What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 24, 2008

McCain now trying to delay VP debate too!

Read it and weep. Really, WTF? We know Palin is not ready, but do they really think they can just run out the clock?

More On McCain's Timeout:

Ben Smith's take:
But in terms of the timing of this move: The only thing that’s changed in the last 48 hours is the public polling.
And, from Crooks and Liars:
This must be a VERY important crisis if it requires the full, undivided attention of a Senator who has missed 230 out of 286 votes since Q4-2007. That’s 80% of those votes he’s missed.

Also, what the hell is up with McCain's left eye? See here:



jaywillie said...

This makes no sense. Palin isn't part of the negotiations in DC, she has no role to play so it makes no sense for the McCain camp to extend their very weak argument for ducking out of this Friday's debate to the VP debate.

John McCain is completely unstable and absolutely mentally unfit to serve as President. His behavior is completely erratic.

Matt H said...

This is getting nuts. McCain should just go to the debate on Friday as scheduled. There is NO reason why he can't make it.

jaywillie said...

Watch Letterman tonight.

It's just like he says: If McCain thinks he has to go back to Washington because of the economic crisis, fine. So be it. That's his decision to make.

But you don't suspend the campaign - You have the 2nd string QB step in. That's what the back-up is for. That's what a VP does.

If Sarah Palin can't even step in to lead the campaign for a few days, she is wholly unqualified.

Joshua said...

Some people on other blogs (namely DKos) are saying it looks like a mini-stroke. I wouldn't know, because I couldn't hear any slurred speech. Supposedly others could. But then again, I slur my speech when I'm tired.

Mike said...

Some leader McCain is. He is running around like a "chicken with his head cut off".

The best example of his leadership is that as of last night he has not talked to Chris Dodd, the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee.

John K. said...

John K: The country is heading for a financial metldown and McCain does his job and you left wingers whine. No wonder Obama has only 143 days of service in the Senate. He spends the rest of his time running for office. Tell Hussein Obama to get back to work till this is solved.

John K. said...

John K: Speaking of debates. Hussein Obama refused to stand with McCain in a town hall forum. McCain offered and Hussein Obama ran for the safety of his teleprompter. If Hussein Obama had accepted, they would have had a few of those and still be able to work on this crisis. Something Hussein Obama is being paid to do. He is not being paid to run for office. LMAO Lefties.

Mike said...

McCain is not doing his job. If he was doing his job, he would be talking to the leaders involved and not just the media.

John K. said...

John K: First off Mike he is talking to the leaders involved. Do not let your prejudices interfere with facts. LOL Now Hussein Obama is also talking to the leaders involved, but only to shake them down for a campaign contribution ala Fannie Mae. LMAO Both are paid to be Senators first. One, McCain knows what his job is, the other thinks it is only a spingboard to total power.

EdHeath said...

So the next post has Sidney McCain blowing off (so to speak) David Letterman, because Sidney McCain has suspended his campaign. Letterman is taped in the afternoon, so that makes some sense. Then Letterman shows Sidney McCain sitting down with Katie Couric, supposedly live. So Sidney McCain dumped Letterman for Couric (maybe the Couric thing wasn't real, I didn't watch the TV news last night). But if what was on Letterman was true, Sidney McCain was hardly doing his job at that moment, in fact had not suspended his campaign. I guess Katie Couric is one of the leaders involved in the financial crisis. Or Sidney McCain wanted to do something to distract from Louise Heath Palin's disastrous performance.

Sidney McCain did want the Town Hall debates, so why is he pushing to delay two debates? There is not much time before the election, so we need some head to head debating. At the moment Sidney McCain is blocking that, not Barack Obama.

Sherry said...

i think mccain is going by that old saying "better to say nothing and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt."

that is especially true in palin's case.

as to the "town hall" scene, that was so mccain could get all folksy and meander all over the topic and run out his time without having to really give an answer that makes sense!

Mike said...

John K,

Last night Senator Chris Dodd, the Banking Committee Chairman said he has yet to hear from Senator McCain. If not him, then who the hell is John McCain talking to?


John K. said...

John K: Good thing Dodd has not heard from McCain. That is a plus. Dodd and Hussein Obama have heard from Lehman's and Fannie Mae in the terms of campaign contributions. LMAO Its too easy.

Sherry said...

1 thing to say to john k.


John K. said...

John K: Oh yah I saw that Keating 5 thing on MSNBC. Big deal. No legs there and nothing but desparation on the part of the left because the polls don't give Hussein Obama a win. But of course we have a list with Obama and Dodd and Hillary and a few others taking all that money from Fannie Mae. Gosh how inconvenient. LMAO Stand Up for Chuck out there. LOL

Sherry said...

you must be very young or not paying attention the past decade or so, if you only heard of the keating 5 last night!

this isn't mccain's first run at the whitehouse you know.

jaywillie said...

Let's clear this up right now, John K.

McCain has not been present in the Senate since April.

McCain has not been part of these negotiations.

McCain doesn't even sit on the committees looking at this proposal.

McCain's Town Halls were ticket-only events - meaning tickets were handed out at local GOP headquarters. Why exactly would someone agree to debate before such a biased audience?

If it was so important for McCain to be in Washington, why didn't he suspend his campaign last week when the market dived and return to Washington then to be part of the negotiations?

Why did it take him a week to make that decision?

And let's get some historical perspective:

1960 - a bomb explodes in New York City, Nixon and Kennedy debate

1980 - middle of the Iranian Hostage Crisis, Reagan and Carter debate

2004 - the USS Cole is attacked, Kerry and Bush debate

And this Fannie/Freddie bullshit your peddling - is this your meager attempt to deflect from the fact that McCain's campaign manager Rick Davis was still being paid for his lobbying efforts and access to Senator McCain by Freddie Mac as of last month?

But still, John, you haven't told us all of this requires Palin to miss her debate.

John McCain is a coward. John McCain is a shameless politician willing to resort to the most desperate sort of gimmickery to boost is sagging poll numbers.

jaywillie said...

If McCain's campaign is suspended, why are his surrogates on the attack?

If McCain's campaign is suspended, why are there still ads running all across the country? I thought he was pulling his ads?

If McCain's campaign is suspended, as of yesterday, why did he have time for a political speech this morning, if it's so necessary for him to be in DC?

If McCain's campaign is suspeneded, why did he have time to do an interview with Katie Couric but not David Letterman, who he was originally scheduled to appear with?

John K. said...

John K: Is Jaywillie stupid? Need I ask? Every reference he used was in the purview of the Executive branch and required no congressional action. Handed you your butt eh Jaywillie. LOL LOL McCain ahead in the polls. Stand up for Chuck. LOL

jaywillie said...

What in the hell are you talking about, John?

The debate references, you low-fucntioning moron?

Because if that's it, get ready, because I'm about to hand you your very dumb fucking ass:

The point, dear twit, is that your fucking cowardly fuck of a candidate was using a CRISIS as a reason not to attend the debate, when in the course of our HISTORY and during other CRISES presidential debates were held and presidential campaigns were not suspended.

So using a CRISIS as an excuse is hardly flattering of a coward like John McCain, an opportunistic septuagenarian degenerate who has no business occupying the Oval Office.

If Reagan and Carter could debate during the 1980 Iranian Hostage Crisis, John McCain can debate tomorrow night in Oxford, MS.

If Bush and Kerry could debate in the wake of the USS Cole bombing, John McCain can haul his lame ass down to Oxford, MS, act like a man and face Brack Obama in the first Presidential debate.

Does that register, you fucking yahoo?

Does that sink in to that thick skull lacking the necessary grey matter to classify you as a functional adult?

Anything lost in translation for you, loser?

Anything you'd like me to clear up, you just ask and I'll make sure to put my razor-sharp rhetorical boot up your proverbial ass.

Anything that confuses you, just say something and I'll come running to knock around the shit you call brains.

I know it's difficult suppoting an old, useless fuck like John McCain - but you only have a few more weeks until you lose, John, and lose big. So hang on - don't use up all your desperation and sorry-ass excuses just yet.

And remember my offer to clarify anything that your too fucking stupid to understand stands.

It's an open door - I'll always be here to remind you of what you are.