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June 10, 2010

No Bailouts for BP Rally Photos/Coverage

KDKA TV video @

As mentioned here, there was a rally yesterday in downtown Pittsburgh to protest BP.

The rally was hosted by the local chapters of MoveOn.org, Sierra Club and PennEnvironment.

Mellon Square, Pittsburgh, PA

Unfortunately, my camera is slowly dying and it took forever to "warm up" so no photos of City Paper talk show host Lynn Cullen or KDKA's Jon Delano. But, you can see Lynn interviewed in the link above.

As Lynn said on her show yesterday, she wanted to find some ray of light and so hoped that the BP Oil mega clusterfuck (my phrase, not hers) could be a "teachable moment." She spoke about the co-dependent relationship that we have with oil and how we've made a deal with the devil. She also mentioned an article in this week's City Paper about the dangers of drilling in the Marcellus Shale fields (of which we were all standing above).

It was raining cats and dogs leading up to the rally and for the first ten or fifteen minutes, so kudos to all those who braved the weather.

Randy Francisco, Sierra Club and Robert King, MoveOn

Joy Sabl gets creative as an oil-covered bird

Frack off!

(More photos after the jump)

Another crowd shot

Forest Hills Mayor and longtime activist Marty O'Malley

19th Ward Independent Democratic Club
President Georgia Blotzer

Pink Coat Communications founder Jennifer England

Signing folks up to MoveOn

Two junkies hanging out after the rally


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