What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 7, 2010

Meet the Ories: Jane, Janine, Joan & Jack!

PA Sen. Jane Orie

  • Jane Orie: PA state Sen. Republican Whip (R-McCandless) charged today with 10 criminal charges including diversion of services, restricted activities, tampering with evidence and conspiracy.

  • Janine Orie: An aide to state Supreme Court Justice Joan Orie Melvin. Janine was charged with two criminal charges today which include theft and diversion of services.

  • Joan Orie Melvin: Recently elected PA Supreme Court Justice who benefited from the shenanigans of her sisters Jane and Janine (but who hasn't been charged with anything).

  • Jack Orie: A Pittsburgh attorney and brother of Jane and Janine and Joan who represented Jane and Janine today.

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    Sources: Pittsburgh Tribune-Review and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.


    Maria said...

    Someone loved the letter J!

    APS412 said...

    Don't forget Judith.

    Epanastrophe said...

    So Jane, Janine, and Jack are sibs. How is Joan related? Another sister?

    Maria said...

    There's a Judith? I say: reality show time!

    Sorry, if that wasn't clear -- yes, Joan is their sister.

    Maria said...

    I revised my post slightly. Hopefully it's more clear now.

    Pgh_Knight said...

    Strikingly similar Veon corruption conviction, only on a much smaller scale.

    Blue Number 2 said...

    This is now the second indictment I've read (well 3rd since there were two PDFs in the Bonusgate filings). What is wrong with me??

    So reading thru 66 pages was quite fascinating. Anyone know if the Kurt Acker listed as an Orie staffer who was doing political work on government time is the same Kurt Acker who is now running Mary Beth Buchanon's campaign?

    Clyde Wynant said...

    Blue # -

    Don't know, but eminently possible. But rest assured that this is an incestuous little group. BrabenderCox did Jane Orie Melvin's campaigns and they are likewise the hacks doing MBB's campaign. All in all, these political cadres are a tight knit group. They find out who they can trust and they continue to go back to the well....

    Clyde Wynant said...

    Fun stuff..