What Fresh Hell Is This?

April 7, 2010

Sloppy Homework At The Trib. Again.

And this is how the echochamber works.

From today's editorial page at the Tribune-Review:
While U.S. media all but ignore the growing scandal over manipulated climate data to bolster the "science" of man-made global warming, the European press has been all over the story, notes Rick Moran of the American Thinker. What's revealed is "a climate science community in near chaos and dispirited over the fact that so much data was fabricated or deliberately ignored," Mr. Moran says, noting a Spiegel Online report. True scientists tend to pay attention to such details.
First off, "the growing scandal"? Just saying it doesn't make it true, guys. The AP debunked the "scandal" months ago.

Here's Moran's blog post at The American Thinker. When you read that and the Speigel article Moran sites, you'll see what the Trib's done. It's a selective discussion of a selective discussion.

For example: while Moran says the "climate science community is in near chaos" over the fact that much data was manipulated (even though it wasn't), page two of the Spiegel article Moran sites has this:
Despite the controversy, most climatologists agree that in the end the general view of climate change will not have changed significantly. Almost all share the basic conviction that we are headed for warmer times.
And by page 7 we see this:
Until now, no one knew exactly which clouds benefit from a greenhouse climate. But the answer to this question determines whether average global temperatures will end up being one degree higher or lower than predicted by today's models, a factor which creates significant uncertainty. "The jury is still out on which direction the pendulum will take," says Stevens.

Despite the enormous uncertainties, there is agreement on at least one issue: Global warming can no longer be stopped.
But wait. If it's all a hoax (as Scaife's Braintrust continually propagandizes) then what's there to stop? Now go back and read The Trib's take. Notice anything missing? Yea. Lots.

Moran selectively quoted The Spiegel article and the Trib selectively quoted Moran.

That's how the echochamber works, my friends.


EdHeath said...

Colbert had a good show last night, repeated today at 7:30pm. Who knew TV weather persons mostly think human caused climate change is shi-, er cra-, er bunk? Their own society (the American Meteorological Society) thinks climate change is human affected/caused.

And why do older body builders have bad teeth?

Adam said...

Let's thank Richard Mellon Schaife for keeping archaic self-immolating ideology an underpinning of his terrible newspaper.

I hope the PG never goes away :/

EdHeath said...

I guess the Trib is acceptable reading for Tea Partiers, who otherwise shun ideas. If they don't do some reading, their eyebones might seize up.