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April 28, 2010

Act to Stop New Waste Coal Plants in PA

Via Randy Francisco and PA Sierra Club:
Two proposed waste coal plants in Pennsylvania should have their permits invalidated.

Tell PA Department of Environmental Protection (PA DEP) Secretary Hanger to pull their permits!

Robinson Power Company allowed construction at its Beech Hollow Plant to lapse for over 1.5 years, and as a result, Secretary Hanger deemed its air permit invalid. We are pleased that the PA DEP denied the air permit that would have allowed Beech Hollow Plant to emit 1,701,314 tons of global warming pollution every year.

No construction has taken place over 1.5 years at two other proposed waste coal plants. Both the proposed River Hill plant in Centre County and the Wellington Plant in Greene County should be held to the same standards.

Tell DEP Secretary John Hanger it's time to pull these permits too.

These two proposed waste coal plants would emit 4,604,574 tons of global warming pollution every year, along with harmful levels of soot and smog pollution, which can worsen asthma and cause other respiratory illnesses. The denial of these permits would also allow Pennsylvania to begin to focus more attention on the development of clean renewable energy sources, like solar and wind that can secure our energy future and create more jobs for Pennsylvanians.

Take action to protect Pennsylvanians from the pollution these plants would spew.

We hope the PA DEP puts an end to these dirty coal proposals and moves beyond the use of coal by expanding the use of renewable sources like wind and solar energy.

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