What Fresh Hell Is This?

May 18, 2010


I agree with Rand Paul -- people should not rely on the government!

They should stand on their own two feet -- even if they don't have any!

People should rely on themselves! (Well, that and maybe their daddy's name.)

UPDATE: ...and he wins.


Gloria said...

Buy grannie a garden hose next Christmas, let her put out her own damn house fires. And tell her to quit yapping about the Social Security she's no longer getting, and the senior lunches & bingo games at the neighborhood center.

Bring spackling compound, (big size, not the little bitty plastic tubs), with you when you cross a bridge, incase it falls down or something. Make sure it's waterproof.

Tell your annoying cousin to teach his own damn brats in his own damn house. I hope, for your cousin's sake, that he doesn't live next door to grannie's inferno.

Maria said...

And Rand wins...

Sick sad world.