What Fresh Hell Is This?

February 25, 2010

Rep. Louise Slaughter's Comments at WH HCR Summit

Definitely worth a watch:

By the way, there were only a handful of women at the table.


Conservative Mountaineer said...

Just to set the record straight..


Conservative Mountaineer said...

Clue to Rep. Louise Slaughter, you may want to read the bills because neither cover dental expenses.

Not a bright girl at all. Maybe that's why [remainder of comment removed in advance.]

EdHeath said...

Yeah that's good, CM, concentrate on one thing the woman said, and dismiss everything she said because you misinterpret that one thing. I would have thought you might agree on at least the need for health insurance/care reform based on her points about economic competitiveness. But like I said before, conservatives just want to see the country harmed further, so they can blame Obama.

By the way, I notice you never replied when I provided evidence that Bush and company let Bin Laden go at Tora Bora. IN particular you never provided evidence that Clinton knew the plant in Sudan was an "Aspirin Factory". I guess we see how much integrity you have.

n'at said...

We could fact check back and forth, but remove the leadership and whips and the resulting dialogue from the lower ranks does not yield very many differences in what the D's and R's want in a bill. In the end, I believe this televised meeting was more for the citizens to see where they are currently in the debate, than for those in attendance to build consensus and move forward...

Rep. Slaughter - awesome name btw - had excellent points, but a rough delivery. Is there grainy footage of her singing "If I Had a Hammer" somewhere?

EdHeath said...

n'at, your comment did make me laugh out loud.

You know, it seemed like health insurance companies were just coming up with managed care and HMO's when the Clinton health plan was introduced and ultimately voted down. For the Republicans to have any credibility this time around, they would need to show they could achieve European levels of health insurance coverage for our population at affordable rates with lowers rates of increase than we have seen in the past. In other words, the Republicans need to get health insurance companies to agree to voluntarily have lower profits, and force doctors and hospitals to accept less money for their fees. That is the only "market based" solution that would be acceptable.

Good luck with that.