What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 16, 2008

David Gergen Reacts

"It was almost an exercise in anger management for him to contain himself."  Yea, that's the guy I want a few inches from the nuke-you-lerr button.  Some guy who can barely contain himself at a presidential debate.

Huffington Post has more:
Later in CNN's broadcast, after Campbell Brown ran down CNN's poll results (an overall Obama win, a win for Obama among independents, Obama wins on questions about healthcare, and even taxes), Anderson Cooper asked Gergen what he would say to McCain about what the message should be going forward, in light of these results. Gergen replied, "Beats the hell out of me," adding later, "See if you can leave this with your honor in tact."
Might be difficult for McCain as he's already traded in whatever honor he had for a season of mudslinging and dishonest negative ads. 


kimber45 said...

Understand, I want Obama to win, desperately. And, I firmly believe that John McCain is too old for the job.

But, wasn't it just 4 years ago that a Kerry-McCain ticket was promoted by more than a few good Democrats? I'd have voted for it. In 2004, anyway.

But, then, I thought that John McCain was an honorable man. His stand against torture, for instance, struck me as principled.

But, then, he ran his 2008 campaign. Every time I see an ad that promotes some lie or other, and there were so many of those ads, and they end with "I'm John McCain, and I approved this message," I can only shake my head. He's certainly not principled, anymore.

Gergen's right. This is John McCain's political last stand. At least he could go out with some honor intact.

John K. said...

John K: You mean comments from David Hillary Rodham Gergen? That guy who likes to act like a conservative so the liberals will like him and invite him onto MSNBC? LMAO LOL LOL Oh that guy. LOL LOL

kimber45 said...


You've already shown that you have no concept of personal honor. Why add to it?

John K. said...

John K: Of course you want Hussein Obama to desparately win. Thinking for yourself is just so difficult these days eh Kimber. Besides Kimber, if Hussein Obama gets elected you can use the govt to get revenge on everyone who crossed you in the last 4 years. LOL LOL Do I know liberals or what? LMAO

jaywillie said...

No, you don't know liberals, John K.

Most of what you say is pretty heavy on projection, as in you have a tendency to project your own shortcomings as a human being onto other people.

John K. said...

John K: Liberals are easy to figure out. This entire campaign is built on hate. You hate everything associated with Bush. You can't even acknowledge that the War in Iraq is ending well for us. And your goal is simple, get revenge on every slight and insult you think you suffered for the last 8 years. Look at that fake photo of Rove you folks run. And look at the banner at the top. And nothing like an Olbermouth rant eh. You guys are sounding more like Stalin every day.

kimber45 said...


Iraq is "ending well for us?"

Could you define that? What constitutes "ending well?"

jaywillie said...

Well, now you're to be taken even less seriously, John.

Stalin? Really? You're that feebleminded that you fall back to some absurd comparison?

No sensible person would look at the banner on this site and mistake those for real photos. It's called satire, John. It's humor.

And questioning this President's policies is not something any of us are going to apologize for, John K. It's far more disturbing that you choose to defend the indefensible.

You have so confused yourself with rightwing groupthink that you can't even recognize how miserably Republicans have failed to govern the country.

What I hear from you, John, is what I hear from a lot of Republicans these days - you don't argue the superiority of your ideas; there's no optimism, only fear in your rhetoric; you're not running for anything, you're just running against someone because Republicans have nothing to offer the country.