What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 17, 2008

Update on the Altmire/Hart Race

Remember this?

In an interview with me, Melissa Hart said that while the Chinese were NOT, in fact, drilling for oil off the coast of Cuba, "they may already be now."

Well I have a response from the Altmire campaign:
Every independent expert now recognizes that the China drilling off the coast of Cuba myth is just that, a myth. Most of those who were using that Republican talking point, including Vice President Dick Cheney and House Republican Leader John Boehner, have apologized or at least admitted their error. That's the problem with simply recycling the National Republican Congressional Committee’s talking points without checking your facts.
Good to know.


RMH said...

Melissa Hart is a republican, why in the hell would she go against her party and state facts? Lying is so much easier. It's the republican way ya know. Lie until they stop asking questions then lie some more for the hell of it.

Trapster said...

Lying is so easy for Melissa Hart because that is how she operates. She has nothing else to go on so she relies on the same old republican hat trick of lies, lies, lies. The American people are smarter than that.

Mike McNally said...

Apparently, Melissa Hart was lying about Chinese drilling off Cuba before she wasn't.

But unless I miss my guess, this is a fundamental aspect of Republicanism to which Melissa Hart and John McCain firmly adhere.

Undoubtedly, McCain and Melissa Hart will attempt to do the Jedi mind trick and persuade the American public that they weren't really for reckless deregulation of all sectors of American industry. Now middle class taxpayers are on the hook for 100 billion dollars and the Federal Reserve is at risk, while the fundamental stability of the stock market, banking, insurance, airlines, mortgages, utilities have all crumbled. Since Reagan,DEREGULATION has been one of THE primary themes of Republicanism. Now the folly of those policies (which was obvious to any rational observer) has come home to roost. Like 9/11, we will NEVER FORGET that it was REPUBLICANISM that stole from the poor to give to the rich for the last 30 years. It was Melissa Hart and John McCain's REPUBLICANISM that spent our grandchildren's legacy by giving our capital to oil producing nations and terrorists.

It was Melissa Hart and John McCain's REPUBLICANISM that suggested that healthcare for working people was communism, but gave 100 billion of taxpayer money to corporations that made bad decisions.

REPUBLICANISM is the simple policy of stealing from the poor to give to the rich, and then blatantly lying about what you have done and why you have done it. It is a policy of justifying an invasion to make money for oil companies, gun runners, and war mongers on the basis of weapons for mass destruction, and then later claiming that it was all about creating Democracy. It is about creating a coalition based on smaller government, then spending more than any other government in the history of the world, and hiding the spending in deficits that will be passed down to future generations. It is about President Bush and REPUBLICANISM adherents like McCain, Hart, and Rove, clearly saying in 2001 that conservation and alternative energy were not a priority and now trying to jump on the bandwagon. It is about REPUBLICANISM'S calling for new drilling when the oil companies don't have any rigs available, weren't drilling on most of the land they already had available, and didn't even bid on most new land made available this year. But rest assured, a year or two from now, when gas prices continue to spike and no alternative sources are available, not only will the REPUBLICANISM faithful like Melissa Hart not admit that they were against alternative energy, lied about weapons of mass destruction, totally deregulated industry, and gave huge amounts of middle class taxpayer money to rich people who squandered it on sub-prime mortgages -- they will give you the cool-aid and suggest that it was actually the Democrats who did those things. BUT...


Mike said...

It seems like the typical Republican game. If you repeat a lie enough times maybe people will start believing you.

I think people have grown tied of that game, and Melissa Hart needs to get on with her life's work.