What Fresh Hell Is This?

December 15, 2008

Yep - It's Official

From the AP:

In all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the 538 electors performed a constitutional process to legally elect Democrat Barack Obama the 44th president.

More than 131 million voters cast ballots — the most ever in a presidential election. But Obama's election is not complete until Congress tallies the outcome of Monday's Electoral College vote at a joint session scheduled for Jan. 6.

Monday's voting was largely ceremonial, the results preordained by Obama's Nov. 4 victory over Republican Sen. John McCain. Obama won 365 electoral votes, to 173 for McCain. With every state reporting, all the electors had cast ballots in accordance with the popular votes in their states.

But wait! Isn't Hussein Obama ineligible for the Presidency? Wasn't he born in Kenya like Ambassador Keyes says? Isn't it obvious that the birth certificate is a (bad) fake?

Or isn't that all just total and complete BS?


C.H. said...

I'd say its complete and total BS...why this is still even being mentioned is beyond me.

Je'Amour (Betty) said...

17 lawsuit in 12 states most still going forward, Deposition by his Kenyan Grandmother and Uncle who witnessed his birth in Kenya, dull citizenship with Indonesia, a Kenyan passport in the 80's that let him travel to Pakistan when Americans were not permitted to be there, there are many question unanswered, like his campaign finance which his campaign has not released the small donor list to the FEC, the audit of his campaign spending finding payments to ACORN & CSI when he said he did not, hopefuly our country will survive the Constitutional crisis, and only three more states we will have a Constitutional convention, remeber also if he is proved to be un eligible to be President after being sworn in, the Govenator has a legit case that he can now run for President, plus all he signs as President could be nil and void, such as Universal Health Care, "Oh" what am I thinking this site promotes delousional tree hugging lemmings, hey Lupinutty, girl what is shaking...

Anonymous said...

Wow. I'm guessing Betty goes through a lot of tin-foil hats over the course of a week.

Let's see...it's ineligible not "un eligible." And "null and void," as nil is a designation for a zero sum.

Deposition by his Kenyan grandmother and uncle, huh? That's a new twist to this delusion.

And even if he had dual citizen, dual citizenship is recognized by US law...so, that wouldn't even be...well, anything extraordinary.

Now, let's say he was born in Kenya(he wasn't). Obama would still be a citizen of the United States because of the laws at the time:

Until it was changed in 1986, a child born to a US citizen and a foreign national was a US citizen so long as the American parent lived in the US for 10 years prior to the birth of the child, with 5 of those years occurring after the age of 14.

I would definitely say that applies to his Kansan born-and-raised mother.

But if that just doesn't bugger that warped little piece of insanity all to hell!

Of course, that part of the law was amended in 1986, reducing the time period respecitively from 10 to 5 years and 5 to 2 years.

The names of contributors under $200 are not required by law to be released. John McCain also had some funny names among his small donors, so I'm sure you're calling for a release of his donor records as well.

There's simply no 'there' here, I'm afraid. Frankly, our dear winger friends, like Je'Amour, it seems, are drifting into "Hillary killed Vince Foster territory."

And after 8 years of G'dub...really, these histrionics by wingers are simply unbecoming of serious people and indicate just how seriously you should be taken.

Not at all.

Thank god sane people are in charge of the country again.

John K. said...

John K: If I recall correctly, and I do, weren't you left wingers demanding that the Electoral College be disbanded in 2000 and 2004 when you lost. Weren't people like Carvile and Bechel trying to flip electoral college voters over to the Democrats in 2000 and 2004. Wasn't Hillary demanding someone look into this method of choosing a President. Wasn't Maxine Waters standing outside the doors of Congress trying to intimidate members to change their vote or else. Now that a Democrat has won the system works fine. LOL LOL LMAO In the words of Quinn, Democracy works fine as long as Democrats win. LOL

EdHeath said...

You know, its funny, Republican/Conservatives really do march in lock step. A Republican Senate blocked many of Clinton's appointments to the Federal Courts, saying quite openly they had a litmus test for appointees, including that they had to be pro life. The federal courts ended up with a back up of cases, which suited the Republicans just fine. In the legislative term just now ending, the Republican have set records for personal holds on legislation, and on blocked votes for cloture. I am quite sure the Democrats would have tried to clean up the financial mess, but the Republicans were blocking them (like they blocked the auto bailout, causing the country to move much closer to depression). And yet the Republicans screamed to high heaven and threatened to permanently change the rules of the Senate when the Democrats blocked four of Bush's appointments to the Federal Courts.

But this monolithic thinking, this taking orders and receiving propaganda from people like the drug addict Limbaugh and the "which way is the wind blowing" Quinn is why John K. claims all Democrats think alike. He is so scared of thinking for himself that he can't imagine other people think for themselves. So if one Democrat complains about the Electoral College, all of the Democrats must want to get rid of it. Yet John K throws Bill O'Reilly under the bus because there's no love lost between O'Reilly and the great god Limbaugh.

First John K claims that the financial crisis was caused by Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and Jimmy Carter from twenty years ago. Now he claims that Democrats all think alike and that Democrats are as fickle and opportunistic as Republicans. All the while he laughs his ass off about dead Iraqis and dead Americans. And John K is the one who keeps bringing up Obama's citizenship and birth certificate, C.H.

Maria said...


'There's simply no 'there' here, I'm afraid. Frankly, our dear winger friends, like Je'Amour, it seems, are drifting into "Hillary killed Vince Foster territory."'

Je'Amour/Betty actually belongs to that special FriendsofWinger group known as PUMAs.

She doesn't believe that Hillary killed Vince but she does believe that Barack is a secret undercover Muslim terrorist.

John K. said...

John K: And to think, Hillary Clinton wanted the Electoral College eliminated. LOL LOL Voting results are only valid when Democrats win. Quinn is right.

Je'Amour (Betty) said...

Actually Oblah blah mother was born in Kansas but move to Hawaii when she was around four grew up their (Hawaii was not a state till only a territory 1959) Oblah blah was born in 1961 hence forth the ten year law, second your parents have to both be citizens by Constitutional law to be eligible to run for President. A parent could be from another country but has to have citizenship at the time of birth. You are not permitted by Constitutional law be a dual citizen. Also you have yet to mention the Grandmother and Uncle who went on record as to the birth in Kenya. Yes I have joined PUMA proud to be. As for Senator Hillary Clinton, finale delegate count was Oblah blah had 17.5 more delegates then Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton this was after fraud in the Caucus States, and the Democratic Party took many delegates away from Hillary awarded them to Oblah blah violating their own bi-laws. Cannot get around fact. As for my spelling I will be first to say it is atrocious. At least I can comprehend and question authority unlike many here, like I said tree hugging, blind following lemmings...

Je'Amour (Betty) said...

Forgot to say good to see you Lupinutty, as for winger or right winger or liberal or progressive, I am an American citizen and I believe in my Constitution, I hope we never get rid of the Electoral College, because this is a Democratic Republic and not majority rule, the Electoral College gives a voice to all, but once again nobody reads the Constitution any more, everybody is not fighting the injustice of no Child Left Behind, Children are not being educated, half of the Graduates of High School could not pass a sixth grade test from hundred years ago, and I got to agree with one commentary that the Democratic party in this last election made the Republicans look like Girl scouts & Boy scouts. I am a proud fiscally responsible Democrat with principals. Obama cabinet has 12 men & 4 women most are President Clinton's cast offs were is the change...
Remember the African American man got the right to vote off the backs of Women's Suffrage, with Fredrick Douglas, when Women got the boot and the African American male got the vote, 1870, Fredrick Douglas never joined in force with women again even though he was a supporter, here is Susan B. Anthony response “I beg you to speak of Women as you do of the Negro, speak of her as a human being, a citizen of the United States, as half of the people in whose hands lies the destiny of the Nation” it took fifty years for women to get the right to vote thanks to a young woman Alice Paul, 1920 , Now I know Obama was selected, and “What”, women will have to wait another fifty years for equality...

Ol' Froth said...

Good lord, the depth of ignorance about the Constitution and what constitutes a citizen displayed by Betty is mind blowing.

Je'Amour (Betty) said...

Ol' Froth
Why don't you read it you will learn allot...