What Fresh Hell Is This?

November 25, 2009

They say timing is everything

From the uncut version of the KDKA interview (about 9:33 in):
Marty Griffin: Your political advisories, here's what they're going to say tomorrow. The mayor waited until after the election to do this. This thing's been falling apart for two years.

Luke Ravenstahl: Well, it hasn't been falling apart for two years. But we did wait. Uh, Erin and I, we've worked through this for, uh, almost a year now. Uh, we decided to wait, uh, because of those political reasons. We didn't want to mix this personal issue into the midst of a political campaign. We wanted to handle it on our terms. Uh, that was something that both her and I agreed to. Uh, and our political adversaries are going to say what they're going to say. Uh, you know, they'll spread rumors as they always have. Uh, you know, they'll throw stones as they always have. Uh, and we've dealt with that and we'll continue to deal with that. It does nobody any good. Um, but that's the nature of being the mayor and being in such a high profile position and both Erin and I have accepted that.


Matt H said...

That part should have made the cut.

Maria said...


@15212 said...

Re-reading this I realize that in the realm of Pittsburgh politics, it's a fairly spectacular admission. Luke didn't say, "we didn't "wait," as you suggest, Marty; we were simply continuing to try to work things out, as couples do." He said, and I paraphrase/move some things around, "we waited because my political opponents would have skewered my ass for it and my young political career would have ended before it actually started." Why this didn't make the cut is actually more interesting to me than what he said ...Is Luke's dad the package editor at KDKA?