What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 13, 2009

Call a whambulance for Lil Mayor Luke!

In an article in yesterday's Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Lil Mayor Luke Ravenstahl goes whaaaaaa that he's had to suffer running in elections* and that people have had the gall to actually run against him in those elections:
"What I can tell you is that the existing relationships we have, in many cases, are not beneficial to the residents of the city," Mr. Ravenstahl acknowledged.

"I think what's been unique in my three years, from day one and even as we sit here today, I've constantly been running for office," he said. "One of them [Councilman Patrick Dowd] ran against me. Another one [Councilman William Peduto] started to, a third [Council President Doug Shields] had indicated his interest, and so that political battle that they've been engaged in really has been unhealthy for city government."
Someone needs to remind Fluke Ravenstahl that the circumstance which led him to face two elections in three years is the same one that installed him in the office without an election.

Later in the same article, Lil Mayor Luke sheds more tears with this:
"When you look back and consider some of the things that have been said -- I mean literally accusations that this administration should be in jail, or I should be in jail, or I've broken the law, some of the personal attacks that they make -- it's very difficult for me to deal with somebody that believes that or at least says that."

The mayor insists he wants better ties in the future, but added: "Right now, I don't sense the other side of the hall, the majority of the other side of the hall -- I do have some good relationships -- being genuine about putting the past behind us. If they're genuine about it, then we're genuine about it, but it's hard for us. We can't make the entire lift; it has to be a two-way street."
Let's also remind Lukey that he both threatened the paychecks of Council's staff and had his creature threaten his opponents on Council with immediate removal from office for crossing him.

And finally, he should be reminded that when talking about jail, Steelerstahl has only really been handcuffed by his own actions.

* Luke's not the only one who thinks that elections are some big distraction for the public.

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