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October 28, 2009

Onorato promises to veto any opt-out of Public Option if he's Governor

From an email from Dan Onorato, Allegheny County Executive and PA gubernatorial candidate:
Dear friends:

On Monday, the U.S. Senate announced that its most recent healthcare bill includes a provision that allows states to choose whether or not to offer a "public option." Basically, states will be able to decide whether or not to offer their residents access to low-cost health insurance.

As Governor, I will veto any effort by the Pennsylvania General Assembly to "opt out" of the public option.

It is critical for Pennsylvania's employers and workers that we help lower healthcare costs. I believe that the proposed public option will help expand competition and reduce prices while maintaining our current fee-for-service system.

Currently, Pennsylvania has one of the least competitive insurance markets in the country. A public option will even the playing field for Pennsylvania's families and encourage a transparent and competitive healthcare marketplace. Increasing competition among insurers and lowering costs for everyone is also important to being able to attract and retain companies in Pennsylvania.

A public option will change the insurance industry, lower prices and increase the quality of care.

A public option is absolutely vital to the health of every Pennsylvanian and every Pennsylvania business. As Governor, I pledge to fight for quality, affordable insurance for every Pennsylvanian by vetoing any opt-out from the public option.

Dan Onorato



Conservative Mountaineer said...

And, in related news, South Carolina gains 20,000 new residents.

Conservative Mountaineer said...

All or most of them small-business owners.. taking 1000's of jobs with them.

How's that "hopey changey" thing working our for y'all?

Joshua said...

Well, if it's so great, why don't YOU move there? Maybe you'll get your own Argentinian mistress named Maria on the government dime. If I were to pick a Carolina, it would be the one I lived in for 4 years (that is, the North. Go Duke).