What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 22, 2008

More From The Wingnut Fringe

From the HuffingtonPost.

Did you know there's someone in New York selling this t-shirt?

The Huffington Post has the story:

Apollo Braun is selling the shirt emblazoned with the words "Obama Is My Slave" from his Manhattan boutique. The shirt was designed by Braun.

Some design. I wonder which fashion design school he went to.

Then there's this:

"For a lot of people, when they see Obama, they see a slave. People think America is not ready for a black President," he said.

Braun says he believes Obama is Muslim and that Obama also "reminds [him] of Adolf Hitler." "I can't stand Obama," says Braun, although he adds that none of his dislike for the candidate has anything to do with ethnicity.

Obama is a muslim who reminds Braun of Hitler? That can't be right. No one (I mean NO ONE) could be that much of an idiot. But I googled the guy's name (you can do it for yourself - I don't want to send this guy any web traffic) and found the website for his boutique. At the website I found this:

God, I hope this is a hoax. If not, this election is going to get ugly!

Still hoping it's all a hoax.


jaywillie said...

Dude, that guy's got a kick-ass mullet! :P

This loser is the poster child for Homers. His parents must be soooo proud.

No doubt John K. and KGC will arrive soon to defend and rationalize racist clowns like this jackass.

Bram Reichbaum said...

That's it. This is by far the craziest use of free speech that I've ever seen or heard of. You almost have to respect it.

Wouldn't buy the T-shirt, though, nor use the catch phrase.

Anonymous said...

John K: Why would I defend him? But I will say, since there was nothing heard from this blog over the racist attacks on Dr. Rice and Justice Thomas as well as the public comments made about President Bush and your desire to see him assissinated you don't really have much to stand on. Look at the pictures you photo shopped about Rove. You people are sick.

Anonymous said...


Nope, John K chose not to defend the guy. Instead he attempted to utilize the situation to defend specific Republicans and then attack the general public on the blog.

What a silly little troll John K is.

cathcatz said...

but the strangest twist to the story is that some girl who was wearing one of his shirts had the shit beat out of her... and she's suing HIM!

now that's classic.

Anonymous said...

John K: Since that guy had a Hussein Obama T-Shirt on did Hussein Obama say this in regards to Iraq: Hindsight is not 20-20 and if things had turned out differently he would have been right. LMAO LMAO LMAO I told you LOL LOL Lefty exceptionalism. You are never wrong, simply because, well LMAO things turned out differently. LMAO

Anonymous said...

John K: Hussein Obama also said, LMAO again, the surge worked because of ethnic cleansing in Baghdad. Saddam Hussein said the same thing. LMAO No wonder you lefties loved Saddam so much.

Anonymous said...

KGC says:

jaywillie... I probably wouldn't have commented had I not been singled out by you.

I don't like what the individual is doing nor do I condone it nor will I pass around or discuss with any of my friends... as I don't particularly like or condone certain actions of the left, such as flag burning... or the caricatures on this Website (Can you say, hypocrites? See, I knew you could.)... little thing called the First Amendment and Free Speech. Disgusting and abhorant, but protected. Just because we don't like or agree that is related to free speech doesn't mean we should try to get that particular behavior or action outlawed.

You have the right to speak. I do not have the obligation to listen.

To paraphrase for this particular instance... He has the right to express his feelings about Obama. I don't have the obligation to buy his stuff.

I won't even put any kind of "dig" or snarky comment in this post (e.g., "The left can't stand it when it's done against them can they?") Ooops. My bad.