What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 9, 2008

Ron Paul Sucks (in a really racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic way)!

Back when I wrote my followup to my original Ron Paul Sucks! post, I mentioned that Paul had published some seriously racist newsletters.

Unfortunately at the time, it was very difficult to get hold of much original source material for these newsletters and Paul at first said they were taken out of context and then years later claimed that they were ghostwritten. So, I was thrilled on Monday when I heard on Tucker Carlson that The New Republic had tracked down many of them and would be publishing an article about them yesterday.

I didn't have time to go looking for them the other day, but Sue from Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents emailed me a post from Pam's House Blend that contains a link to The New Republic article.

So what does TNR have to say about the newsletters? Here's for starters:

But, whoever actually wrote them, the newsletters I saw all had one thing in common: They were published under a banner containing Paul's name, and the articles (except for one special edition of a newsletter that contained the byline of another writer) seem designed to create the impression that they were written by him--and reflected his views. What they reveal are decades worth of obsession with conspiracies, sympathy for the right-wing militia movement, and deeply held bigotry against blacks, Jews, and gays. In short, they suggest that Ron Paul is not the plain-speaking antiwar activist his supporters believe they are backing--but rather a member in good standing of some of the oldest and ugliest traditions in American politics.
Yep, Ron Paul sure does suck!

You can go directly to selections from Ron Paul's newsletters here.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: It may be record temps in Pittsburgh but Hell has frozen over. We both strongly agree, Ron Paul sucks. This guy is the worst of all the candidates, both parties, that is on the Presidential trail. Yep, Ron Paul sucks.

Heir to the Throne said...

I can not believe you are supporting the Swiftboating of Ron Paul.
It was amusing to see him use the "this is old news" defense that reminds me of the Clintons.
“This story is old news and has been rehashed for over a decade. It's once again being resurrected for obvious political reasons on the day of the New Hampshire primary.

C.H. said...


Something I actually agree on with you guys. Say it loud and say it proud...


Not-shitrock said...


I haven't seen the Ron Paul documents yet, but you've used the verb "Swiftboating."

This brings up an interesting question: Swiftboating as a political tool seems to imply that those doing the swiftboating are LYING yet stating the case so emphatically that the general public (or at least some portion of it) believes the lies.

So tell me, was John Kerry Swiftboated?

Your comment (ie your use of the metaphor) only makes sense if you believe he was.

Nice to know.


Sherry said...

i've know that he is a racist and a bigot and a truly unstable man for ages now.

thankfully, i doubt if he will get the nomination.

Mark Rauterkus said...

It was posted that Ron Paul is member in good standing of some of the oldest and ugliest traditions in American politics.

What do you expect from a guy who has been a ten term member of the US Congress. Paul won a couple of those races over an incumbents Congress-critters.

The oldest and ugliest traditions in American politics, humm, sounds a lot like the US Congress.

Here is another old and ugly tradition -- building weapons and bombs with US Taxpayer money and dropping them on the heads of people around the world. That type of 'force' makes oppression and hate that can't be suckier.

Heir to the Throne said...

So tell me, was John Kerry Swiftboated?
Quote of the Day - True definition of Swiftboating
"Swiftboating" seems to mean the disclosure of truths that are, er, inconvenient for Democrats. Likewise "smears." And, actually, in lefty blogland parlance these days, "lies" pretty much come out the same way. All definitions are permitted the definer, so long as they are clear, but don't expect me to be impressed with this batch.
I like to use the term to mock the left.
such as
The hired gun lawyers swiftboated, demonized and persecuted Mike Nifong...

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Follow on comments. I knew Rauterkus was a liberal. It is finally nice for him to be outed also. Ron Paul says one thing and then denies he says it. When called on the comments he says they are lies and made by disgruntled people. Ron Paul is nuts.

not-shitrock said...

Oh, mein heir...

Using a definition from Instapundit won't do your argument any good. In fact it discredits it all the way down to the sewer line.

This definition seems closer to the truth:

A political ploy whereby allegations, falsehoods, exaggerations, or distortions are publicized to discredit a person or entity and have the intended effect that public attention is drawn to the ensuing controversy about the veracity of the allegations and away from some other political embarrassment.

Matt H said...

Paul is a joke.

I just wrote about it as well.

TrollSport9999 said...

I think its apparrent that 'heir' has already received his lobotomy. ;).

Alex said...

Maria, I don't know if you're just a bigoted, majority-hating, money stealing socialist, or just wrong. I hope it's the second one because then you wouldn't be a horrible person. I actually read part of one of the original articles, something you or any other posters didn't do. The article a read part of was "A Special Issue on Racial Terrorism". Ron is not racist, he is simply willing to speak the ugly truth. Just because you're a minority subsidizing, tax-inflicting socialist doesn't mean you get to put ugly labels on Freedom Fighters. You're ideology is wrong, although white Americans have done horrible things to blacks in the past, that doesn't mean that the racism doesn't go both ways. I don't know how this would happen, but someone needs to uproot your entire root system so you can start again.

Alex said...

Sorry, i made a mistake on my last post, I meant to say "but someone needs to uproot your entire belief system so you can start again."

William said...

You guys don't know what you are talking about. Ron Paul has said he did NOT write these articles. Not only that, but he has stated NOTHING at ALL about implementing ANYTHING in his presidency on the lines of racism, and sexuality. He is for the constitution and that is ALL. There is nothing racist in the constitutiona nd he has spoke out AGAINST a LOT of stuff that is racist in this country and he want's to eliminate all of them. He wants to allow gays to marry, he wants to take programs away the make white people greater than black people in situations. He wants to get everything even. You guys saw one opportunity and jumped for it. You guys are not patriots, your not anti-racist, your not liberal or conservitive. Your ***** stupid.

Jason said...

yeah, i can't believe you would write about something that you haven't even read. btw, dr.paul is FOR GAY MARRIAGE, so how could he be a bigot?

ron paul 2012!

Jason said...

yeah, i can't believe you would write about something that you haven't even read. btw, dr.paul is FOR GAY MARRIAGE, so how could he be a bigot?

ron paul 2012!

Andy Domonkos said...

Sigh.. more uneducated bashing with little to no research or fact to back it up. This is typical of people today, the Knee-Jerk reaction to spazz out and claim someone is racist or homophobic is just sad. Do you people just beleive everything you see on the news as gospel? First off this newsletter had about 10 writers, and Paul was not the editor. He has appoligized about not being more observant with things printed under his name.

The guy wants to end both Wars (about F**in time, those wars are sapping our economy dry.)

He wants to end the drug war (People are going to do drugs no matter how hard you fight it. Give it a rest and let those that want to destroy themselves do it already.)

He wants to End the FED. (idiots abroad combat this idea, even though our fed is a private bank that loans us our money at INTEREST, which means perpetual debt. Stop paying interest on the cash in our wallets? Thats a good start.)

You old world thinkers want to just keep blowing up the desert, fucking the poor, and letting CEO's get bigger cash payouts. You cling to trickle down economics, even though it has been proven a hundred times over not to trickle anything down but shit.

He will bring our economy back to life, and all you selfish people can think of is if he doesn't love gays and blacks. He brought 5000 babies into this world, black and white, so get over it.

Andy Domonkos said...

Great blog too, your doing some excelent work preventing us from a prosperous future, way to shoot yourself in the foot.