What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 16, 2008

More On Cheney's Lies

This time a republican claims that Cheney lied. A conservative republican. A very conservative republican.

Dick Armey.

From the LA Times:

It is the central charge against the Bush White House, that the administration lied its way into a war in Iraq.

For years, left-wing pundits and groups like MoveOn.org beat the drums with this accusation. The White House response: We were just acting on the same intelligence everyone else had -- evidence, which turned out to be faulty, that Iraq's Saddam Hussein was harboring weapons of mass destruction.

Now comes Dick Armey, once House Majority Leader, who described a classified one-on-one briefing in the vice president's hideaway office in the U.S. Capitol where he says Vice President Dick Cheney went beyond that into outright deception.

And what Armey said Cheney said:
Iraq's "ability to miniaturize weapons of mass destruction, particularly nuclear," had been "substantially refined since the first Gulf War," and would soon result in "packages that could be moved even by ground personnel....We now know they have the ability to develop these weapons in a very portable fashion, and they have a delivery system in their relationship with organizations such as Al Qaeda."
Of course we all know that Dick Armey's a terrorist loving, committed to defeat, tax and spend democrat, don't we?


Richmond K. Turner said...

It actually goes even further than you state here, David, at least from what I heard on "Fresh Air" today. Armey was deeply skeptical about the need for the Iraq War in the late fall of 2002. At that time, he was -- as you correctly note -- a deeply conservative member of the GOP and the House Majority leader. Armey wasn't the only skeptic, but others (especially Democrats) were afraid of looking soft and were likely to go along with the administration's desire for war.

If Armey had stuck to his position, however, it would have been an enormous blow to the administration, given his rock-solid hawk, conservative, and GOP credentials.

So Cheney, his long-time friend, lied to him and told him that Saddam was getting close to developing a suitcase nuke and was in deep cahoots with Al Qeuda.

To this day, Armey is convinced that, had he not been lied to, he could have engineered the defeat of the war resolution in the House. And he is deeply angry about Cheney's deception.

This is likely the most disturbing political story of my adult life. And yet, as a corollary to this tale, I see one glimmer of hope. You see, there really are decent Republicans out there. Party membership, despite all the knee-jerk hatred directed at Republicans, is not an infallible indicator of evil, stupidity, or destructive self-interest.

John K. said...

John K: So what. Get the leadership of the Democrats in the House to impeach him. You won't do that. You'll just whine that everyone but you lied. We smashed Al Queda in Iraq and have won. And eliminated Saddam. Now, even Hussein Obama wants a piece of that success. Follow the advice of your messiah, and try to get in front of the parade and pretend you never said all those nasty things about our troops and Iraq. Use Murtha as your role model. LMAO Get real with the lying stuff already. LOL

EdHeath said...

And yet we haven't left Iraq, despite the fact that John K says we have won (past tense). No Status of Forces Agreement with Iraq yet, and we are still spending billions there. Never did find WMD's (not even suitcase size), we haven't particularly created democracy there, we eliminated Saddam Hussein, sure, a contained threat that wasn't hurting anyone (besides his own citizens, much like the Janjaweed in Sudan). But according to John K., we're not going to leave anyway, because we are containing that other global threat, Iran. We’re containing Iran all by ourselves and without even announcing it to the world. We’ve taken on this task because actually trying to get Osama Bin Laden is just too difficult, and besides, all he did was plan the operation that started the global war on terror (and killed thousands of innocent Americans, something John K. has long since stopped mentioning).

The so-called "axis of evil"; North Korea ,one of the poorest countries in the world, which can't afford to feed its own people. Iraq, a totally contained state with sanctions that were crippling it's economy. And Iran, yet another pariah state that might have a popular revolution against it's repressive leaders, if we didn't keep giving those leaders ammunition to keep their citizens paranoid.

kimber45 said...

johnk: "We smashed al Queda in Iraq."

Queda's only presence in Iraq, before 2003, was in the autonomous Kurdish region. There was no Queda in the areas under Saddam, until after Saddam fell.

Queda's bases, and the area that is strategically vital to them, was, and still is, in Afghanistan, and northern Pakistan.

There, Queda is growing in strength.

We sacrificed more than 4,000 of our best young people KIA, with more than 5 times that WIA, fighting in the wrong place.

Gotta love that Bush Doctrine,....whatever it is.

cathcatz said...

sadly, i know many republicans who feel that even IF the potus and vpotus lied to congress, the war was still necessary and is therefore perfectly acceptable. the end justifies the means.


tell that to all of the folks out there who've lost sons and daughters, moms and dads, brothers and sisters....

we're killing them there, so that they don't kill us here!


John K. said...

John K: So here we go again. Bush did say Saddam Husein was a bad guy who did evil things to his own people. You left wingers praise Saddam for that fact. Al Queda choose Iraq as the battleground to make their stand. Go read "The Strongest Tribe". We accepted the fight. We smashed them to the level that they are now reduced to bombing fellow muslims in Yemen, the home turf of Bin Laden. Are we still there, yep, same as we are still in Germany and Japan and Korea and Bosnia and Kosovo. And we will be there for some time because it isolates Iran. Cathcatz at least has it right in her last line. Think I am wrong. Then ask yourself why we haven't been bombed on US soil. It ain't because of Reid and Hussein Obama.

John K. said...

John K: You ought to face reality and do what Hussein Obama did, acknowledge that the surge in Iraq worked. Even he went to Iraq to encourage Al Maliki to withhold troops withdrawals from Iraq till he became President so he, Obama, could take credit for it. You left wingers are so stupid you can't acknowledge any facts. And you are so consumed with hate that you can't even give credit where it is due. Pelosi praising Iran for the success of the surge. LOL LOL LOL LMAO

cathcatz said...


that was almost too easy.

John K. said...

John K: Don't worry left wing kooks. Your boy Hussein Obama went to Al Maliki and said, Yo, don't withdraw the troops till I become Prez so I can take credit for it. LOL LOL LMAO