What Fresh Hell Is This?

September 9, 2010


If there is a deal to move the Burlington Coat Factory Non-Mosque to appease the book-burner then hate wins.

UPDATE: Apparently no deal.


Pgh_Knight said...

Those who support the Mosque should equally support this man's freedom of speech in burning the Quran.

As I posted here before, I thought they had the right to build the mosque, but that it wasn't a good idea. Similarly, the Pastor has the right to burn the Quran, but it's not a good idea.

KIMBER45 said...

I believe that the Koran burning is meant to be a deliberate provocation.

I do not believe that the Community Center is meant to be a deliberate provocation.

What do you think, Knight?

Maria said...

I certainly agree that constitutionally there is a right to build the Islamic Center as there is a right to burn books (though apparently, locally, there is a ban on bonfires) -- so legally equal.

That said, they are not morally equivalent.

In once case you have people attempting to worship their religion while on the other hand you have an attempt to intimidate others from worshiping their religion and to defame it.

Pgh_Knight said...

Maria: I am puzzled... what does a "Burlington Coat Factory Non-Mosque" have to do with "people attempting to worship their religion"???

rich10e said...

Iman Rauf said in his most recent statement" we are not here to barter."
And i understand that he means he's not here to trade this for that, but it also seems that he and his "community center" are not here to compromise or work together to find a sensible solution.

In his Sept. 7th, NYT editorial, Mr. Rauf stated, "Cordoba House will be built on the two fundamental commandments common to Judaism, Christianity and Islam: to love the Lord our creator with all of our hearts, minds, souls and strength; and to love our neighbors as we love ourselves."

Where is his love and respect for the 70% of Americans who are not in favor of his project.Donald Trump has offered to pay 25% over the purchase price for the building. More than a fair offer. Then build elsewhere!

EdHeath said...

Rich, how about in Tennessee? Oops.

When the United States was formed, the "founding fathers" allowed the South to keep its slavery. Now Republicans want to re-write the 14th amendment so that freedom from slavery will no longer be constitutionally guaranteed. I guess if that polled well you would tell us we have to what the polls say.

Maria said...


It isn't a mosque -- it's a community center. It does contain a prayer area as Muslims pray five times a day.

So if you want a rewrite, here it is:

In once case you have people attempting to live as Muslims while on the other hand you have an attempt to intimidate others from worshiping their religion and to defame it.


Maria said...

Have any of you ever actually been to lower Manhattan?

If you want to call this the "Ground Zero Mosque" then you also have to refer to the "Ground Zero Strip Club" and the other "Ground Zero Strip Club" and the "Ground Zero Betting Parlor" and the "Ground Zero Trashy Lingerie Store" and the "Ground Zero Mickey D's," etc.

There's an actual mosque right now just 4 blocks from Ground Zero. Should that be burnt down along with some Korans?

Pgh_Knight said...

I hear there is going to be a strip club opening next to the community center called: You Mecca Me Hot

KIMBER45 said...


Define "compromise." What you, and those like you, want, if for the Imam to be prohibited from building that Community Center, even though the owners of the property have followed all relevant laws, and they have all of the required permits.

Why should they be required to "compromise" on the lawful use of their own private property?

Shall we all be required to get a majority of the citizenry to approve of how we lawfully use our private property?

Or is it just Moslems?

rich10e said...

Ed put it in stanton hghts for all I care....all i'm saying is the iman has not been at all sensitive to the concerns of the vast majority of americans....no one has denied them anything.the dialogue is whether they walk the talk of loving their neighbors....Kimber a lot of this stuff is beyond the comprehension of some people...just keep reading the cartoons....