What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 22, 2008

Bad News For Jack Kelly

Not for him personally, but bad news for his choice for Senator McCain's Veep, Alaska Governor Palin.

First here's what my friend Jack wrote:

There is one potential running mate who has virtually no down side. Those conservatives who have heard of her were delighted to learn that McCain advance man Arthur Culvahouse was in Alaska recently, because they surmised he could only be there to discuss the vice presidential nomination with Gov. Sarah Palin.

At 44, Sarah Louise Heath Palin is both the youngest and the first female governor in Alaska's relatively brief history as a state. She's also the most popular governor in America, with an approval rating that has bounced around 90 percent.

If you'll recall, this was the column Jack quoted quite easily (to put it nicely) from Fred Barnes.

Here's the issue at hand - this from the Anchorage Daily News:
Alaska Senate leaders want an investigation of whether Gov. Sarah Palin pressured and then fired the public safety commissioner because he wouldn't get rid of a state trooper who had gone through a bitter divorce with Palin's sister.
Here's more from the Newsminer:

The governor has come under some criticism after a political rival — fellow Republican Andrew Halcro — alleged Palin fired Monegan after unsuccessfully trying to use her position to push for the firing of a state trooper. Palin has called the suggestion “outrageous.” The trooper, Palmer Trooper Mike Wooten, is involved in a custody battle with Palin’s sister.

Monegan has said he found his firing a surprise and that he did come under pressure from the Palin family and administration.

I have no position about the details of this story, but for someone touted (as Jack does) as a "ferocious fighter of corruption," this possible investigation could not happen at a worse time.

On the other hand, a Republican abusing a seat of power?

That couldn't possibly happen here. Never! Perish the thought!


Ted said...

Picking this up by the left-wing blogosphere merely confirms the desperation of the Dems to get Palin off the ticket, which in turn merely confirms why McCain will keep her on the ticket! And this more than confirms that Jack Kelly has been correct.

Ted said...

Looks like it's good news after all! Take a look at this, just in from palinforvp:

"Tuesday, July 22, 2008
Pipeline passes State House as Monegan allegations implode!

This is a great night for Gov. Palin, the State of Alaska, and our movement! Gov. Palin's plan to build a natural gas pipeline was approved tonight by the State's House of Representatives, sending the plan to the Senate for final approval. If passed, the licensing of the TransCanada corporation to construct this pipeline will be the crowning achievement of the Palin administration.

Meanwhile, Gov. Palin has put out a press release containing information that devastates the allegations made by former Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan. For instance, did you know that Todd Palin was ordered to discuss Trooper Mike Wooten with Monegan by the head of the Governor's security detail? How about the fact that schedules disprove Monegan's claim that he only met with Palin four times in seventeen months? It turns out that they had over two-dozen meetings during that time, including several visits by Monegan to the Governor's home and joint trips to remote parts of Alaska. The circus looks to be drawing to a close, with Palin coming out squeaky clean!"

EdHeath said...

I don't understand, this guy Monegan said he came under considerable pressure from Palin and her administration. Now you (Todd) are telling us Monegan discussed this trooper with the Governor's husband, and Monegan met 24 times with the Governor in 17 months. I don't think you have eliminated the claim of pressure, I think you have strengthened it.