What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 16, 2008

Quick Hits

  • Cheney: Obama Will "Appreciate" Our Expansion Of Power
    Once he's in power he will become a mad Constitution-destroying douche just like me!

  • Bush's Interior Department Interfered With Scientific Work To Limit Endangered Species Protections
    Science? We don't need no stinkin' science!

  • NFL excludes women from retiree health talks
    "[W]omen being present could impede the discussion" (even though they are the wives and caregivers of player who are too ill to speak for themselves).

  • Big lefty blogs not thrilled with Caroline Kennedy run lobbying for appoinment to NY Senate seat
    - Jane @ Firedoglake: "I guess she'll take entitlement for a thousand, Alex."
    - Kos @ Daily Kos: "When you're rich and come from a political family, and are heir to American royalty, you can apparently dispense with dealing with pesky voters by simply ringing up the governor."

    John K. said...

    John K: The Caroline Kennedy comment is interesting. Hello, these are all Democrats doing this. Does this reflect on your brains at all. And I am having so much fun. Blagojevich is still in power.

    EdHeath said...

    "Hello, these are all Democrats doing this." Such as working in the Bush Interior department, or being Bush's Vice President.

    gtl said...

    The reason that "these are all Democrats doing this" is that, under their state constitutions, the governors of Illinois and NY are given the job of naming a replacement when an elected senator from their state resigns, dies, or is otherwise unable to complete his (Obama) or her (Clinton) term.

    I'm sure that johnk would like for their to be two vacant seats in the Senate until elections can be held. But that's not what the law calls for.

    In PA, when John Heinz died in office, Gov. Casey appointed Harris Wofford to fill in until a special election could be held, to fill that seat for the remainder of Heinz' term. That's the way it works in PA. I believe NY has a similar arrangement, as far as special elections. Not sure about Illinois.

    In similar situations, Republican governors have appointed Republicans. For that matter, the US Constitution originally gave the power to elect/appoint senators to state governors or legislatures. Popular vote has only been common for the last 80 years or so.

    John K. said...

    John K: LOL LOL Ed you so funny. Caroline Kennedy is a Democrat, demanding a Democrat Gov cater to her. Forget the voting process. And Blagojevich is a Democrat. Hussein Obama supported him in 2002 and 2006. Democrats acting like Democrats. Corrupt and foolish.

    EdHeath said...

    And Dick Cheney is a Republican and Julie McDonald is a Republican. Yes Caroline Kennedy and Blagojevich are Democrats. Blagojevich appears no where in the post, and of the four topics in the post, two concern Republicans. So there's no "these are all Democrats doing this". If you want to go off topic, you are obliged by the dictates of good manners to say so, and you need to make a reasonable point. You literally are illiterate, aren't you, John K.? You can't read anything, you can only repeat what the conservative Republican drug addict Rush Limbaugh tells you.

    gtl said...

    Nowhere does it say that Caroline Kennedy "demanded" anything.

    She has asked to be considered for the appointment.

    Kos's point is that she'd be better off to wait, untested as she is, and go through the primary process. That's his opinion. It's also nowhere near as ugly as johnk makes it out to be (Knock me over with a feather.).

    I figure that she's been around enough campaigns, to know what it takes.

    I am intrigued, as always, to know: Is our little boy asking that Gov. Patterson ignore the constitution of his state, and leave the seat vacant until the special election?