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October 13, 2009

Short Take on The Trib's "Short Takes"

They don't read too good over at Richard Mellon Scaife's Brain trust, I guess. Take a look at this sentence from the Trib's editorial board:
A Bugler editorial calls conservatives critical of President Obama being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize "a motley crew," then equates them with the Taliban.
NOTE: The Trib calls the P-G "The Toledo Block Bugler" because the P-G and the Toledo Blade are owned by the same family - the Block family. Yea, I know. Rightwing snark - who'da thought it would be so, well, pedestrian? And unfunny? They think it's funny, though.

Back to the editorial. Let's take a look at what the P-G actually wrote:
Mr. Obama's harshest critics -- a motley crew of conservative Republicans, right-wing bloggers, talk-show hosts and the Taliban -- are beside themselves with rage that their nemesis has received another "undeserved" honor.
Any competent reader of the language would see that the P-G's editorial board is listing Obama's "harshest critics." And their list includes conservative Republicans, wing nut bloggers and so on. Where, O astute readers o' mine, is the comparison to the Taliban?

It's not there. The Trib editorial board is lying when it says it's there. And they're counting on their readers not to check the facts.

Typical Trib editorial.

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