What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 22, 2008

WORDS: They sure are slippy!

McCain on Western PA:

And, he sure does love this word:



John K. said...

John K: As opposed to Murtha, when apologizing to his supporters for calling them racists, referred to them as rednecks. Whew good thing he did not use the N word eh?

cathcatz said...

oh, its just so wrong to call people eon racism, isn't it?

i'm proud of murtha. he's addressing the elephant in the room, and it's name is Bigotry!

it's so horrible for him to say that PA is full of racists, because they can't stand to hear the truth spoken about themselves. how dare he call them on it?

i have an idea. how about people stop BEING racist, instead of people demanding that murtha stop talking about it??????