What Fresh Hell Is This?

June 30, 2009

Eichelberger Faces His Critics

(H/t to Think Progress)

Here's the entire clip:

Think Progress has a transcript:
SPEAKER: So are you going to apologize to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender people in Pennsylvania — and all the people in Pennsylvania for those comments about allowing to exist and calling them dysfunctional.

EICHELBERGER: No, I think you know my answer to that. Thank you very much.
And Sue Kerr gets a shout out at Think Progress:
Pittsburgh Lesbian Correspondents, an LGBT blog in Pennsylvania, writes, “It is one thing to disapprove of my identity or believe it is a choice, but quite another thing to suggest that I am permitted to exist in spite of my identity. Should I be grateful to Senator Eichelberger for not condoning someone taking away my existence?”
Congratulations to Sue!


Clyde Wynant said...

And we think Michael Jackson's a freak?

This man, a tacit "representative," represents nothing but the lowest form of human life, the shallow end of the gene pool.


Sue said...

Thanks for the link. Glad to see the story still has legs.

Sherry said...

another theocrat wanting to impose his religious beliefs on everyone.