What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 27, 2010

KDKA: "Feds Won't Pursue Charges Against Officers" in Jordan Miles Case

KDKA News is reporting that the federal investigation into the brutal beating of CAPA honors student Jordan Miles is over and that the Pittsburgh police officers involved will not be charged.

They quote Justice Department sources as saying:
"We don't believe we can get a conviction."


"It's three against one..."
So does that mean that if only one police officer had brutalized Miles that they'd be more likely to pursue charges? By that logic, if Miles had been attacked by five officers, they'd be handing out medals to them.

And speaking of handing things out, the three officers have not only been on paid leave since February, they've also been receiving overtime pay.

Even more depressing:
Sources close to the investigation tell the KDKA Investigators if the Justice Department will not pursue charges, the district attorney's office won't either -- and the criminal investigation will soon be closed.
A reminder that this is what Miles looked like after the attack:


And, that the officers went after him in the first place because they claimed that Miles was standing against a building "as if he was trying to avoid being seen" and that they believed he had a gun which they later said was a a bottle of Mt. Dew in his winter coat pocket which they couldn't even produce.

Miles' attorney said, "We plan on filing a civil rights violation case against the Pittsburgh Police Department obviously."

It would be a crime if they didn't.


rich10e said...

Now that's INJUSTICE!!!

Pgh_Knight said...

I say now what I said then: I wasn't there, I don't KNOW what happened, and I am not going to pass judgment on either side based on what I see from the media.

Brant said...

C'mon, Pittsburgh Knight. Somebody beat the living shit out of this kid. Were his wounds self-inflicted? No, three cops did it. Did it really require such a hellacious ass-whipping to subdue one kid? Get real.

EdHeath said...

Now Brant, the kid could have had an RPG, although it would had to be the size of a 20 oz soda bottle.

We all know how dangerous that HFCS is.

Heir to the Throne said...

Arts student sues over Pittsburgh police beating