What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 16, 2008

A Conservative Reacts

Mark Steyn National Review Online:
McCain lacked the killer instinct. A man who cheerfully crashes planes and survives years of torture appeared nervous that clobbering his opponent might dent his image as Mister Bipartisan. You look at the way he sneered at Romney in the primary debates and compare it with his tentativeness toward Obama. His reluctance to whack the Democrat wound up, by default, elevating Obama. When a veteran Republican who's been on the national scene for a quarter-century and a Democrat whom nobody had heard of 20 minutes ago appear to be equal in stature, then by definition the Democrat wins.
I do have a bone to pick with Mr Steyn - I wouldn't have said that McCain "cheerfully" crashes planes. That sort of attack is just uncalled for.


John K. said...

John K: I have to agree with Mark Steyn. Not to despair. It looks like Limbaugh and Beck are going to have drag McCain into the winning circle on Nov 4th.

cathcatz said...

good luck with that. not.

the american public, by and large, do not care to hear about all of these "scandals" that rush and savage and malkin, and mann coulter wish they would.

they are preaching to their faithful, and that's about it.

you all remind me of how futile it really is, to piss in the wind.

EdHeath said...

Serously, McCain sounded like a 16 year old debator saying "And the facts are facts and records are records."

He fumbled his chance to get a narrative out linking Obama with Ayers or ACORN, not because Obama refuted him, but because (I guess) McCain was tiring at that point ad not thinking clearly enough. If your candidate can't get a credible accusation out about Ayers, why shoud we care what Limbaugh or Beck says?

On ther other hand, McCain got more traction with Joe the plumber (although I am going to have to get a new plumber if theese guy make over $250,000). More traction but not enough to change the outcome.

spork_incident said...

I wouldn't have said that McCain "cheerfully" crashes planes. That sort of attack is just uncalled for.

Well...St. John DID destroy four planes, not including the one that was shot down.

A Spork in the Drawer

dayvoe said...

Spork -

It's the "cheerfully" part that I question.

Sherry said...

maybe cavalier might have been a beeter term since he just kept getting assigned other planes.

prbably because of who his father and grandfather were.

there are some things about mccain and bush that are strikingly the same in their upbringing.

Sherry said...


cathcatz said...

uh... where are our resident trolls this am?

too embarrassed to show?

maybe they are at the michelle obama rally?

John K. said...

John K: Cathcatz read the first comment on this blog and then open your eyes and face reality. I know it hurts your eyes but I was the first to post on that comment. Ditch the sun glasses and face the light.

cathcatz said...

are you in the plural now?

there are others who troll this site, johnny kakes. you're not the only one.