What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 24, 2009

Fear Factor

The Ravenstahls have hired Philadelphia attorney Richard Sprague to represent them in contacts with the media. According to Sprague, his job is "to prevent there being a whole bunch of smears, innuendoes, defamatory things being suggested. If that is so, I will bring appropriate legal action."

In light of the background on Sprague found at the Pittsburgh City Paper, this will now be 2PJ's Official Statement on the Ravenstahl Separation:
Mayor Luke Ravenstahl is the bestest mayor in the world! Richard Sprague is the bestest lawyer in the world! The Ravenstahls had and have the bestest marriage in the world! The separation is no more and no less than an Act of God.
For those keeping score at home -- in secret I hope -- you can get $50,000 for flipping off a cop in Pittsburgh, but you may be sued if you get caught gossiping about our mayor. What does this remind me of...

UPDATE: Just in case you were wondering, here's a small sample of what people are googling tonight on the intertoobz and how they are making their way here:



Joshua said...

Want to find some truly funny stuff? Search for the Twitter tag #ravenstahlrumors. This was started by someone at The Pens Blog and has spread like wildfire.

Maria said...

I love Pittsburgh!