where you have to wait 6 months to get your temeture taken, as well as a shortage of doctors because they only make 40 grand a year. Ron Paul is not anti choice, he is the only canidate that is advocating for a smaller central government.

Yes, ron paul is anti abortion, but is that the biggest issue america faces today? if we dont pull our heads out of our asses were going to have MORE outside countries owning our land, higher inflation rates, and more rediculous foreign polociy that just puts us in debt 7 TRILLION dollars.

and all you people who say ron paul sucks, who do you endorse? Looks like most people are democrats, well hello to more taxes and yes LESS freedom, wake up people!

Anonymous said...

oh yeah and it doesnt even matter if hes pro choice or pro life, if you know anything about politics you know that the president cannont do anything about abortion at the moment, and I guarentee Ron Paul would not fight to make a federal law concerning abortion. How can he be pro choice? Hes delivered thousands of babies...and as a few people said he has said very little on abortion, he is focused on what matters right now, THE ECONOMY and limited government.

PS...Maria you say that its a bitch to pay for your own healthcare, well i sure as hell am not paying for yours through absurd taxes. Why dont you get some insurance? Oh yeah ron paul has a solution to fix your status because you dont comply. you were probably handed everything in your life and now you want people who work hard for their money to pay for your problems. Thats legit

TheInformer said...

You have no clue what you are talking about. He is not anti - choice. Wow do some research, he wants to leave it up to the states to decide. How the hell is that anti-choice?

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is not Pro-Life. Ron Paul would NEVER pass a law forcing women to give birth. It's unconstitutional. Ron Paul is a Constitutionalist. Do your research before ranting off. It's people like you who are killing the US.

Anonymous said...

Wow Maria, you lack political sense, and knowledge, you should do most a favor and not post about anything concerning presidential nominees, and should hide under a rock during the actual election. You'd be doing a lot of us a huge favor!

Anonymous said...

ron Paul is a sniviling shitbag and women should be able to choose but if you have an abortion then you are a slutty little Cunt

Anonymous said...

atten reader i don't who in hell you think you are but you have no clue what is going to our country. so if you have not done your search you should you might want to look up prisonplanet tv.com do your search befor you open up you big mouth. you have no idea what your so call goverment that should be taking care of you sorry ass is going behind you back but what do you care when are you amercian going to wake up once you have no money left. ron paul ROCKs your freedom is gone your taxes keep going up your so many people are without home because of the rates. gas price keep going up. to many dease are being spread and who is doing all will gus since your so smart (smart ass that is) your foods are being poison but your people are to much asleep to see it happening. so go suck this. Maria and katie. lookup prisonplanettv.com readit study.

Anonymous said...

i would have to say that in the upcomming election "I WILL VOTE FOR RON PAUL." And FUCK anyone that has a problem with Ron Paul

Anonymous said...

Go hug a tree you hippylt

infragreen said...

"But I just want to remind anyone who cares about women's reproduction freedom that he is anti choice."

Actually I don't give a damn about abortion, one way or the other, or no matter how you spin anti-choice vs pro-life.

Universal Healthcare? Force people to buy insurance or just have government start up some big bureaucratic boondoggle that will for sure be WORSE than what we have now? Pretty hard to argue, with but I assume you have it all figured out.

Anonymous said...

Listen to you all bashing NEO Cons, its fucking america, were driven by the Military Industrial complex, the PNAC is the greatest idea brought forward. None of you would be these little hippies whiny all the time if you didnt have everything given to you on a silver platter, America and the Neo cons are preserving this life

Anonymous said...

it is not about abortion, it is about the right of the states and localities to decide for themselves about MORAL issues...something that the Federal government was never intended for...it is called the 10th Amendment...I, for one, believe in a woman's right to do what she will with her body...However, I, and Ron Paul, are deeply opposed to the Federal Government dictating what a woman can and cannot do with her body...it pertains to an ideology, they teach you that in Philosophy 101??? Kant breaks it down when he refers to the common moral law...people, on an individual and localized level, are more attuned to this common moral law...therefore, institutions such as the Church or Federal government, in their innate separation from the individual and localities, are inept at dictating what is and what is not moral...you, however, based on your argument seem to be a practitioner of relative ethics and law...you invite the bureaucrats in D.C. in your life and the dictation of what is and what is not moral in your support of Roe V. Wade...however, you are passionate about an issue, despite the triviality and irrelevancy of abortion these days...regardless, the issue is obviously important to you...awesome...I, and Ron Paul, believe in YOUR right to affect you local community with your passion...however, in your rant against this ideology, you have unintentionally, I hope, positioned yourself in the nebulous area of relative ethics...there are other people who adhere to these standards...their names are Bush, Cheney, Hillary, Obama, McCain...etc...you are ranting against the very people who believe in your innate right to personal liberty...

Anonymous said...

Thank You!

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul is basically for pure capitalism. We had that in the late 1800's and early 1900's. Ron Paul supporters: look up that era, and see the problems that ran rampant in that time.
And before anyone rants off to me about not being informed, know that i have visited his website and done my research on where he stands. I do not agree with this man, and will not be voting for him. His political ideas have much more dire consequences that i think even he realizes

Anonymous said...

To the above person:

I think you will find that most Ron Paul supporters only know skin deep history that pertains to what they THINK they know.

They Don't understand what the Guilded age was and the man who stood up to beat the evils of the capitalist corruption (TR).

Or my favorite Ron Paul craziness; that the reason we switched from Gold to the Fed... lack of Gold and hording... Hell there was even a push for silver in the beginning of the 1900s...

Ron Paul supporters need to study some history before they spew forth their half baked concepts...


benazir said...

ron paul is not against abortion get your shit straight bitch...ignorant loser

Anonymous said...

Even though I may not agree with everything Ron Paul says, he is still the ONLY choice compared to all the other sheep canditates.



GRIM said...

If ron paul supports actually took a step back and looked at history through a wider scope they'd see progressive issues become more dominant in civilized societies. If we want to fix OUR economy we are going to need to spread democracy and worker empowerment globally.

Anonymous said...

"Many said that slavery should be left to the states. I think they were wrong too."

I could not agree more with that statement, and I bring it up everytime a Ron Paul nutcase gives me shit for not being a Ron Paul cockrider. If we leave everything to the states, half the country woould be gay hating black executing states... it'd be like the North vs. South all over again (well not really... but you dig). Not everything should be left up to the states, when it comes to imporant moral issues (like gays having equal rights, and poor having a chance to live, and the uninsured to be able to get hospital treatment). I'm just upset at the liberals who can't see Ron Paul's plan of leaving everything to the states so he can continue the conservative bullshit of denying the poor, the elderly, minorities, and gays equal rights.

xrazorwirex said...

you all seem to forgo that the constitution gives equal rights to ALL people.. meaning that NOTHING can violate these rights to any human.. so state controlled policies are fine, as ron paul is fighting to protect these very liberties.

Halo Of Sin said...

You Moron, the constitution had to be amended a few times to give equal rights. IN FACT state rights were a problem with the Jim Crow laws. Ron Paul is Backwards!

Anonymous said...

What a mess here. Ron Paul IS a libertarian running as a Republican, and considers himself more conservative than other Republicans because he believes more in the Constitution.

About “slavery,” “women voting,” and “abortion” comments:

Maria’s arguments would be so much better if they were opposite. Slavery and women’s inability to vote were right’s that they did not have. Amendments gave them those rights. Abortion isn’t a right you did not have. Abortion is a right that may be taken away with an amendment….

It is a great idea to leave abortion to the States! Obviously then you can make your own decision and go to any state you want to. Ron Paul’s policy DOESN’T outlaw abortion. ***He is pro-life, and honest.***

Relating this to slavery is the most ridiculous theme on here; two totally different things.

Helloooo, slavery was abolished in the 13th Amendment of the Constitution.

There is no Amendment that is pro-life or pro-choice. Leaving it up to the states is perfectly fine because you can go wherever you want still, and do it!

Basically he is allowing pro-choice ultimately, even though that is not his personal belief; considering it murder since he respects life. However, that is his view.

The 10th amendment states: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Great! So abortion goes to the states and you get what you want, now go vote in your state, if you don’t get what you want, get your butt pregnant by whatever dirty stud you want, and pull the sucker out violently by a hook to his death in another state, and STFU. You got your way.
RON PAUL: “ I am strongly pro life. Life begins at conception ... but, I do not believe this should be a federal matter. All issues of life and violence and crime and murder are dealt with at the local level. ”

Other things to think about… Does life begin at conception or birth? Is an embryo alive or dead? Should all innocents be protected, or not? F you question him, Dr. Paul makes very interesting points that outline his beliefs. Look at his site. If you have enough time to spare or can cut into your aggressive ranting. He at least IS very fair.

Anonymous said...

"I am really glad I am not the only one. He is just another liberal hipocrite. He tries to trick people but I will not be tricked. I think he deserves to have his own TV show exposing him. It almost makes me sick to see someone like that get the power to talk. Damn, I wish I could vote now instead of waiting till I am 18. Ron Paul, FUCK OFF!"

He is more conservative than the republicans! He believes in the constitution! holy coq you have no idea what you are talking about.

Priscilla said...

To some of you,

How about you research things before spewing your ignorance all over the internet? You are making women AND the human race in general look bad with your ignorance. Do you know what the term "state issue" means? By "throwing it to the states" he's telling you that he's not going to run your life as President or make the choice for you.
On a side note, I find it funny how Jane ROE herself endorses Ron Paul.

You said Libertarians are equivalent to greedy anarchists. Greedy? Has it ever occurred to you that you are being a bit selfish and not taking responsibility for your actions?? Are you a child yourself? With the exception of rape, incest or being medically (physically/mentally) at risk, why would you believe that killing an unborn child is any different that murdering a child after birth?

Why don't you give one ounce of thought to the child?? That right there is being selfish.

You are trying so hard for equality, but the strength of a woman does not come from killing her unborn.

and also, how could anyone not agree with this WAR and agree with this?? I'd say THAT is pretty hypocritical.

For all those unborn children that never had a chance because of people like you....
i'll say this in the only terms you seem to understand:


and by the way, I AM A FEMALE, I am not an extreme Christian, went to a liberal college, took Women's studies courses and was formally a lifelong Democrat (now no political affiliation).

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

My mother was born of a 14 year old girl raped by an older man. She was adopted by a couple that could not have children.
I am so grateful that her birth mother was unselfish enough to go through with the pregnancy and choose adoption.

My question to you is, if you were the product of rape should you have been aborted?

One of my best friends (after trying to get prego for 8 years) just adopted a rape baby.

It's not the child's fault.

I used to emphatically agree with Maria's ideas. Perhaps someday Maria and others with that thinking will have a personal experience that will change their hearts too.

Anonymous said...

One more story...
My little sister was raped and became pregnant.
She decided to give her child up for adoption to a couple who she knew personally. They love her sooo much and decided to "adopt" them both / take them into their home and love her through this tragedy. Today, my sister is raising that little boy, is now happily married to a wonderful guy who adopted her child as his own, and recently gave birth to a new child together.

Although these stories began tragically, I am so grateful for these 3 personal situations in my life that helped me change my mind about "Choice".

Ron said...

Ron Paul -does- suck.

I am a Pro-Choice Libertarian that is also sick of the hero worship for a man that won't even use the word, 'libertarian', unless backed in to a corner.

He says that he is a Republican with Constitutionalist leanings, and he is.

He is proudly and consistently anti-abortion and has tried to give millions of fetus's the same rights of real Americans, which seems -very- big-government to me. (see Sanctity of Life)

How can such a smart doctor like him not recognize the ill effect on our community to force the continued import of millions of unwanted children?

He loves the Constitution except for the words, 'persons born', and his mantra of late, that the decision should be relegated to the States, is a lie.

How can you trust a Republican that -used to be- libertarian, but does not respect Body-Ownership Rights of Individuals already born?

Ronpaulicans get very mad at me because I make Paul's anti-Choice platform a -huge- sticking point, but many of them simply don't realize that it is -he- that makes it the big issue.

HELL, I would love to see our troops come home, and see the end of the FED and the IRS, but I want a leader I can TRUST.

In, short, a rich old white Christian Republican will never lead a successful revolution for Liberty.

~Ron Boozell aka stoneman76

yahoo's largest libertarian group:

Anonymous said...

"...style over substance"? I'm a long time supporter of RP and I have to tell you Ron Paul has no real style whatsoever. He's a pretty poor orator and he's not the best looking. He doesn't even have nice penmenship, BUT he is very popular because of the SUBSTANCE in his message and his long held and demonstrated convictions on the defense of the Constituion and the restoration of our great Republic.

He believes life begins at conception, not birth. If he harmed a baby in the womb he would be charged (by the STATE) for murder. Can you see how he might derive his opinion that the fetus is a living person and has rights? You know Constituional rights. He's against federal government passing a law about murder when all other types of murder, outside of abortion, are handled at a state level.

This is probably his most disconcerting opinion for many people. Please get past this and help save this nation from falling into fascism! There is a bigger picture here people and we need to stand up and take notice.

Anonymous said...

Wow, "Anti Choice" and "Fuck Him", you nuts are the real hyprocrites here, showing that famous "Left wing open minded" tolerance, I know you pro abortion femi nazis and male wanna be feminsts nuts really love the idea of sucking out the unwanted at Unplanned Parenthood, (the only big business that you people like). You treat the women who screwed to get that pregnancy as the victim, so she can kill it (even in the late term, when she is a minor, and with our tax dollars). But then you nuts complain about that Poor Killer being executed. ( your bull agrguement that the killers life counts, but not the unborn) really show how brainwashed you people are by moveon.org and the ACLU. Also, it's suck bullshit to treat men like they are just anonymous sperm donors, I get that you pro abortion women want to get rid of it out of convenience (and use the word choice, or privacy to cover it up). and that you Pro Abortion men just want to screw and have her get rid of if something gets through. You are the selfish Get the innocent, spare the guilty Hyprocrites, such bull, plus you nuts should love Paul be cause he is Pro terrorist, and pro 9/11, sounds just like you.

hempsavetheworld said...

I think 'abortion' should be a choice - but only within the first few weeks or up to a month when circumstances are just. There should be no dictation made by the government without the citizens' consent.

But Ron Paul DOES NOT SUCK, and I feel ashamed for the people who make this claim, because there's a hell of a lot more at stake than abortion.

And besides, Ron Paul would NEVER use federal law to make any laws against freedom, including women's right to choose to do about her conceptions. The states may surely do as THEY please - and not all states would do the same thing.

People who say 'fuck him' obviously have not done REAL research about what is going on in the world, and you have a hell of a lot to lose if Ron Paul doesn't get this presidency.

You won't care about abortion anymore when you lose the ability to exit the country without submitting to a fascist 'national identification' system, when your taxes increase to pay off the national debt, when you're enlisted into 'national service', when there's another attack on American soil due to bad foreign policy, when you're arrested for abiding to your Bill of Rights, when we realize that criminals control the government!...

Ron Paul is the only candidate who is truly against destroying America.

The Laughing Man said...

We are slaves to the Federal Reserve and the IRS.

The dollar is worth only 3 cents.

The war on imaginary terrorism is robbing the American people blind.

People are dying in Iraq for nothing.

Our rights are being taken away as we speak.

And all that some of you label-geeks can think about is tired Pro-Choice issues that aren't even issues anymore.

I suggest your primary concern be for the economic state of well-being of the United States, otherwise you'll be aborting babies with wire hangers 'cause that's all your money is going to be able to afford.

Other things you should know:

We need a volunteer. Someone needs to tell Huckabee that borrowing money from China to "stimulate the economy" is nothing short of the stupidest thing I've ever heard of.

McCain's 100 year war comment is, was, and always will be the sign that the cancer actually spread to his brain.

Hillary is a terrible birdfaced liar and somehow these masses of dumbasses believe her anyway.

Obama perhaps shows some signs of promise but will raise taxes, making it uncertain whether the American people will even be able to survive and effectively sustain such a tax increase working their normal everyday jobs.

If I made you mad, it doesn't matter. The truth is more important than the prosperity of stupidity. I recommend you don't take this post so personally; I'm merely debating in the original poster's language.

On the other hand, if you want something to FUCK...then I recommend you fuck all the cry babies who are stuck to the tit of the federal government, fuck liars, fuck trivial issues, fuck politicians who aren't reading the whole bill before they vote on it, fuck weakness and self loathing, fuck our current situation, fuck the war on non-existent terrorism, fuck NAFTA and CAFTA, fuck the FISA Bill, fuck the REAL ID, Fuck the Neo-Conservatives, fuck those who would trade their freedom for security and most of all fuck those who would take away our constitutional rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

There are a lot of other people and things in this world that probably deserve a "FUCK YOU", but I assure you that Ron Paul is not one of them.

I can't help but feel like this entire post is one big joke. After all, How serious could the originator be about changing things for the better if he/she doesn't like Ron Paul? This guy follows the constitution to the T.

And as much as all of you little zombies keep striking down the very people that want to give you your rights back, I truly hope that one day we can all unite and enjoy true freedom together.

LOL (Live Out Loud),

The Laughing Man ^__^



Sam said...

Maria, Maria people like you always mean well in your intentions but you alone allow people to rise into government and pervert our constitution. If you only understand how the American experiment of democracy is intended to work you wouldnt be lashing out at these people on here for shorting you of your "abortion rights" etc.

Take a lesson from some who know.
"The way to have safe government is not to trust it all to the one, but to divide it among the many, distributing to everyone exactly the functions in which he is competent....To let the National Government be entrusted with the defense of the nation, and it's foreign and federal relations..... The State Governments with the Civil Rights, Laws, Police and administration of what concerns the State generally. The Counties with the local concerns, and each ward direct the interests within itself. It is by dividing and subdividing these Republics from the great national one down through all it's subordinations until it ends in the administration of everyman's farm by himself, by placing under everyone what his own eye may superintend, that all will be done for the best." Thomas Jefferson
The Federal Government has no say in abortion.

A wise and frugal government, which shall restrain men from injuring one another, which shall leave them otherwise free to regulate their own pursuits of industry and improvement, and shall not take from the mouth of labor the bread it has earned. This is the sum of good government, and this is necessary to close the circle of our felicity. Thomas Jefferson, First Inaugural Address.
We are not socialists we are Americans.

"(T)he foundation of our national policy will be laid in the pure and immutable principles of private morality; ...the propitious smiles of Heaven can never be expected on a nation that disregards the eternal rules of order and right which Heaven itself has ordained..." George Washington, First Inaugural, April 30 1789
This should tell you everything of how our society now views the unborn.

Our constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other." John Adams
This backs the previous up.

"We base all our experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government." James Madison
Again the great experiment of American democracy revolves around the individual. Not the government taking from one to give to another. This is the old shcool governments of the past.That will never ever work.

Maria your philosophies have been around as long as man and have always led to greed, hunger, and opression. Only in the last few hundred years has the world seen a real self governing, Republic arise, and just as quick as it came you and others will see it go.

Jesse said...

Mr. Mark, you are douchebag. How the fuck is "He gave birth to thousands of babies" a valid retort against the man being a hypocrite? I didn't think someone could be so stupid, or so willing to perpetuate meaningless propaganda.

In regards to Ron Paul being a hypocrite, it's so true it hurts. He espouses state's rights so much, yet he attempts to ban abortion on the federal level. Research We The People act, which Mr. Paul authored.

People who think Ron Paul is the answer to America's problems are about the most easily manipulated, braindead fucks the world has ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Belligerent inaccuracy: nothing "douche bags" a person faster.

Anonymous said...

The "States rights" argument in relation to abortion is bogus. The supreme court DOES have the authority to make decision that make precedent, and that's exactly what happened in RvW. It's hypocrisy, but well veiled in explanation. There's a reason Ron Paul had the percentage of primary votes that he did.

Fecal McStool said...

I like to talk about stool.

Jesse said...

Let's just leave everything "up to the states." That will accomplish a lot. What a convenient cop-out.

Also, contrary to popular internet opinion, Paul's opinion on abortion is not to "leave it to the states." In fact, he has a clear history of sponsoring anti-abortion legislation at the federal level. Look it up. Let's find a better hero before we blindly mold out beliefs to fit this guy :).

Alex said...

Maria, I'm ashamed. Ron Paul is a freaking godsend. I'm pro-choice, and although I'm personally pro-life I would legalize abortion, because I'm also pro-choice. I'm a proud Libertarian and Ron Paul supporter, and only some lowly, bottom-feeding, freedom-robbing, socialist would hate Ron Paul as much as you express. And in case you didn't know universal health care doesn't work. So stop bitching about your right to kill unborn children and acknowledge when someone is trying to save your country.

Anonymous said...

Ron Paul went on Colbert Report and said he wants to abolish public education (basically public anything). He really sucks. I just can't get over these young people today with their stupid ass Ron Paul Revolution bumper stickers and all that topsy turvy 1984 doublethink bullshit.

I live in Texas so it's especially bad down here. In any case it's the classic libertarian strategy. They do the exact same thing when they talk about less government intrusion and the war on drugs. It's all just a subterfuge to get people on board their pro-business agenda. Man, kids today are so stupid.

Anonymous said...

With the strategy, I meant the whole being against the war thing.

jeffman204 said...

Maria, you're a f*cking bitch.
That is all.

Isonomics said...

It's true, Ron Paul Sucks!

Ron Paul and other right-wing libertarians would take us back to the bad old days of robber barons, company towns, etc. It's economic Darwinism and it's fundamentally wrong.

Lybus said...

There is something I fail to understand about the abortion thing. Immediately, it assumes that there is a "right" in the matter. I don't believe this classifies as such. The fundamental reason for sexual reproduction is to produce offspring and to keep the species alive. To have an abortion would be counter-productive to this goal and a very unnatural phenonomen. In general, our species looks at others as another self. And in general, most of us that are sane look down at those who take the life of one of our other "selves," or hinder the natural course of reproduction. Abortion is classified as killing one of our "selves." If you don't believe me, you can look up the biological facts. So therefore, it cannot be said to be a right, it's more of a crime.

This is not to be confused with rape. As I said, two partners come together and agree to have children, and have sexual intercourse. To have sexual intercourse without the will of both partners is greatly looked down upon for good reason, and could potentially effect the upbringing of the child. However, the child cannot be killed once it is in the womb, this would be a crime. It could be adopted, it could be raised by close family members, or you could see it as a sign from God and keep the child anyway.

From a moral standpoint, I don't understand how anyone could agree with the principles of abortion and the principles of God at the same time. Sex is one of the most beautiful gifts from God, it's how we carry on our "selves" and keep humanity alive. Why hinder something that is so natural to the human race? Let me put it this way; Jesus was the most selfless person ever to have walked the face of the earth. If you believe in Jesus, you know that he Loved us, and he died for us. He was scouraged, spat upon, forced to carry a cross. I suppose no one would be very thrilled about getting 4,000 places of your skin torn off with the salt of your own sweat running over the wounds, or being dehydrated and physically exhausted from carrying a cross for miles that wheights as much as least as him. Have you ever heard of the pains that one gets from being crucified? Look it up, it's not pretty. Jesus did all of this for us, and for our sins, and yet a woman cannot give birth to a child? Is giving birth so extreme that crucfixican cannot compare? Isn't that somewhat selfish, that one of God's gifts be destroyed for the sake of a woman's pain? From my viewpoint, it would be a slap in the face of God, Jesus, and humanity itself, not to give birth to the child.

MCARTHUR said...


Cowhick said...

Maria, Why do you have to be filled with such vitriol and vituperance?

We may not see another politican like Ron Paul for quite some time, and God knows we need them.

Follow the Constitution. Is that such an utterly disdainful order?

The states are now declaring their own sovereignty in the matter of states' rights, because they get it.

States rights are becoming marginalized more and more all the time with this huge Empire of a nation we seem to becoming.

Blake Nicholas said...

I don't understand why being Libertarian and anti-abortion is hypocritical. Most libertarians believe that laws should only exist to protect people from violent offenses i.e. murder, theft, etc. It is widely referred to as the non-aggression axiom. So as a libertarian who believes in the non-aggression axiom (don't harm others) I believe that anti-abortion laws make a lot of sense, as I see abortion as a direct act of violence against the fetus.

Cowhick said...

No offense is meant to anyone by this comment, and I always do my best not to upset anyone because, after all, I don't know who Imay be addressing, but when one makes the decision not to bring a child into this world, I just think that the parent involved is truly the one who ultimately suffers. Some mistakes in life seem to be meant to be suffered by the person most directly pertaining.

Cowhick said...

I truly find it abhorrent that anyone could talk about a person like Ron Paul the way that they do. I would submit they don't have a clue about his character. What a shame.

Cowhick said...

Ron Paul will never be found to be a hypocrit; in fact he will be rejoiced to be found just the opposite.

Cowhick said...

Ron Paul clearly represents the best of who we as Americans may become.

Perl and LWP said...

U clearly don't get it, maybe this will help.

LoneStarGamer said...


I see that the majority of people in here are fucking idiots, I guess that you all listen to the biased side of the media in this country.

"Obama is going to bring real change for this country!"

Lmfao! Give me a fucking break, his agenda is just like Bush's, people are so stupid that it makes me sad.

All the candidates that were running for president last year were just puppets, just pons of the game that the Government and mass media play on the public to full them every time.

Tell me this, why was the media trying to block out Ron Paul from getting media coverage? Exactly, they don't want him to become president because then he would put the Governments plans in danger.

They are scared of him and what he can do, I am not going to waste my time anymore with you fucking idiots. Just to back to kissing Obama's ass if this conversation never even happened. Oh and while you guy's are it, look up Obama's Deception on Youtube. Maybe you all can learn something that isn't biased like the shit you watch on FOX news.

cheerklk89 said...

If you've read the US constitution, you'd realize that abortion, gay marriage, healthcare, and all of the above are state issues. If you want medicare and healthcare, then you need to fight for those "sort of" programs within your own state. The beauty of America is that our founding fathers gave us a free market of governments, just as they gave use a free market of choice within indudstry. This post is completely ludicrous because the person writing it clearly knows nothing about the US constitution or Ron Paul. If you've read the US constitution you'd realize that Medicare and other failed socialist programs are unconstitutional.

Furthermore, this dumbass, Kate, that calls Ron Paul a hypocrite clearly cannot tell her ass from her head. Ron Paul has the most consistent voting record of anyone in US Congress. If you want to continue supporting anti-freedom socialist and corporatists hounds then go ahead, but don't call one of the few people in Congress who actually understands what is wrong with this nation-- and has predicted every single crisis that has come on multiple occasions -- a hypocrite. Ron Paul is honest, consistent, and sticks to his principles. Show me a politician who does that!

You might call him an asshole for thinking he is taking the rights away from a slut woman who wants to abort her third seventh month pregancy. I guess it isn't okay to kill a baby a second after the baby is born, but it certainly is fine to kill it minutes or days before it is born. That makes perfect sense. Abortion is a bit more complicated than your simplistic mind may be able to handle.

Clearly you should read some literature and educate yourself on the issues that Ron Paul stands for. If you want to live in a state where it is okay to kill a baby a minute before it is born but not a minute after, then go ahead. In a country where Ron Paul is president this would be possible because he would give the STATES their power back.

Read the constitution, study economics, study foreign policy, study voting records, study political philosophy, and then come back and try to make a bogus claim. Both the author of this blog and this girl Kate will continue to be ripped apart until they pull their heads out of their ass and read a book.

Ron Paul and the Libertarian movement does not stand for their own ideology or the opposite of the "popular" ideology but rather stands for TRUE AMERICAN PRINCIPLES and the structures that made America great! If you are against Ron Paul and his philosophy then YOU are against the true FREE American philosophy! There are plenty of socialists countries in this world, so why don't you move to one! This is America bitch!! FREE TO CHOOSE! Get over it!!!

cheerklk89 said...
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Joe said...

I love the way the left phrases their opposition catch phrases. Anti-Choice. Comical.

Better than being Anti-Life I suppose.

Oh, shit...there I go again.

Maria said...

I love the way that Paulites google "Ron Paul Sucks" to TROLL the Internet and end up yelling at me for something that I posted TWO YEARS AGO. I haven't commented on this post for TWO YEARS. You're yelling at the wind (kind of like your hero). But it is true that I check out this post every six months or so -- just for shit and giggles -- and to see how many comments this thread has.

Carry on.


Justin Laws said...

I just want to say that I am a libertarian who believes firmly in the non-aggression axiom, that no human being has the right to initiate the use of physical force against another. Read Rothbard, Block, or Hess, and you'll know what I mean.

Don't think of this as a Party ideal, but an ideal on morality (no, not christiandom!)

With that said...
Ron Paul is a moron, he is not what the libertarian ideal proclaims.

I am with Maria as far as her state's rights stance. How utterly bogus that thought pattern is!

Abortion is too heated and overblown to be a government stance. It's a personal issue, dealing directly with the pregnant woman. It is HER choice, not some third party's choice.

Hey, as long as you are not harming anyone physically or economically, I think you're the bees knees. Otherwise, get the hell out of my life!

Cowhick said...

You people are lost and nihilistic.

Nat said...

Ron Paul is GARBAGE! First Class garbage. His social Darwinism is not different than that preached by every far-right movement in history, including the Nazis. "Let the strong survive." Utterly inhumane in the eyes of anyone with a conscience. Ron Paul is all-American and totally Satanic - and those two attributes go hand in hand.

William said...
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William said...

Ron Paul stands up for the constitution, and anything he goes against is specifically because it goes against the US constitution. He's not just whistling Dixie, there's a rhyme and reason for everything he does.

If Ron Paul is "anti-choice" as you say, etc., it's because these are things that oppose the constitution. RP is autistic about the constitution, and guards every threat against it, just as the founding fathers of this country advised.

Ron Paul isn't even necessarily trying to push his religious beliefs on people, even though he has said that he is a "born-again Christian". He's all about the constitution. Every little government program makes the government bigger and bigger, and many of these programs that are added on are ultimately unconstitutional. Funding for abortion costs money, and that money comes out of your pocket through taxes. Things like this add up, and before long we have a large social bureaucracy that strangles the liberty of the American people. If Ron Paul opposes things like this, it is more likely to be because he wants to minimize the government involvement in your life, which is ultimately for your own good.

At least understand where Ron Paul is coming from before you get angry at him for being "anti-choice". Don't just assume. Do some research on why he makes the decisions he does, and don't just fall for hype.

Your boy Darren said...

He calls himself a republican, so don't go bashing because he isn't libertarian enough.

buzzchuck said...

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; The cells growing in a pregnant woman's body are human, right? We're not talking about plant cells or a bacterial infection obviously. Does an abortion deprive an American citizen of life? I've thought about this a lot and think that yes it does. Will a law stop abortions? No. Should police and our court system be concerned with arresting people who have an abortion? No. Their jobs are to protect our wealth, not our well-being (that's a responsibility for individual citizens.

buzzchuck said...

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; The cells growing in a pregnant woman's body are human, right? We're not talking about plant cells or a bacterial infection obviously. Does an abortion deprive an American citizen of life? I've thought about this a lot and think that yes it does. Will a law stop abortions? No. Should police and our court system be concerned with arresting people who have an abortion? No. Their jobs are to protect our wealth, not our well-being (that's a responsibility for individual citizens.

zaqmlpxswnji said...

Your dollar is being devalued greatly while gold/oil stay linear due to your inflation, so stop pissing all of your money away. Do everyone a favor and vote for Ron.

Change your states mind later, you have every other country suffering right alongside you for your idiotic spending. Do us all a favor, dont pull another Bush or Obama, you clearly do not know best for yourselves.

Its simple, do what is most efficient by limiting government, and do what gives you the most choice by taking care of things on a state by state basis.