What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 17, 2008

More On Kevin Miller

Seems there's a question about Kevin Miller's show in the news. In a short piece titled:

Was Miller's KDKA-AM reprimand just a stunt?

We get this from Adrian McCoy at the P-G:

A segment that aired during Kevin Miller's show earlier this week has some KDKA-AM (1020) listeners confused. It has prompted a flurry of e-mails and phone calls from people wondering if the talk host is truly being disciplined for his views.

On Wednesday, KDKA executive producer P.J. Kumanchik read a statement from CBS Radio management saying that Miller has demonstrated a pattern of bias against Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, and that in the spirit of fairness, the station would offer Obama three hours of airtime, pre-empting one of Miller's weekday noon to 3 p.m. air shifts.

Miller apologized yesterday for comments he made on-air regarding being censored after the Wednesday segment.

KDKA program director Marshall Adams would not comment on what the station's intent was in airing Wednesday's segment, or whether it was a promotional stunt. [Emphasis added]

That may be the answer right there. If the station manager won't comment on whether it was a stunt, then it was probably a stunt.

Stunt or not, the Kevin Miller story's gotten onto some of the more wingnuttier places in wingnuttia.

Kevin Miller is a conservative commentator on KDKA between 12-3PM. Today at 2PM his manager made an announcement that he was going to force "fairness" and put an Obama campaign spokesman on Kevin's show for the entire 3 hour slot and let him give basically a 3 hour commercial for Obama. This is an outrage. This sounds like the fairness doctrine being force down our throats. KDKA has many liberal shows. I never thought that KDKA would become KGB radio. I suggest that folks go on KDKA.com and search for Kevin's show and e-mail him support against this censorship. I guess the libs think Obama will win and they are beginning to show their true colors.
Really? KDKA has "many" liberal shows? Maybe we should ask Fred Honsberger that question, or John Steigerwald, or Marty Griffin. Many?? Note the comparison to the KGB.

The Fairness Doctrine is reinstated today! "CBS radio censors conservative talk host..." Type that in Google and see the results of what fair minded liberals do when they do not agree with conservative talk radio. My guess they started with Mr. Kevin Miller and are going to work their way up the chain. Care to take any bets on how long it will take for them to get to Rush and Sean?
Ooo. Miller can't be happy with that. He's the beginning - and they'll be "work(ing) their way up the chain". How far "down the chain" is he?


Where "ssaftler" first comments:
This was known in the bad old days as “The Fairness Doctrine”. Welcome to a “Brave New World”.
To which "spacebar" responds:
More like a fledgling Nazi state.
Later on, "SECURE AMERICA" posted this:
Welcome to the Socialist Republic of ObamaNation. Coming soon to your neighborhood as the new Brown Shirts round up dissenters and send them off the the re-education camps..
Cunningly combining BOTH Nazi AND Soviet references. Good show!

Let's just assume for a minute that it WAS a stunt (and it seems likely), what did it accomplish? I mean, does KDKA enjoy being compared to the KGB and Nazi Germany? Because if it was a stunt, that's what Miller accomplished. His audience now thinks the station he works for is just as bad as both.

Good show, Kevin. Nice way to alienate your employers. Very smart.


John K. said...

John K: M Griffin is a liberal. He believes Govt is the solution. Griffin is also a Hussein Obama supporter. So that is three hours of liberalism on KDKA

John K. said...

John K: The reality is you hope it is a stunt. You pray it is a stunt. (Wait, you don't pray) Because if it ain't then once again you are wrong Dayvoe. But without any proof, other than your conjecture, this could not be a stunt. Which proves what I have been saying all along about liberals. And once again we see the left making excuses and trying to spin their way out of stalinism gone amok. LOL LOL LMAO Ayers anyone?

Gary said...

It was obviously a stunt, and a pretty dumb one at that. More to the point, it shows that KDKA is a joke and should never be taken seriously as an outlet for intelligent discourse.

RMH said...

Sure it was a stunt. KDKA has no listeners people are tired of hearing the same old talk day after day. Arbitron ratings are meaningless.They poll 100 people 10 listen to the radio 4 listen to DVE 2 listen to KDKA then they say KDKA is in 2nd place WOW! People use their IPOD's go on the internet they no longer listen to radio anymore.

Gary said...

Well, the second part of that isn't close to being true. There are millions of dollars hinging on Arbitron ratings. To say people don't listen to radio any more is pretty foolish.

jaywillie said...

John, why do you hate OUR government?

And could you provide me of one instance where the market has solved one of the major problems we're facing?

I mean, if it were true that the market solved problems, then why is our healthcare system a fiasco(unless you believe people losing their homes to cover medical bills is acceptable)?

Why is our education system a mess? I mean, you don't need the government to give private schools money before they can fix the problem do you? If the markets fixed the problem, then shouldn't those schools be affordable? You shouldn't need the government to provide vouchers if the market can solve it, otherwise, you're relying on the government to give the market an assist.

What about the environmet? If the market solves everything, why are we facing the situation we're in today? Probably a pointless question to address to you, but still, I ask.

What about prescription drugs? Hasn't the market solved that? Oh...that's right, prescription drugs are more expensive than other.

I'm just trying to find an instance where the market actually solved a problem because I just can't seem to find one.

Yes, the market produces, when there is competition(which there isn't since conseravtive fiscal policies only benefit large corporate entities), but how can the market solve some of these problems when the primary goal of the market is profit-driven?

Education isn't about profits and to make it so would seem to miss the point of education entirely.

Healthcare is about alleviating suffering and treating illness, not profit margin. Again, it's hard to see how a profit-driven solution could effectively solve this problem.

The environment? Again, when the goal is profit-based, how do you make the right decisions when everything, if left to the market, will be determined by how it effects profits?

Wingers love to point to FedEx and private postal delivery, but I suppose if they were so much better, the US Postal service would be obsolete - of course, it's not.

But, again, you lose what very little credibility you have when you start comparing American liberals to Stalinists. You do it again when you assert that no liberals pray - do you really think you know God better than others? Are you that deluded?

And, um, G. Gordon Liddy anyone?

Oh, that's right - we won't talk about the right's domestic terrorist because John McCain is white and so is Gordon Liddy and obviously the relationship is perfectly acceptable because white people aren't like that.

The sorriest thing about you, John K., is that if with your absurd rhetoric, you still can't be who you really are - you won't say the things you REALLY want to say - you know, those beliefs you have about people that are so far out of the mainstream that even you know you could never get away with saying them.

But you make it perfectly clear that you hold them when you make absurd claims that somehow our country even remotely resembles Stalinist Russia. You make it perfectly clear with your "chicken little" rants about "Socialism."

If you were a real man, John, you'd be who you actually are - you wouldn't disguise it behind all of this laughable rhetoric that you use.

You'd use the "good stuff," you'd say the things you really believe - you'd express how much you HATE liberals and minorities and people who aren't straight and people who arent' Christian.

But you're too much of a chickenshit to do that; you don't have the balls to say the things you really believe, so your left to the goofy rhetoric that everyone is hearing from conservative circles.

And, um, Timothy McVeigh anyone? A man who murdered hundreds of children but was a hero to millions of conservatives across this country.

David Koresh anyone? Molestation of young girls didn't stop conseravtives from defending and idolizing this monster.

jaywillie said...

And maybe the problem isn't with our government, John, though you and conservatives in general hold about as much contempt for our government as do the "Islamofascists" you're pissing your pants over.

Maybe the problem is the people we put in government.

Maybe we should people in government who don't believe government can't work at all.

Maybe that's the mistake. Maybe we should stop electing Republicans who hate our government and then proceed to prove how much it doesn't work by making it not work.

C.H. said...

"A man who murdered hundreds of children but was a hero to millions of conservatives across this country."

You don't really believe something that stupid do you? Millions? I think not.

John K. said...

John K: Actually you answered your own question about the market solving problems Jaywillie. Schools are a mess simply because Govt and unions have made them so. Catholic schools in this region flourish. Free market at work.

John K. said...

John K: Jaywillie get a grip. I mean really, get a grip. Who in the conservative movement defends Koresh. What conservatives object to is Koresh was the criminal, not the people in the compound killed as a result of Govt overreaction. As for McVeigh, liberals protested against him being given the death penalty. No conservative I know defends him. But you, yes you, defend Ayers. LOL LOL LOL LMAO You stuck your foot in your mouth again and it is just so much making you look like a fool. LOL

John K. said...

John K: Read carefully the words of Renaldo Magnus (Ronald Reagan) Govt is not the solution, govt is the problem. But when the goal is to control the lives and actions as liberals are wont to do,of other people, govt is the answer. Makes liberals feel all powerful being able to tell other people what they can and cannot do. LMAO. Personally Hussein Obama gets off on that. Makes up for having an inadequate childhood or something. LOL LOL

EdHeath said...

No liberal defends Ayers, except to the extent we have to keep correcting your lies, John K. Ayers didn't kill anyone. He destroyed property, he (or someone in his group) called in bomb threats so people would get out the way, three of his friends killed themselves making a nail bomb (which likely would have killed people).

To the extent JFK is a liberal hero, he should be held to account for accelerating the cold war by building a thousand minutemen missiles and broadening our involvement in Vietnam (which I have never heard you admit was a mistake). Many Democrats (mostly Southern) voted against the 1964 Civil Rights act. Liberals (and Democrats) have done plenty of immoral things in the past (as have conservatives and Republicans), and have trouble taking too much of the moral high ground. But anything that has happened in the last eight years – 9/11, two wars (one justified, the other just brutal slaughter in an already contained country), the housing bubble and the resulting financial crisis, the rise of Iran as a threat to Israel ... that is all the fault of conservatives, because of the simple fact that the democrats were out of power. But you are not man enough to stand up and take the blame.

jaywillie said...

John, for you to assert that conservatives don't want to control people's lives is absurd.

Abortion? Marriage equality?

From what I can tell, John K., you and your conservative friends are very concerned about the personal decisions a person makes and you'd like nothing more than to subject everyone to your distorted morality.

And I've never defended William Ayers.

And everyone knows that conservatives defended both David Koresh and Timothy McVeigh; maybe not all of them, but enough of them. Don't rewrite history, John K. - there were many, many conservatives who felt David Koresh should have just been left alone to do whatever he wanted in the name of religious freedom. And there were plent of conservatives who applauded Timothy McVeigh for attacking the Federal Government.

And your answer on Koresh - so, you're admitting that you would have just left him to molest those young children? So much for your moral superiority, John K.
And how many conservatives were happy every time another bomb at an abortion clinic killed a doctor or nurse or innocent bystander?

And your answer regarding the market? Try again because citing Catholic schools as an example DOESN'T PROVE YOUR POINT. In fact, it proves the opposite because Catholic schools don't have to deal with elected Repbulicans who are hellbent on destroying our education system.

But we don't even have to go beyond this past year to see examples of the right's embrace of violence - we have the church shooting in Tennessee, where a rabid fan of Limbaugh, Hannity and O'Reilly drank the Kool-Aid, bought into the "Liberals are evil and un-American" bullshit and decided to kill a few liberals himself. And we have the murder of the Arkansas chairman of the Democratic Party, no doubt by another deranged conservaitve that has concluded that it would simply be easier to just kill Democrats.

You're feeble attempts to hide the rightwing's embrace of political violence is sophomoric at best, John K.

jaywillie said...

And really, John, being told to get a grip by someone who is sweating Obama's secret plan for Stalinist re-education camps, someone who is afraid of a middle name, is just priceless.

C.H. said...

"And there were plent of conservatives who applauded Timothy McVeigh for attacking the Federal Government."

Jaywillie, there is not one prominent conservative out there who has ever praised Mcveigh, just as there are no prominent liberals who have praised Ayers actions. If you actually believe that a significant portion of conservatives in the United States support driving a truck packed with explosives into a government office, you are truly a deluded individual.

You are every bit as narrow-minded as the kooks who call Obama a "terrorist"

The fact is, no one, except for maybe a handful of whackos camped out somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, has ever defended Mcveigh's actions.