What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 16, 2008

More On Kevin Miller's Show

Yesterday, we reported that there was something afoot at KDKA.

Adrian McCoy (and with such a name do you do a Rocky reference or a Star Trek reference?) has the story in today's P-G:

Talk radio isn't exactly known for its lack of bias, but during yesterday's Kevin Miller show on KDKA-AM (1020), the concept of fairness appeared to have won a skirmish.

In a segment that could have been either stunt or statement, KDKA executive producer P.J. Kumanchik read an announcement from CBS management addressing accusations that talk host Miller, whose show airs from noon to 3 p.m., is unfairly biased against Sen. Barack Obama's campaign.

Citing a number of e-mails and phone calls from listeners criticizing Miller, Kumanchik offered Democratic presidential candidate Obama a three-hour air shift, usurping Miller's air time.

"We want to apologize to listeners who have found your show offensive," Kumanchik told Miller on the air.

Kumanchik also said the complaints included the use of unapproved audio clips, including the theme from the TV series "The Jeffersons," and unobjective guests.

In the spirit of equal time, John McCain would also be able to have a three-hour solo show.
I think, though, that given the close proximity to the election, Senator McCain would have to be offered equal time.

I still don't think it was a stunt. It sounds too complicated. It was fun, though, to listen to a humbled Kevin Miller.


kimber45 said...

With due respect to Dayvoe, it's a stunt, IMHO.

"In response to e-mails and letters,..." says: "Didn't know that this show was that popular, and relevant, did you?"

So, they've "offered" Obama 3 hours. It's not like the Obama Campaign demanded it. They offered it....

For which KDKA was rewarded with press coverage...Free PR!!

This is the sort of stuff that Program Directors get paid for. Honsberger's in failing health. Hell, AM talk radio is in failing health. So, they're promoting the host that they hope will be their replacement for Honsberger when he's gone.

dayvoe said...


You may be right. It's certainly a credible possibility.

I'm remembering, though, when "New Coke" hit the shelves in the mid-80s. The consumer polling that Coke did showed that the public wanted something sweeter, something more like Pepsi. So they changed the formula for Coca-Cola.

Pissed off nearly everyone. The demand for "old" Coke shot through the roof and sparked a rise in sales.

A number of conspiracy theories rose - that it was all a set up to shift Coke from being sweetened by sugar to high fructose corn syrup, for example - and when confronted by those theories, the CEO of Coke answered: We're not that smart

If it was a stunt to trigger greater interest in Kevin Miller's show, then the folks at KDKA are very very smart.

Michael Scofield smart.

You could be right.

John K. said...

John K: So Dayvoe censorship sort of works for you eh? Keeps the debate focused in only your direction. Silence the opposition and you can then declare yourself a winner.

Justin said...

Isn't that how Ann Coulter tries to win all her arguments?

macyapper said...

Dude, it's a total stunt. Can you imagine the press if one of the candidates took them up on it? And they won't.

John C. said...

I vote stunt. But I'm still up in the air about whether Kevin Miller was in on it.

Is there anybody on the left on talk radio in Pittsburgh? There's a reason I rarely listen to KDKA anymore.

Justin said...

I vote yes: Chris Moore's on KDKA Sundays from 4pm to 9pm. Of course, his stance on capital punishment doesn't mesh with many lefties, but I'd still count him.