What Fresh Hell Is This?

August 29, 2010

Talk About A Selective Quotation

From today's Tribune-Review (naturally):
Housing sales have tanked. Unemployment remains stubbornly high. Companies won't hire because they know they're about to be taxed to death. "Consumer confidence" is an oxymoron. And Vice President Joe Biden says the economy's moving in the right direction? These cats couldn't find their own litter boxes if they were tied to them.
Now let's take a look at how the original story. It's from a blog at the Chicago Tribune and Biden's remarks are tucked in at the tail end - last paragraph, by the way:
Biden conceded that the economic recovery was not proceeding as fast as the administration had hoped, but claimed there was "no doubt we're moving in the right direction." [emphasis added.]
See how that changes things? See how the Trib, by a careful selection of the VP's words, makes it seem as if he said something he didn't say? See how dishonest that is?

Naturally, that's what's in the Trib.

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EdHeath said...

I have long thought of the President as cheerleader in chief (in this case, it was Veep Biden stepping into the role). In that position, the Prez needs to be a bit more optimistic than the situation actually calls for. If the Prez makes a convincing case good times are right around the corner, then people may feel they should grab whatever bargains are available before prices go up (and they'll pay it off with their raises or higher home values next year). Of course, the rah rah cheers have to be grounded in reality; remember HW Bush being amazed at grocery scanners. I do worry Biden's sound bites don't include enough numbers, so there is some danger the public will start to see at least Biden at like HW, a bit detached from the rest of us.