What Fresh Hell Is This?

January 3, 2008

DickieCougarMellonScaife! In Vanity Fair!

The story's here.

You can read it on your own. I just want to fill in a few things. Take a look at this:
Over many years, in the five households the couple shared, the wife hired scores of servants to help take care of her rich husband. Then, in 2005, she hired someone to tail him. Margaret Ritchie Rhea Battle Scaife (whose friends call her Ritchie) suspected Richard Mellon Scaife (whose friends call him Dick) of committing adultery, so she enlisted the services of an investigator.
And a few lines later:
In December of 2005, the private detective proved Ritchie’s fears to have been well founded: he took pictures showing the reclusive 75-year-old billionaire with a woman named Tammy Vasco, a tall, blonde 43-year-old whose criminal history includes two arrests for prostitution. The pair was photographed at Doug’s Motel, a roadside establishment near Pittsburgh, where rooms rent for $49 a night, or $31 for three hours.
So, my friends, what does this Doug's place look like? It looks like this:

I googled the name and went to the map. Google has a new feature called "street view" and it offered up that picture at the address to Doug's Motel. I realise the sign doesn't say "Doug's Motel" but this one does:

Found the pic at Flickr. Same general address (Route 30 in Irwin) Same foundation, same general shape - the only difference is the name change.

The deeply pocketed billionaire took his mistress to that roadside pay-by-the-hour motel - how funny is that?

Another quotation from Vanity Fair:

The estranged couple and their intimates aren’t the only ones with an interest in this divorce. Richard Mellon Scaife is the man who funded the movement that made “family values” a watchword of the right and badly damaged the Clinton presidency. Many would now dearly love to hang him in the gallery of hypocrites whose Dickensian comeuppance exposes the moral bankruptcy of the culture wars.

Couldn't have said it better myself.


Anonymous said...

John K. says: Interesting how you left winger define morality. You are so sick you revel in revenge? You're consumed by it. Your life revolves around revenge? Sick

"Fair and Balanced" Dave said...

Oh most clueless troll, to paraphrase a campaign slogan from 15 years ago, "It's the hypocrisy stupid!"

Dickie Scaife's inherited wealth was the grease that drove the "Arkansas Project"--the American Spectator's fruitless panty-sniffing expedition to Arkansas to try and smear Bill Clinton in the 1990's.

Anonymous said...

and this is all the liberals doing john k!!!!

lol yes ! we slipped some LSD into Dickie's drink and set him up with a hooker in a motel and then we drugged him again, stuffed him into the trunk of a hybrid SUV (made in japan) -- took him to NYC to meet with Bill and forced him to write a check and then had a vanity fair reporter catch him in an off handed remark (taken out of context for sure) about his belief in "open marriage."

After this we will force him to come out as a bisexual cross dresser too.

You better be careful john k. we frothing at the mouth crazy ass liberals may becoming for you next buddy boy.

we are godless with no morals and are determined to destroy the usa and install dick scaife as supreme pooh bah and ultimate sheik of america - wit his 237 wives that is after we kidnap you and take you to Doug's no tell motel and set you up in a man on dog encounter (is that rick in the background Floyd??? - golee jeez)and put the movie on Youtube. go to bed now John K. and fear the mad crazy devil worshipping liberals we never sleep! Till we destroy the workd our way -- and not some half assed global warming way like Bush is.

Anonymous said...

Just how many times do Republicans have to be faced with the utter and complete hypocrisy of their beloved heroes before they "get it?"

"The answer is blowin' in the wind."

Scaiffe is just the other side of the Joe Hardy coin; a relative dimwit with a lot of money. One was born to it, the other (sort of) made it. But both are just raunchy, disgusting old me with shriveled up peckers and too much cash on hand.


Maria said...

But lots and lots of Viagra!