What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 17, 2008

Something Odd

In the Spanish Press. Via Talking Points Memo. Seems that the formerly honorable Senator McCain was asked about Spanish Prime Minister Zapatero.

Seems that McCain didn't know who he was:
In Spain, there seem to be two lines of thinking. The great majority appear to think the McCain was simply confused and didn't know who Zapatero was -- something you might bone up on if you were about to do an interview with the Spanish press. The assumption seems to be that since he'd already been asked about Castro and Chavez that McCain assumed Zapatero must be some other Latin American bad guy. A small minority though think that McCain is simply committed to an anti-Spanish foreign policy since he's still angry about Spain pulling it's troops out of Iraq. Finally, a few of those who lean toward the first view speculate that McCain may have confused Zapatero with the Zapatista rebel group in Mexico.
Yea, he's prepared.

On Spain
Is hazy
In the brain.


lkjrb16 said...

Didja make up that one yourself, Dave? Good one.

Joshua said...

Insane in the membrane...
Insane in the brain!!