What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 30, 2008

Things Get Nasty In North Carolina

Take a look:

Now the facts, of course, paint a different picture. The Charlotte Observer has done some much needed fact-checking.

Point one:
The event was co-hosted by 35 people, and held at the home of Woody Kaplan, who is listed on the advisory board for a group called the Godless Americans Political Action Committee. [emphasis added]
But before you start screaming, read this:

Kaplan said Wednesday the fundraiser for Hagan had nothing to do with the Godless Americans group.

“This event happened to be at my house,” said Kaplan, who gave $2,300 to Hagan and has contributed to many other Democrats. “I don't know if any of those people (other co-hosts) are religious or not, whether they're Muslims, Christians, Jews or whoever. I have no idea, I never asked them when I went to their houses, and I bet you no candidate did either.” [emphasis added]

So when the ad says that "A leader of the Godless Americans PAC recently held a secret fund-raiser in Kay Hagan's honor." that's not exactly true, is it? If the fundraiser was co-hosted by dozens of people and had nothing to do with the PAC (which did NOT contribute to Hagan's campaign, by the way), the insinuations otherwise are, well let's say it, lies.

Point two:
[Godless Americans PAC] represents atheists and wants to strip references to God from government venues. It wants to remove references to God from the Pledge of Allegiance and from U.S. currency – both of which Hagan opposes. [emphasis added]
But the ad insinuates otherwise. Another lie from another republican.

Finally, it turns out that Hagan:
[T]eaches Sunday school and is an elder at her Presbyterian church in Greensboro.
But Liddy Dole is trying to make political points in North Carolina by painting Hagan as an atheist.

But I gotta ask. What's wrong with being an atheist?


Sherry said...

i know some really kind and ethical atheists. got a few in the family. it always pisses me off mightily when atheists get demonized by people, ESPECIALLY in politics.

Clyde Wynant said...

David -

Your final point is the important one. In a world where every candidate of every stripe feels the need to end their stump speeches with "God bless the United States of America," it's nearly impossible for an avowed unbeliever to get taken seriously as a candidate for anything, and that is truly disturbing, especially from the religious right, who claim such moral superiority, based not on their actions, but simply on the fact that they belong to so-and-so church and are "born again." It's the ultimate "get out of jail free card," which cannot be questioned.

Somehow these people can't imagine, even if you don't believe in god (I tend toward the lowercase version) that you might be a fine moral person.

Of course, this is closely tied to the "Obama is a Muslim" issue, in which, as a Times columnist recently asked; "What's wrong with that?"


Maria said...

I think it's pretty clear that what those scary people were doing in those shadowy scenes from their meetings was drinking the blood of Christian babies. Everyone knows that's what atheists do, you betcha.

John K. said...

John K: What is this more BS that you are running? Similar to the BS about no Democrat Govt workers in the State of Ohio looking into the private info on Joe the Plumber then releasing it. (They did) The lies the left will tell to win power. Shame.

John K. said...

John K: Speaking of lies, did anyone in here see the report about the 200 fraudlent voters in Allegheny County who actually voted. Can we say acorn.

Matt H said...

Things must be getting desperate in North Carolina for the R's!

EdHeath said...

More scatter shot charges from John K, because God forbid he talk about the actual post. Oh wait ... I suppose god would not do the forbiding for this post.

Do you mean this report about questionable voter registration cards? Of people who haven't voted yet?

Remember, ACORN calls each voter on a registration form three times. If they don't answer or if they give conflicting information, ACORN flags the registration form with a piece paper over the registration form listing what they think the problem is. So it is no surprise the DA is investigating some number of voter registration forms, since ACORN would have given them at least some of, if not all the information about problems with the forms. I know ACORN fired one guy who was doing voter registration in Phildelphia who has since been indicted.

KGC said...

"What's wrong with being an atheist?"

Fair enough.. only if you would agree with.. "What's wrong with being a Christian who expouses his/her beliefs? Who votes and governs as they believe? Who believes abortion is murder? Who associated with people that believe as they do?"

Oh.. forgot... that would be unconstitutional.. that would be wrong..

Believe (or not believe) what you want.. just don't crucify, persecute or belittle those who believe differently than you.. (except Islamofacists.. then 'effin nuke those b*astards... turn their strongholds, such as Palestine and Iran into parking lots.)

KGC said...

Oh.. so you liberals can untie your panties from the knots they just got into..

Atheists are trying to kill Americans.. Islamofacists are. I can ignore atheists. Islamofacists.. no way.

Some of the Muzzies are not about religion.. they're just 'effin fanatics who hate Western civilization. That's why they they should be annihilated. Now. Want to have civilization return to the Middle Ages? Hehehehe.. we can can help them do so. A MOAB on their villages would be a good start.

KGC said...

Ooops.. that should be..

Atheists are NOT trying to kill Americans..

My bad.

[Note to self. Review. Review. Review. Before posting.]

EdHeath said...

Freudian slip, KGC?

This election does seem to be about fascism versus democracy. The rhetoric that comes from conservative commenters on this and other blogs, and on their own blogs, tells me that if McCain wins, the right will push to restrict more of our freedoms, and to do things like round up “muzzies” and send them to Egypt (no matter what their nationality). I expect you’ll find pretexts to arrest atheists, and take the vote away from blacks and perhaps women. It will be a paradise for white male business owners. Too bad everyone else will be second class citizens.