What Fresh Hell Is This?

October 28, 2009

Scaife's Brain Trust. Again.

AND they're really scraping the bottom of the barrel, news source wise. Take a look. In this week's "Midweek briefing" we read:
Writing in The Bulletin of Philadelphia, Herb Denenberg throws the F-bomb. Yes, Mr. Denenberg says the stench of fascism is growing stronger from the Obama administration. That's based on its use "of the vast resources of the federal government to squelch criticism and silence and intimidate critics." Well, what else would you call it, folks?
The Bulletin of Philadelphia? A newspaper that closed up shop for print news in June and is now only publishing once a week? That Bulletin? Such a powerhouse of journalism to depend on.

Here's an example of the truthiness of this Bulletin piece:
The Obama campaign warned that any critics in Missouri would be subjected to prosecution there if they voiced criticism that was not true. There was a "Barack Obama Truth Squad” made up of prosecutors and sheriffs to keep critics in line, promising rebuttals and prosecution in appropriate cases.
The source of this example?

The Scaife funded Media Research Center ($850,000 in money from the Sarah Scaife Foundation from 2006-2008).

The incestuous circle-jerk continues.

But let's take a look at the Newsbusters story in particular. Here's something interesting:
Well, there is a "truth squad." It's in Missouri. It includes prosecutors and sheriffs. Oh, and they have formed their truth squad to threaten and intimidate the critics of ..... Barack Obama.
Wait wait. Didn't the Bulletin at least imply that the Obama campaign had formed the squad? But look - Newsbusters itself said the Sheriffs and prosecutors formed it themselves.

The Bulletin can't even get the smear right.

Great great work from Scaife's Brain Trust. Truly amazing.

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