What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 22, 2008

Some thoughts on today's guests

Yes, David is on AM NewsTalk 1360 today in place of Lynn Cullen (stream live here) and my thought on his guests are as follows:
  • Chris Potter, Editor of the City Paper: Did I ever mention how much I liked this cover (Luke's thought bubbles) of your paper? No, I don't think I did.

  • Dan Onorato, Allegheny County Executive: Any worries on Our county's electronic voting machines considering this article and this article?

  • John McIntire, Off-Q panelist, City Paper columnist, Blogger: Please, someone, give this man another show!
  • UPDATE: Call in at 412-333-1360!


    Sherry said...

    hi maria. yep, i'm listening.

    cleaning the house and listening!

    Maria said...

    I think that I'll be out shoveling the walk and spreading salt at the top of the hour!

    Sherry said...

    and yes, please someone give john another show. i keep missing him on his guest appearances on 13!

    Sherry said...

    i thought the snow wasn't supposed to show til 1 p.m???

    Mark Rauterkus said...

    Yes, Maria is right. Jump on Onorato about the voting machines. The machines we have in Allegheny County, from ES&S, have be 'uncertified' in many other places in the county. They have been known to not count the votes with any amount of trust.

    Sherry said...

    last time i called in, i giggled because of nerves and i'm still trying to live that down!

    Sherry said...

    yes, the voting machines, please, someone?????

    Mark Rauterkus said...

    Calls can't be placed to the studio phone, 412 333-1360. All circuits are busy. Not sure what's up.

    tried at 9:50

    You might want to call out to Onorato to get him on the line...???

    Mark Rauterkus said...

    Ask Dan if Luke and his wife have ever been out of the country before.

    Dan has been to China on a junket. The windfalls of that trip should be bearing fruit now -- right???

    Mark Rauterkus said...

    I don't want our parks to be made into public-private places. We don't want Elsie Hillman telling us, again, what public swim pools we can open and what hours they should be and what needs to be closed.

    Let's for a public park district, using the model that is deployed in Illinois.

    We should mege Parks in the County with Citiparks and school district (afterschools) -- into a new entity, a Pgh Park District. And, that should take parks OFF of GRANT STREET.

    Mark Rauterkus said...

    The ES&S machines are decertified by many regions.

    The ES&S staffers slip USB drives in and out of the machines as votes were counted.

    We don't want a consultant to verify. We want open source machines.

    Dan should have NOT purchased those machines.

    The FEDS don't have voter machine authority. Onorato was a wimp. The law of the land is on the side of local control.

    Anonymous said...


    Mark Rauterkus said...

    Machine in Allegheny County is used in 17 counties. Yes, the PA vote is something to worry about.

    It is a bad machine. It was a bad decision.

    Onorato is with comfort -- and he is wrong.

    Gary said...

    Why do you keep whoring for McIntire? This is a guy who wrote on his blog that he couldn't wait to bang Betty Ford now that Gerald was dead. He's like a 12-year-old who just learned dirty words. No wonder he can't keep a job.