What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 30, 2008

Now THIS Is News

Get a gander at this endorsement:
12th Congressional District: Republican Bill Russell vs. Democrat incumbent Jack Murtha

Mr. Murtha, seeking his 18th House term, has become a lot of people's favorite whipping boy. Just this month, he was eviscerated for -- GASP! -- confirming there are racists and rednecks in our midst. And his sharp words following the Haditha killings in Iraq might not have been the most artful but they certainly did force a change in basic tactics, as did his call for U.S. forces to leave Iraq. The military still has no better champion. It's no contest. Re-elect Jack Murtha.

Any guess as to which paper this is? Right - it's THE TRIB. Dickiecougarmellonscaife's little paper that could is endorsing Democrat Jack Murtha over his Republican Challenger Bill Russell.


Schultz said...

That's too bad. The following quote sums up my feelings about Murtha the pork king:

"Murtha is a poster child for what is wrong with Congress," said Leslie K. Paige, spokeswoman for Citizens Against Government Waste, a group targeting mismanagement in Washington. "There are shenanigans going on behind the scenes, and it leads to corruption.

Visit change-congress.org to learn more about the things we need to do to clean up congress.

kimber45 said...

Leslie K. Paige doesn't live in Rep. Murtha's district. John Murtha takes care of his constituents, which is why he gets elected, and re-elected.

He was right about this area, and he was right about Haditha. (Just because the "rules of engagement" allowed for the killing of unarmed civilians, does not make it less murderous.)

Hope he gets re-elected.

cathcatz said...

ugh. blast you for making me look at that shit rag newspaper.