What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 21, 2008

The Goals We Share (tailgate / potluck)

The Goals We Share (tailgate / potluck)
Sat. July 26, rain or shine, 11-3:30

Please come to "The Goals We Share," a family-friendly, alcohol-free potluck/tailgate at West Penn Ballfield at the edge of Polish Hill.

This was an unusual spring where the super-heated rhetoric of primary politics hit Pittsburgh hard. Lets eat together, relax together, and talk to each other, in a low-key way, to re-find our common ground. Bring a dish (optional), family, friends, "fun stuff" (soft frisbees, musical instruments) and goodwill.

Various groups are invited, but the focus is on us…as people.

RSVP online at http://crush3r.com/page/mygmfcbpri or for more info & another RSVP link (requires sign-up), go to http://tinyurl.com/DFP-Goals-potluck Want to RSVP for several people at once? Leave a message at (412)731-7020 (voice mail).



Anonymous said...

John K: Okay I will be there. I will be bringing crow for Jaywillie and shitrock to eat seeing as how they are wrong so many times.

Anonymous said...

KGC says:
How nice. Let's all get together, hold hands and sing Kumbaya. /barf

No beer. No me.

Matt H said...

Get some beer!! :)

jaywillie said...

Ha! I knew John K. was a comedian - because he couldn't possibly believe what he says.

Were I able to attend, John, among my accoutrements you would find a towel to wipe the egg off your face for the drivel you call arguments and a freshly baked humble pie made especially for you.

I must confess that I find about as much enjoyment in debating you as a cat finds in mauling a dead mouse(for clarification, John, I'm the cat in that metaphor).

cathcatz said...

i would imagine that since it's a city park, there are not permitted to have alcohol???

Anonymous said...

John K: Don't forget to show up in your gas guzzling SUV jaywillie. Then you can lecture us on saving the planet. So how do you like your crow, with or without a beak?

Anonymous said...

John K: By the way, I see any liberal drinking there, I am calling the police and having them checked for drunk driving.

cathcatz said...

john, why do you have to be such a pud???

Anonymous said...

Maria Lupinacci

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Fluffy bunny or middle finger...depends on my mood
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Sherry said...

the jr high school attitude/maturity of some trolls here is frightening.