What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 22, 2008

Be afraid, be very afraid!

Links to the stock stories David is talking about now:

  • Stocks plunged at the opening bell, with the Dow industrials losing more than 400 points in the first two minutes of trading. (Top of page at http://www.cnn.com )

  • Fed Makes Emergency 0.75% Rate Cut

  • World markets continue skid over U.S. woes

    Anonymous said...

    John K. says: This is the time to buy.

    Anonymous said...

    John K now says: As of 1:30 PM the Dow is down 89 points. Forget that buy stuff. Time to hold. Unless you are a LMAO lefty who takes pleasure in publishing false numbers to scare people. LOL LOL

    Anonymous said...

    If I'm a presidential candidate from either party, I'm pissed. Forestalling a recession is bad for a future president's political fortunes. If one hit, oh, say, starting in June and lasted even an entire year, a candidate could say he/she 'inherited' this downturn from the Bush administration. The short term ire would later be replaced by a nice 'bounce' in consumer (read: voter) confidence and good will towards the president just before his/her first midterm election. Just sayin'...