What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 16, 2008

Found Objects

And if you think that's a fake, take a look at this.  It's from Reuters:
The text:
US Republican presidential nominee Senator John McCain (R-AZ) reacts to almost heading the wrong way off the stage after shaking hands with Democratic presidential nominee Senator Barack Obama (D-IL) at the conclusion of the final presidential debate at Hofstra University in Hempstead, New York, October 15, 2008.
That's all. I'll leave my comments to myself.


Maria said...

I guess McCain decided if he couldn't "whip" Obama's you-know-what he could at least make a grab for it...

Ohmygod, has there ever been a more pathetic run for office?

Maria said...

John K, et al:

Admit it: you WINCE when you see this.


cathcatz said...

the caption:

who's cool?

who drools?

John K. said...

John K: Why would I wince? The photos are fake. Just like your picture of Rove and Cheney. Typical liberals. If you can't find the truth to back yourself up, fake it.

John K. said...

John K: By the way can one of you lefties, I know you have his e-mail, tell Sen. Biden that 'jobs' is a four letter word not a three letter word as he said on the morning show. Sheeesh and you want him to be VP.

Maria said...

Oh please! So now Reuters is faking photos?

Is that what you're saying, Mr. Conspiracy?

cathcatz said...

did you watch? he absolutely did that at the end. i watched. i remember feeling embarrassed for him in that awkward display. why does it pain you to believe that it's real?

John K. said...

John K: Yep Reuters is faking photos. They have been this for a long time. Reuters faked photos of Israelis bombing Damascus. You lefties have fake photos on this website. But I am betting that some of you lefties are masturbating right now to these fake photos. LOL LOL LOL

John K. said...

John K: Remember left wing kooks. Even Hussein Obama said it himself. If it weren't for FOX and talk radio, he would be able to fake all kinds of stuff and be way ahead in the polls.

EdHeath said...

When did Barack Obama say that, or was that just something Rush Limbaugh said?

jaywillie said...

Poor John K. So delusional.

Hey, when you see those polls showing McCain losing, just tell yourself he's actually winning!

Keep your head in the sand, John!

jaywillie said...

BTW Joe the Plumber? He's not actually a licensed plumber.

And he's been a registered Republican since 1992.

And he owes back taxes.

It figures he was a fraud.

Maria said...

You forgot the part where he was connected to the Keating Five and he doesn't have the cash to buy a plumbing company in the first place!

dayvoe said...

So are BOTH photos faked?

shawn1970 said...

"Why would I wince? The photos are fake. "

Captain Queeg, is that you?

John K. said...

John K: Ed, yesterday. Do you pay attention at all? This is getting boring Heath, your lack of knowledge. Get with it Homer.

John K. said...

John K: Not only are both photos faked Dayvoe but so is the comment, "Kill him" along with most of the other 'hate' rhetoric you have attributed to Republicans. Which makes you, Dayvoe, a liar. But don't let that stop you from publishing more fake photos and stories. I mean if it makes you feel better and keeps you off the streets.

John K. said...

John K: Jaywillie my, my, my. Joe the Plumber works for a plumbing company. In Ohio you are not required to be registered to be a plumber. Which is why the union thugs are all pissed off because they can't control him. Nor can they now blacklist him from a job. Too bad for you eh Jaywillie. Going to have to work harder to silence the guy.

John K. said...

John K: He owes back taxes. Well heck the liberal should love that. Most of them pay no taxes anyway. I actually know at least 5 of them. Try harder Jaywillie because you can't compete against my brain.

Matt H said...

The pics are real. McCainw asn't sure which side to go off on to shake hands with the mod.

dayvoe said...

Being called a "liar" by John K is truly a surreal experience.

Here's the facts.

The AP DID report the "kill him" story. Take a look.

The Secret Service investigated and couldn't corroborate the story. Take a look.

Where was the dishonesty?

Again, being called a liar by John K is surreal.

dayvoe said...

I think the simple fact that John K insists that both photos (BOTH) at the top of this blog post are faked tells us everything we need to know about the mental processes of one John K.

Bram Reichbaum said...

Oh, these get better every time I look at them. He's like a combination between the villain from Dr. Strangelove and Michael Scott.

jaywillie said...

You have a brain, John K.?

When do you plan on using it?

BTW His name isn't even Joe - it's Sam!

And just to clarify for you, John K., because you're not man enough to own up to what has been shouted out at Palin rallies, we have the first "Kill him" shout documented by Dana Millbank. There are also multiple sources for all the other shouts we've heard, plus lots of video of Palin supporters shouting hate-speech as they enter rallies.

You can stick your head in the sand and ignore the world, John K., but that doesn't change reality.

You're a tiny, hateful man, John K., who belongs to a small-minded, hateful party, supporting a hateful, desperate, petty candidate.

If you want to know why you're going to lose on Nov. 4th, take a look in the mirror - you're a fruitcake.

Do you really think you're mainstream? Do you really think your fringe rightwing beliefs are shared by most of the country?

Keep dreaming, you loon.

John K. said...

John K: The facts are the AP reported a story that THEY failed to corroborate and you left wingers so filled with hate and willing to lie bought into it. Then when the truth comes out, as verfied by FOX news you blame me? LOL LOL LOL LOL Anymore lies you want to try to pass as truth. Oh yah the pictures. LMAO

John K. said...

John K: And then it gets better, Jaywillie is so invested in the lie he defends it. LMAO LOL LOL Hussein Obama has schooled you lefties well. Lie, tell more lies and then attack anyone challenging it. LMAO Do I know how your mind works Dayvoe or what? LOL

dayvoe said...

And this from the guy who STILL insists the pictures are faked.

'Nuff said.

cpsperanza said...

Election star "Joe the Plumber" lacks license
Fri Oct 17, 2008 8:23am EDT
By Andrea Hopkins

CINCINNATI (Reuters) - After Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama made him into the most famous plumber in America, it turns out Joe Wurzelbacher isn't a licensed plumber after all. Oh, and his real name is Sam.

The morning after he emerged as the unexpected star of Wednesday evening's U.S. presidential debate, Samuel "Joe" Wurzelbacher of Holland, Ohio, found himself at the center of a media frenzy, with reporters camped out on his front lawn and his phone ringing off the hook.

But it wasn't long before the Association of Plumbers, Steamfitters and Service Mechanics revealed that Wurzelbacher was not a licensed member of their trade.

"That means that he has not completed the training program necessary for him to sit for a license test," said Tony Herrera, market recovery specialist for Plumbers and Steamfitters Local 50 in Toledo, Ohio.

"It's a shame that this guy has ended up in this situation because it seems like he's misrepresented himself -- and for that matter the plumbing and pipefitting industry."

Without a license, Wurzelbacher cannot practice in the city of Toledo but can work for someone with a master's license or in outlying areas that do not require a license, Herrera said.

Wurzelbacher, 34, listed in the phone directory as Samuel, did not answer his phone and his voicemail box appeared to be full. Reporters at his home said he had driven away.

Wurzelbacher has become a darling of conservatives for attacking Obama's tax policies but he has declined to say who he will vote for in the November 4 election.

"It's a personal decision, and myself and the button I push will know the answer," the single father said on ABC's "Good Morning America" program.

Later, outside his home, he told reporters: "I want the American people to vote for who they want to vote for" in an informed way.


In the midst of an economic crisis, "Joe the Plumber" came to prominence last week as the working class everyman when he asked Obama about his tax plan during a campaign stop. That led to an appearance on Fox News and an invitation to a McCain rally.

Wurzelbacher said the sudden attention had not yet translated into increased business.

"I hope I have a lot of jobs today. Yesterday I worked on a water main break for a gas station and that's why I didn't give any interviews. I was muddy and soaking wet," he said.

Obama and McCain repeatedly invoked Wurzelbacher in their third and final debate on Wednesday as they sought to appeal to average Americans.

McCain said Obama's plan to raise taxes on those making more than $250,000 a year would hurt small-business owners like Wurzelbacher. Obama said he would make it easier for Wurzelbacher to provide health insurance for his employees.

Wurzelbacher told ABC he was "not even close" to earning $250,000 but worried that Obama would raise taxes for those making less.

Wurzelbacher said he was pleased with the Republican candidate's performance in the debate.

"McCain came across with some solid points and I was real happy about that," he said.

For their part, the plumbers at the Local 50 union hall said they would love to find a job that would give them the kind of income Wurzelbacher is worried about being taxed by Obama.

"If there's a plumber or pipefitter making more than $250,000, we want to know where he's working," Herrera said with a laugh. "We don't make that kind of money."

The plumber's union, like almost all labor groups in America, backs the Democratic Party.

"The real Joe the Plumber supports Barack Obama," Herrera said.

(Additional reporting by Andy Sullivan and Mike Conlon; Editing by John O'Callaghan)