What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 30, 2008

The DNC *IS* Wrong!

St. John McCain does not think it's fine that we would be in Iraq for 100 years -- it's more like A MILLION YEARS:

Hey McSame, here's a clue:

American presence = American casualties



Bram Reichbaum said...

American presence = Casualties on all 500 sides, and casualties of scope and aggregation.

It's called an UNPOPULAR OCCUPATION. It should be our highest national priority to find an acceptable way to end it as soon as remotely practical.

It won't need to be like Black Hawk Down if we plan for it right.

Schultz said...

Speaking of McSame, how about Hillary going along with McCain on the gas tax holiday? This has to be one of the worst ideas out of all the crap we've heard this political season.

Schultz said...


Today Congresswoman Lois Capps (CA-23), Co-Chair of the Congressional Caucus for Women's Issues and Chair of the Democratic Women's Working Group, released the following statement regarding her endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President:

"Today, I am announcing my endorsement of Barack Obama for President.

"This wasn't an easy decision for me. Democrats were blessed this year with many talented and capable candidates, and I believe both Sen. Clinton and Sen. Obama would make fine presidents. But Sen. Obama's proven judgment, his hopeful vision for America, and his unmatched ability to motivate millions of Americans eager for change made the choice for me.

"I have enormous respect for Sen. Clinton. She is smart, dedicated and a champion of those often underserved and forgotten. She has a remarkable record of achievement that inspires us all. And her election would fulfill a life long dream for so many of us who have been fighting for women's rights. She would make a great president.

But for me, Barack Obama is the best choice."

Note that last sentence there. She admires Hillary but states that Barack Obama is the best choice. Notice how the Congresswoman didn't use the word "pansey" in her statement.

Anonymous said...

"She has a remarkable record of achievement that inspires us all."

compare that to her comments about
Obamas "hopeful vision"

I'll take the concrete thanks.

C.H. said...

An American commitment equals moral responsibility and the right thing to do. I will continue to call for all people, no matter what side of the political spectrum, to stop this nonsense with exploiting this issue.

The idiots over at the DNC who are putting forth these ads can go pound sand. I cannot believe we have reached a point here in the United States where some people are actually HOPING for failure in Iraq, just because it helps them with their political aspirations.

Do you people really want Barack or Hillary in the White House so bad that you will put together slideshows of AQ's "resistance" and then preach about how we need to leave? I know this is not your goal, but in doing so, you are helping the scum of the earth AQ fighters and their supporters by giving them a reason to never give up. Why do you think they carry out these barbaric acts against innocent civilians? When they do so, it will get on the news, and Americans will say "this is hopeless".

...and the rebuttle to this that the conflict is "nothing but a civil war" is rubbish. When the so-called "antiwar" movement says this, they are insulting Iraqis and Muslims alike.

Bram Reichbaum said...

What is the "moral responsibility" to throw good money and lives after bad?

We are not 'hoping for failure', we are acknowledging reality. Nor are we providing anybody "a reason to never give up" ... they already have their reason, and it is our clumsy, ignorant occupation of them.

PS ... Yes Schultz, the gas tax holiday is irresponsible pandering. $10 billion to fix our crumbling infrastructure down the toilet, in order to put $25 or so in the average voters' wallets. What a boondoggle.

Anonymous said...


Why don't you get off your pathetic chicken-hawk ass and go and fight in the war that you probably masturbate to over at Little Green Footballs?

Anonymous said...

wow C.H.I took the time to jump over to your site and am so glad I did. Just knowing your favorite book include two I had just finished, helped to tell me where your coming from. This blog has some nice stuff, but is getting a little"dirty". We do have a moral ob. to help end this; not run from it. Yes, we're spending a lot of money, but so far, other than our fighting men and women and their families, I havn't seen any Americans ready to sacrifice one thing, or make an effort to conserve resources. Guess we are a little to soft and greedy.

Anonymous said...

I think John McCain makes perfect sense in the video. Your worse nightmares would come true if we did not have bases around the world. Your Daddy might not be the one you know now if we had not kept our presence out there. Sounds like some of you here might be agreeing with Rev. Wright. If he's right, we better figure out how to keep the fire and brimstone from coming down here. It might spoil our afternoon blog time.

Anonymous said...

R.M. says:
You better go to bed and pull the cover over your eyes big boy. The boogie man might get you.

Anonymous said...

R.M. Oh I'm not afraid, I will be in a different place when America falls, I just thought you youngsters might want to keep your own kiddos from being blown up. Ypu'll get pounded and then you'll wonder why you had no balls.

Anonymous said...

R.M. says:
Go back to sleep little boy your mommy will protect you.