What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 28, 2009

Oh, the irony!

First, it took a Republican to switch parties for Pennsylvania to get a pro choice senator.

And speaking of choice, once again, Pennsylvanians will have little to no choice in their Democratic primary vote for US Senator -- the fix is in.



Clyde Wynant said...

Indeed. And I'm not convinced in the slightest little bit that ole Arlen will be there for us when we need vote #60.

But boy, is this right up his alley. He's got EVERYONE in the Democratic Party kissing his ass...and he knows the power he'll wield.

Sheesh, I want the vote and I want another Democratic Senator from PA...but did it have to happen this way?

Conservative Mountaineer said...

Hey, Clyde.. Specter is YOURS now!! Hehehehehehe...

Sherry said...

i'd rather have him than toomey.

i really don't need another rightous fanatic. i've already lived thru santorum.