What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 25, 2008

Don't know about your TV, but...

...Comcast faded to black shortly after David Letterman finished his monologue, so here's Dave on McCain's missed appearance tonight:



John K. said...

John K: My name is Hussein Obama and I approved this ad. Wait a minute, my name is Biden and I do not approve this ad.

cathcatz said...

where's the backup quarterback? you kidding me?? she can't handle it and they all know it.

but dave had a very good point... that's what the vp is supposed to do at this stage, assist in the campaign to get your party elected!

Matt H said...

Comcast sucked last night!

Infinonymous said...

We may never see Sen. McCain on Letterman's show again (and I suspect there is more chance that Sen. Palin will win a MacArthur Award than there is that the campaign will let her anywhere near a room containing Dave Letterman and a camera).

Which is too bad, because Sen. McCain is a good guest in a format such as Letterman's. A sense of humor, unusually open for a senator, etc.

But the bad blood is now palpable. And Letterman has probably heard by now that McCain not only had time for Couric but also kept an appointment with the Rothschild wench (who, after marrying into one of the world's most legendary families of parisitic heirs, proclaims Sen. Obama "elitist"). It's bad enough to renege at the last minute on a scheduled commitment, but building your excuse on easily disproved facts is remarkably bad form.

Letterman should have sent a limo over to the Couric interview location to offer Sen. McCain a ride to the airport. The reaction shot (assuming the Secret Service didn't shoot the driver) when McCain found the car waiting at the sidewalk and recognized that he had crossed the wrong comedian would have been worth seeing.

Matt H said...


your inbox is full.

shawn1970 said...

This is vintage "NBC" style Letterman. That is, the pissy, spiteful, and viciously funny Dave Letterman. If this guy can handle Cripsin Glover and Bryant Gumble he can easily handle you, Senator. Big mistake, man.

Maria said...


Sorry, should have some space now. I get WAAAAAY too much email during election time.

Bob said...

I guess CBS is for McCain. McCain is too little too late. He's just now reacting to the economy, which was widespread news 2 weeks ago.

Suze Orman suggested (on Oprah) pulling you money out of FDIC banks, Treasury backed securities and the US stock market because she believes we're headed for a depression.