What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 20, 2008

Netroots Nation 2009 - IN PITTSBURGH

From the Daily Kos:

Sometimes those of who focus on energy and global warming issues seem to screaming into the wind, with little attention from others in the community.

Netroots Nation's announcement for the 2009 put those emotions to the side. The Netroots Nation staff worked hard to find a site and location that meets the types of standards that are hoped to from us.

To be held at the nation's leading edge LEED Green convention center,
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is close to major US cities, with a good rail network providing options to get there from New York, Washington, DC, and Chicago.

Bram, did you do this???

This is too cool.


Anonymous said...

John K: Ah typical of the left. Lie to the public. Say whatever is necessary to gain power. The dailykos is also where Olbermouth gets all his info. Well, well, well. LOL

Anonymous said...

Lie to the public??

Did you miss all the lies that let to the war in Iraq?

I guess so...

jaywillie said...

Very exciting news!

And, John, you might actually want to read what is in front of you before commenting on it because I'm pretty sure you just saw "DailyKos" and reacted with no idea what this post was about.

I'm just curious as to what the lie is here - are you saying we don't have rail service to NY, DC and Chi? :P

Bram Reichbaum said...

LOL, no, I didn't know about this Netroots Nation org until the comment by jaywillie. All the same, the timing couldn't be better!

Maybe they heard from the Furries that we''re a good place to convene....

Sherry said...

i read about this on spork's blog this a.m. i'm happy.

Anonymous said...

Cool. This should an interesting conference to attend. John K, can we bring you too? I think you are the #1 blogger on this site!


Anonymous said...

John K: Nah I read it alright. And yah dialykos, fool em anyway you can because if you printed the truth, that won't sell.

Anonymous said...

John K: Obama--The bomb (as in singular) that dropped on Pearl Harbor. First he tells us a relative liberated Aushwitz and now this. Typical liberal, pay attention here Jaywillie and Shitrock, distorts history to make it fit his view.

Anonymous said...

John K: Thank goodness for Limbaugh. Netroots is the liberals spinning their way out of a jam. They have been caught in their lies, so Gore rides to the defense by saying that "He is not perfect." He eats meat. But eating meat for everyone else is bad. He uses a lot of energy. But using energy for everyone else is bad. His personal residence uses more electricity now, after energy improvements, than he did before. But he is not perfect. LMAO LMAO I got it. I have been saying this all along. Its okay for the left to pollute but not everyone else because the left is not perfect. If Gore believed this crap. He ought to put his money behind it. Or at least Jaywillie's.

cathcatz said...

no one else seems to be here to remind you, so i will.

john k., it's time for your meds.

Anonymous said...

John K: Gore gets on Meet the Press and established the libeal exceptionalism. Liberals can drive big cars and fly private planes and have nice houses with huge carbon footprints, all the while lecturing others on their habits. The premise is liberals have good intentions in their actions hence all conduct, no matter how hypocritical is excused. It is so easy to out the hypocracy of any liberal, just let them talk. LMAO LMAO Gore is not perfect hence he can pollute but condemn others for the same act. Yep LOL LOL Liberalism defined. LMAO at how easy it is.

Anonymous said...

Sure John K, I am absolutely positive that that's exactly what happened on Meet The Press.

I am absolutely sure that you and your fellow authoritarians speak the absolute truth when discussing any number of "libeal" issues.



jaywillie said...

Uh oh, it looks like John K. has singled me out!

Meds, John, meds. Take cathcatz's advice, 'cause you're off your rocker in this thread - all over the place.

It helps if you make coherent comments and not simply repeat the drivel of an extreme drug addict like Rush Limbaugh.

I mean, what the fuck are you even talking about in this thread? It's just a bunch of insane gibberish.

The end is nigh for the Republican party and the conservative movement, John K. Enjoy the ride!

Anonymous said...

John K: LOL LOL LOL yah that is what Gore said on Meet the Press. LMAO LMAO You loon.

cathcatz said...

actually john... this is what gore said on the meet the press... note the comment at the end about not having a true majority on congress. wow. a nobel peace prize winner agrees with me!

``Our current course is unsustainable,'' Gore said today. ``The climate crisis has to push us as Americans to take this issue out of the old partisan squabbling.''

The U.S. Senate, which is controlled by Democrats, failed to pass legislation last month that was designed to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Gore said his party has struggled to fight climate change because it only has a 51-49 Senate majority.

``Congress ought to do more,'' he said. ``When you don't have 60 votes in the Senate to overcome filibusters, nothing can happen.''

meds john... meds. the first step is admitting that you need help.

http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/25761899/ for the actual transcript... it helps to read for yourself rather than regurgitate rushisms.

Anonymous said...

KGC says: Aaahh. The NutRoots are coming to Pittsburgh. How sweet. Hopefully, they'll be in mourning as I do not think Osama, I mean Obama, will win in November. Yes, I WILL vote for McCain, not the "Messiah".

Anonymous said...

John K: Except the rules do not apply to Gore and those he exempts because he is not perfect. (Check the transcript from Meet The Press) Ted Dansen said in 1988 that if we did not act now the oceans would be dead in 10 years. If Gore really believed what he said, and if it in fact was that dire, he wouldn't be flying a private jet nor living in a compound that uses more energy than some small third world countries. But Gore is imperfect which of course counters all those arguments and allows him to lecture the rest of us. Remember it is okay for Kerry to drive and SUV because he doesn't own it. LOL Cathcatz, if you can't get govt done without a need for a filibuster proof Senate, then you are a dictator. Which is what I have been telling you is your trait all along. LMAO

cathcatz said...

i'm a dictator?




Anonymous said...

John K: Yep a dictator. You whine about needing a filibuster proof Senate so that you don't have to face any opposition.
Now Bush got all his programs passed without a filibuster proof Senate. Bush is the Man!

cathcatz said...

but, what the hell do I dictate??? i mean, other than what goes on in my own home?

man, you've lost it. how does any of that crap about bush make ME a dictator??