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January 22, 2008

Blog for Choice Day

Blog for Choice Day

Today is the 35th anniversary of Roe v. Wade. As they did last year, NARAL Pro-Choice America is calling it "Blog for Choice Day" and asking pro choice bloggers to post on the follwoing:

This year's topic: tell us, and your readers, why it's important to vote pro-choice.

I will only slightly rephrase my answer for last year's question as to why I'm pro choice:
My answer?

A woman must have the right to control her own body -- and that necessarily must include anything that may going on inside it.

Simple, no?

Yeah, it gets messy if there's a fetus in there, and more messy the older that fetus is.

But you either get to control your body or you don't.

And women and girls face an opposition who believes that a mass of cells smaller then the head of a pin has not just equal rights, but more rights, than the woman or girl herself.

I will never understand that.

I will also never believe that a man would put up with everyone and his uncle trying to micromanage his body.

So I'm pro choice.

And, if like me, you are pro choice, it's important to vote that way because you know damn well that others are voting against your rights.


Sherry said...

mine's up.

Maria said...

Here's the link to Sherry's post on her blog.

Sherry said...

thanks. that man that called the show railing against the pro-choice side just underscored a big point for why we need roe.

i'll bet his wife doesn't often get an opportunity or the choice to say no to him.

"man's baby" indeed!

Maria said...

He apparently has never heard of the egg.

Sherry said...

oh and a newsflash for that man.

before roe a lot of ladies that were married to men with his attitudes found themselves a sympathetic ob-gyn that would find a reason for the lady to have a hysterectomy.it's a sad fate to be thought of as a baby factory.

Anonymous said...

John K. says; You guys need psycho help. To take pleasure in the abortion of a baby is just sick. You lefties give more rights to dogs than you do to unborn babies. But when the focus is based on me, well what else can you expect. Selfish, just selfish.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Remember left wing abortionists, rights only apply to women who want abortions. They are never extended to the unborn. But then you folks are liberals dictators.

Schmuck Shitrock said...

You lefties give more rights to dogs than you do to unborn babies.

-- If they're unborn, they're not babies.

-- Not true. For example, we never feed Alpo to fetuses.

-- It figures you Fringy Righies would refer to women as dogs.

-- No LOLs, John? No LMAOs? You're sounding kind of shrill. Take a couple of bhong hits and call us in the morning.

Erin said...

When the "unborn" figure out how to vote, then maybe politicians should listen to them. Until then, I'll continue to voice my opinion that it's my body and my choice.

Thanks for supporting our rights, 2 political junkies!

Sue said...

Mine went up late in the day. http://www.pghlesbian.com/blog/_archives/2008/1/22/3479108.html

Sherry said...

some people give more rights to divided cells and a potential life than a woman that is already born.

it's so easy to think of those cells as a baby for some. sweet and tender and adorable but remember, that woman or girl that has come to the decision to terminate her pregnancy is someone's child too, someone that wouldn't want to find the police at their door saying that their daughter was found dead over a hillside or if lucky, in a hospital with internal injuries or a deadly infection and maybe a chance.
my body, my choice.

if i can not be trusted to make the best decision for my particular circumstances HOW can i be trusted to take care of the fetus and deliver a healthy baby and care for the child?

and no,on this subject, i will not feed the troll anymore.

Cherry Red said...

Great post, Maria! I couldn't agree more. I like your blog too. I'll be sure to stop back.

I also Blogged for Choice today:


Anonymous said...

John K. says: The mind of a left wing kook. I can be arrested for squashing a turtle egg (as in fetus of a turtle) in West Palm Beach, FL and applauded by the same crowd for practicing abortions of human babies. Sort of shows where their priorities are eh?

BettyDoesLife said...

thanks for supporting choice!

Sherry said...

get back to us when that turtle egg is inside of you.