What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 26, 2008

Do you really think this helps your candidate?

And, since when is it a progressive value to ridicule blue collar workers?

From the comments section to this post:
Anonymous said...


I feel so sorry for you. We elitist urban and inter-suburban dwellers have understood neither you nor your much victimized candidate.

To think that Hillary--Ms. Inevitability and advocate for all the racist, Bible-thumping, deer gutting, Islamo-fascist, wanna obliterate Iran, NRA card-carrying hicks--has had to suffer through the sophomoric efforts of Mr. Outa Touch Obama and us bamboozled minions of his must sadden and outrage you deeply.

We are now beginning to understand. You and Hillary know what America stands for. You and your candidate love America. You two will not let any self-loathing liberal snobs get in the way of the defense of American exceptionalism; Freedom on the March; an overcoming of the sissified wing of the Demokrat party; and a new lovefest with the Rupert Murdochs, Richard Mellon Scaifes and Rush Limbaughs of the world.

You are the new unifiers, the transcenders of unnecesarry differences and conflicts.

We progressives are passe, the real culprits, and political has beens who never really were.

I commend you for your courage and new patriotic vision. Please lead us on.

7:37 PM

Maria said...

Here's a clue:

The Hillary supporters who you viciously stereotype and ridicule are the very same people who your candidate will need to count on should he win the nomination.

Way to support your candidate!

2:41 AM



Anonymous said...

quote of Rep. James Clyburn from Fox: Clyburn voiced concern that if Hillary Clinton beats Barack Obama, she might do so at the expense of the party’s usually loyal black base.

“When this campaign is over, if Hillary Clinton is the nominee, she cannot get elected president if 25-30 percent of black people vote for (John) McCain. She is going to have … to have that same 92 percent of black people that Obama (has) now,” he said. “And if (Obama) is the nominee he is going to need her help and her husband’s help getting white voters that he is not now getting.

“And I don’t see how you can go back to these people and get them to vote for the nominee if you have done all these things and said all of these things about him during the campaign … because you are not going to be able to reverse field in the middle of general election,” he said.

So if we don't vote for the Black man, we're done for? I feel a little pressure here. Tell me this is not racial war!

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Whew, good thing he did not accuse McCain of being a racist. Then you left wingers would be all in support of that. Operation Chaos once again exposed you Democrats for the racists you are. Limbaugh Rules!

Anonymous said...

Barack Obama’s campaign manager David Plouffe says racists are probably going to vote for John McCain in November if Obama is the Democratic presidential nominee.

There you go you mckane dummies! no matter who we vote for other than Obama, we are branded with a big Red R on our heads.

Anonymous said...

You know this has been a long campaign. What worked well three months ago, if you're doing the exact same thing now, it may not work as well," said Obama, who racked up a string of wins in February before stumbling in Ohio and Pennsylvania.


Standing at a gas station, Obama said his rivals were part of a Washington political establishment that had failed to rein in oil companies and other powerful special interests.

Gee this seems familiar. He's learning by watching a Model" No originality here

Anonymous said...

In a review of Ayers' book in The New York Times, Brent Staples skewers Ayers for his patronizing attitude toward blacks. Staples, who is black, writes that Ayers described his early days as a time when he and his fellow Weathermen "sing Negro spirituals and eat chitterlings with the natives, whose intelligence and industry they find surprising."

Obama wants nothing from this jerk. so stop bringing up his name

Schultz said...


Since when do you lend credibility to anonymous commenters? Oh, thats right, when it is to the benefit of you or your candidate. The rules change when it works in your favor, right? That reminds of this question. Since when do Democrats borrow tactics from Karl Rove's playbook? Oh, thats right, when it helps Hillary Clinton in times of desparation. You should be so proud that your candidate lives up to the same values that you, as evidenced by this here blog, despise.

This anonymous commenter, for all we know, could be a Republican trying to start trouble between the two sides. In essence, this is a cheap shot by you in an effort to continue to divide the party and to make your case for your candidate. Your efforts on the blog not only do nothing to strengthen your candidate in the eyes of 2PJ's readers but it made you a mirror image of the negative campaigning and old politic where candidates use Rovian tactics, make up false controversies, and fake outrage, in an effort to smear their opponent.

To quote "your girl" Hillary, "Shame on you" Maria Luppanaci! "Shame on you!"

Anonymous said...


Do you think anything that Clinton has done to Obama in the past 2 months helps your candidate?

And to say that I was condescending to lower class socio-economiuc voters in my parody is ridiculous. I was addressing all of the diversionary issues that Hillary has exploited, if not manufactured, in her efforts to destroy Obama and get, as to Rethugs, people to vote based on things that have nothing to do with reality or with worthy interests.

All Clinton has done is to exploit half-truths, create new math, chameleoned into anything necessary to destroy and win, and turned this primary season into a pig-sty.

You, Maria, are the fucking idiot, for not seeing this and trying to turn the tables on me.

I am not surprised; this is the signatute maneuver of your candidate.

Anonymous said...

If I am president I want the Iranians to know that we will attack Iran...we will be able totally to oblitertate them." --HRC

She is (was) a neocon in sheep's skin.

It is the politics of fear all over again. And did I see Osama bin Laden in the last McCain, I mean McClinton, ad?


Anonymous said...

John K. says: The best part of this campaign is that you left wingers tried to keep all this stuff about Obama hidden. Cullen is upset that Obama has been exposed and that Rev. Wright is still in the news. She thinks bringing out Rev. Wright is some sort of right wing conspiracy. LOL LOL The left figured that anyone who criticized Obama could be labelled a racist. Did not work. Especially when you have the very Rev. Wright, who Obama gave 27,500 in contributions last year, spouting the very words you claim conservatives use. And none of this would have happened without Limbaugh and Operation Chaos. And the best part is we ain't done with Obama yet. No, not by a long shot.

Maria said...

RE: Iran, you left out the part where she was talking about RESPONDING TO A HYPOTHETICAL NUCLEAR ATTACK BY THEM.

Anonymous said...

Iran will never atteack Israel. Why, then, does she have to say this nonsense?

Who voted for Kyl-Lieberman? Which candidate voted to authorize the use of force against Iraq?

Maria said...

Obama has been waging a negative campaign against Hillary since day one. He has been using the Right's talking points -- even to the point of praising Raygun -- against her since day one. He has been lying and misrepresenting her in his ads and flyers since day one.

His supporters have called her supporters white trash, they've implied that they are racist and stupid. They call her a monster on this blog. They email me to tell me to go fuck myself and they post here that I should stop blogging. And, they try to rewrite the rules of the game for super delegates and ignore the math that he cannot win the primary.

Do you know why she said "shame on you?" Because Obama LIED in his flyers. He used false quotes and refused to pull them. But no one may dare criticize him. No one may dare call him on any of his shit.

If they do, you all try to shout them down. Only Hillary and her supporters may be called negative. Obama can be as negative and false as he likes as long as he puts up enough posters that say "HOPE" on them.

And, if you all don't like your own words quoted back to you, don't post them.

I'm still here. You still haven't succeeded in driving me out or shouting me down -- I know it just kills you.

But you know what? Keep it up and make it nearly impossible for me to ever vote for the guy if I have to.

That is what you're accomplishing.

I hope you're all very proud.

Maria said...

I took "fucking idiots" out of the tags lest anyone took it as all Obama supporters (the way all Hillary supporters are treated here).

I *do* still mean it for the person who wrote the comment.

Anonymous said...


What are you complaining for?

If Hillary can't stand these attacks now, what will she do in the general, when the Republicans come after her?

Or perhaps she's not really "big, bad" Hillary after all. I mean, this is the first competitive election she's EVER been in as a candidate and she's losing.

But this tit-for-tat nonsense is primarily the reason this needs to end.

And, yes, Obama can get to 2025, while Hillary cannot unless she gets upwards of 70% of the remaining SD's and wins all of the remaining contests by 71%.

Who really thinks that's going to happen?

And no one is trying to change the rules w/ SDs. People are simply making the argument that it is better for them to endorse the pledged delegate winner.

Unless you really think Hillary can win w/o Obama supporters, because she needs them too.

And spare of us the self-righteous indignation - "Woe is the Clinton camp...don't be mean to us."

CArolyn said...

It really sucks that an insightful, humorous and informative blog on (mostly) local and PA politics has turned into such a hateful exchange.

As far as I can tell you all are mired in the swamp of campaignism. Why is the everyday farts and burps of the candidates more important than the very real and daunting issues facing our country?

Why are anonymous posters allowed on this blog? i'd like to suggest here that you're asking for trouble--- 2PJ ers.

Anonymous said...

So if we don't vote for the Black man, we're done for? I feel a little pressure here. Tell me this is not racial war!

I said it and I'll say it again. I feel pressured! If Obama were a white man we wouldn't be considering such an inexperienced candidate. This is not the time we should vote "politically correct" and let the black 's rule. We need somebody who knows how to talk about making money, keeping a fluidity among the middle class. Obama comes on with a message of hope. we need jobs, and sustainability. I'm sick of tryng to get the "poor" off the couch and away from their drugs, Wah, wah, wah, Get off your asses ans quit asking me to give you part of my hard earned money.

Anonymous said...

Retired Millhunk says:
1. Why did Clinton state due to the best intelligence available I voted to authorize war with Iraq, when she never even bothered reading the NIE, which was the best info available.
2. Since her vote was a horrible mistake why did she vote for Kyl/Lieberman amendment which expands the war into Iran.
3.Why didn't she go back to DC to vote on telecom immunity bill, Obama did. No immunity for telecoms. Why does she want to spy on her own citizens?
4. Sits down with Scaife and his newspaper for an interview the same Scaife that spent millions trying to destroy herself and her family. There is no morality in her at all. What a sick devious person.
Like I said Clinton is a pro choice right wing neocon.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Sen. Clinton is not a pro choice right wing neocon.

Sherry said...

i will vote for whoever is the choice to run agaist mccain. yes, i support obama but more importantly i know, i know that our country will not recover from 4 MORE years of this republican reign.
if i were to stay home or worse vote for mccain simply because of the hard feelings that this primary is causing between democrats, then every death in iraq after mccain becaomes president, every home forclosure, every person denied decent health coverage, the bankruptcy of our treasury,i would have had a part in that too.
the outcome of this election is too important to let the passions of our cause OR the deceptions of right wingers stop us from taking back the whitehouse before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

absolutely vote Democrate no matter what. Everybody lies or embellishes, but in the end, Dems will keep us free. Life is a struggle!sincerity.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Everyone lies and embellishes? So for 7 years you left wing kooks have been doing exactly what I said. When you yelled, "Bush lied...", you wer just after political power at any cost. Looks like I am right again!

Anonymous said...

Carolyn is right. I am supporting Obama for my own very thought through reasons. I am not deluded. I am engaged and active. But Maria you have not only insulted my candidate but I feel that you have insulted me for choosing to support him. This is why Hillary should quit, she is destroying the democratic party. She is behind by nearly every conceivable metric though she insists on creating new ones to make it look like she has a chance. And as she goes on her campaign and her supporters get meaner, more vitriolic and more bitter. I used to love Hillary. It was a very tough call for me who to support in this election. But she has totally alienated me. I will hold my nose and vote for her if she STEALS the nomination (because she is going to have to use Bush worthy logic to get it) but I wont work for her. And if she can lose me, someone who has worked every election (local state and federal) since I turned 18 I imagine she can lose anyone.

Anonymous said...

John K. says: Everyone lies and embellishes? So for 7 years you left wing kooks have been doing exactly what I said. When you yelled, "Bush lied...",

ABSOLUTELY! And now 4,00 of our kids are dead. That's the biggest lie!

Anonymous said...

And if she can lose me, someone who has worked every election (local state and federal) since I turned 18 I imagine she can lose anyone.

How can you roll over so quickly? In this imperfect world we need a strong fighter to stand against the Republicans. Obam is a sweet, sweet man, but he is not strong. He lives the "turn the other cheek" rule and that's admirable, but unless we suddenly see Human's perfected, it is a very foolish way to live and usually causes one to slink off the playground with a lot of hidden fear of being seen as a coward. Stand and fight. Fight for the Dems to win. Hilliary will!

Anonymous said...

And as she goes on her campaign and her supporters get meaner, more vitriolic and more bitter. I used to love Hillary. It was a very tough call for me who to support in this election. But she has totally alienated me.

This statement is so sad. Do you not here the voices, on this blog and elsewhere. Your own voice? Hillary has been mocked and slandered more than any other person in Political History and by her own party members. This is just wrong and stubborn not to see it.

Anonymous said...

Retired Millhunk says:
Hilliary has been mocked and slandered; She votes to go to war with Iraq without reading NIE, She votes for the Kyl Lieberman amendment expanding the war into Iran, She doesn't bother going to Washington to vote against giving immunity to telecoms violating our constitutional rights. Wake the hell up. How in the world do you call this mocked and slandered. It's the way she voted.Wake up, wake up, wake up.

Bram Reichbaum said...

All I can say is ... wow.

Your esteemed counterpart has spent the overwhelming majority of his last 20 or 30 posts tearing apart the Republicans and John McCain -- with the exception of a couple of EXTREMELY modest, reserved points of information aimed to counterbalance the most egregious excesses his partner in blogging (square mileage = representation and whatnot).

In contrast, your own contributions have been all Obama-bashing, all the time.

Yes, yes, I know ... if you can't stand the heat, get out of the I'm rubber and you're glue. Or something. Let's be as childish as possible. Let's all stoop to the Republicans' level, and let's pretend nothing more substantive is possible.