What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 17, 2008

"That's why he needs to be president"



John K. said...

John K: This is a Hussein Obama's endorsement? LOL LOL LOL LMAO You left wingers hate these people. LMAO Obama mocks them and now you run to them for support. This shows how desparate you are. As desparate as Hussein Obama going on O'Reilly and FOX news. LMAO LMAO Now I know McCain has it in the bag.

cathcatz said...

he invented the blackberry???


well hell... NOW he has my vote.

Music Wench said...

LOL Thanks for the laugh. Great way to start off my morning.

This pretty much highlights the ludicrousness of his campaign.

EdHeath said...

Apparently a McCain staff member held up his Blackberry in a press conference as a symbol of how McCain has helped the telecommunications industry mature into it's present form. That's where this all started (sorry if everybody already knows all this, I didn't). From a different youtube clip I gather Keith Olbermann (sp?) took it as literal too (at least as far as I watched).

But the LA Times pointed out that McCain really had nothing to do with Telecom legislation, and in fact voted against Telecom deregulation in 1999 (I believe). I guess the staffer ws just getting frustrated about something and spoke rashly.

Sherry said...

the "rash" was the republican spin after the fact.

i gather the staffer was trying to point out, falsely, that because mccain was such a supporter of the telecomunications industry in some way he was responsible for their advances.

the blackberry tho, was invented in canada.

john k.
the video here was just a bit of fun.

Maria said...

It wasn't just Olbermann, which is why the campaign had to backtrack/explain today.

And, he didn't just hold it up, he said ""He did this."

Did the guy mean to imply McCain invented it? Doubtful.

But this is PAYBACK BITCHES for the whole Al Gore/Internet thing.

And, it's funny.

Maria said...

Oops! Didn't see Sherry's response as I was posting mine.

I could have skipped mine if I had seen it.

jaywillie said...

Wow...John K. thought that was a real video?

And I agree with Maria...this is payback for what they did to Al Gore in 2000.

"John McCain invented the Blackberry" - make the m'fers own it.

John K. said...

John K: Thanks Jaywillie for once again confirming what I have been saying this election is all about. Payback from the left for every i not dotted and T not crossed. You the man!

John K. said...

John K: You think this guy clings to his gun and bible? Or is he on welfare and living in govt housing? LOL LOL LMAO I am betting the latter. Which makes him a perfect Hussein Obama supporter.

John K. said...

John K: Jaywillie is going to get everyone and everything that ever offended him once Obama gets elected. I can just see you lefties, sitting in your darkened rooms, in the corner, peering out the window between the curtains, wringing your hands and muttering, "They're all liars. They all lie all the time. But Obama will make them pay. Yes he will. And I Jaywillie along with Olbermann will be there to make sure of it. They're going to pay and pay and pay." And then slinking back into the world of liberalism eagerly awaiting the next update of the DailyKos.

cathcatz said...

is it just physically impossible for you to gather your shitstorm of irrational thoughts into one reply?

or do you find yourself fighting the compulsion to come back time after time, to respond to your own comments??

just wonderin' johnny.

jaywillie said...

You're fucking psychotic, John K.

Payback so far as we get to mock McCain as much as wingers mocked Gore.

But let's talk about vendettas, John. Let's talk about hate and anger - your's.

How much do you HATE fags, John? I know that's what you call them, that or queers.

How much do you hate minorities? How long has the conservative movement and the Republican party concerted their efforts to make life as difficult for people who don't look "A'murken 'nuff"?

How long have conservatives like yourself kept women from fully achieving equal status in our society? How much longer will you fight to block equal pay?

What has the right's assault on Affirmative Action been but a political vendetta?

Why do Republican's engage in voter caging? Why are they trying to disenfranchise people in MI because their names appear on foreclosure lists if not for reasons of political vengeance?

You're seriously going to come on here and act like that for more than a decade the Rightwing hasn't wanted to make the Clinton's pay for being who they are?

You're going to come on here and act like Republicans aren't full of vindictiveness? Perhaps you've forgotten about Don Siegelman or the US attorney's scandal or all the other examples of Republicans taking revenge on people for not kowtowing to them.

Or we could take an example from what you just wrote when you mock the guy for perhaps receiving welfare and living in government housing. What do you have against the poor, John? Why do you want to punish them so much?

Frankly, John, I don't think Americans would disagree with the idea that Republicans should be made to pay for the fucking mess they've left this country in.

You can attack me all you want for holding Republicans accountable, because I know that's not something you're going to do.

Just look at who you are, you big phony - you rationalize lying, you project your weaknesses onto others, you lack a basic understanding of American history and our founding principles, you're replies are mostly nonsense you either make up or get from lunatics like Hannity or Limbaugh.

You've got a lot of room to talk, little man.

And that's precisely what you are, John K. - small - small-minded with a little black heart.

C.H. said...
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C.H. said...

"How long has the conservative movement and the Republican party concerted their efforts to make life as difficult for people who don't look "A'murken 'nuff"?"

Wow, I'm breathing a sigh of relief! I was afraid Jaywillie might say something really stupid today...

RMH said...

I was afraid Jaywillie would say something stupid too, but no he was right on the money. This is off topic but: When the Republicans were trying to shove privatizing social security up our ass, weren't Bear Stearns, Lehmann Bros. Merrill Lynch three of the firms that were supposedly going to run it?

jaywillie said...
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jaywillie said...

No offense, but who the fuck are either one of you but a couple of nobodies posting on this blog who happen to think they have all the answers?

I really don't see how you're any different from me or anyone else that posts here.

And no offense, C.H., but keep your day job because you're crap as far as a journalist goes. Pick another dream, because there's absolutely nothing interesting about your writing to distinguish it from any other blogger out there - except for the really excellent foreign affairs journalists/bloggers- you've definitely distinuguished yourself from that(going by what's linked to from your profile).