What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 16, 2008

Progress Pittsburgh Happy Hour TODAY - Meet the P2pac

Who: YOU!
What: Cocktails and conversation
Where: Double Wide Grill (East Carson and 24th Streets)
When: TODAY! 09/16/08 @ 5:30* p.m.
Why: Because Pittsburgh deserves better

From Progress Pittsburgh:

Please join us for a happy hour TODAY Tuesday, September 16th to celebrate the creation of P2PAC.

P2PAC is a political action committee that supports candidates whose districts touch the City of Pittsburgh and whose agendas are consistent with its mission: good government, sustainable development, and social equity. P2PAC endorses candidates who meet these criteria and provides resources to advance their leadership. We see leadership as the primary vehicle for positive change in service of our mission.

We will be requesting a $5 donation at the door; all funds raised go straight to the PAC.

All are welcome to attend!

RSVP on Facebook - http://www.new.facebook.com/inbox/#/event.php?eid=46196939528

We are ready to see change in local government and hope that you are too! Please join us for some beverages and conversation!

$10, 100 people, $1000 in 10 days

If you are unable to attend please help us kick off the pac by contributing $10 to our kick-off challenge. visit our page at thepoint.com to pledge $10



KGC said...

Nice. Wait until the day & near to time of an event to announce it.

Whatta gonna do? Elect more liberal Democrats? Really, really worked weel for the last 70 years, didn't it? /snort

Have fun in your local cesspool Pittsburgh when we Conservative business owners have moved to warmer climes and you're stuck with the grey-hairs.

progress said...

the P2pac is back for 2009 - http://p2pac.com/2009/01/14/p2pac-challenge-2009-for-2009/