What Fresh Hell Is This?

July 29, 2009



We already know that Barack Hussein Obama is an undercover Muslim who is not really our president because he was born in Kenya.

We know that he wants to take our guns and turn the US of A into a socialist/commie country.

We know that he has a deep seated hatred for white people and is a racist.

We also know that there's a better than 50% chance that he is the antichrist.

And, now we know that Hussein Obama has A SECRET PLAN TO KILL OLD PEOPLE:

Citizens, you know what you must do to rid America and the world of this devil and his minions:

NEXT: How Hussein Obama plans to use taxpayer money to hire hordes of feminazis to menstruate on Bibles and video proof that he's coming for our white woman!




the Other Ken said...

Wow! I didn't know any of that stuff. That Obama sure is a dick!

jaywillie said...

Soylent Green has to come from some where, folks.

Maria said...

I guess Cheney was ahead of his time (but a bad shot).

Sherry said...

loved the video. how'd you find it?

Sherry said...

i have to see if i can rent this. i love old silent horror films

Maria said...

Actually, I know the song and came across the movie via the song. it does look like a pretty good film.

EdHeath said...

(little tangential joke)

remember, you better dick Nixon before Nixon dicks you ...

Sherry said...

i put it on my netflix.