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September 8, 2010

That Time of the Month -- On the Spot

We've written about On the Spot before because it's an excellent project. On the Spot raises awareness and much needed funds to purchase pads and tampons for girls who have irregular access to these products. As the co-founder puts it:
For girls in foster care, unstable family situations, economically troubled households and shelters, “that time of the month” brings panic and uncertainty. Many skip school for lack of an alternative. In some local schools local staff provides products out of their own pocket to make sure girls have a back-up.

On the Spot will be holding a back to school fundraiser this Friday:

WHEN: Friday, September 10th
WHERE: Remedy in Lawrenceville (5121 Butler Street)
DETAILS: The event will include a paper bag auction, a cookie table, a DJ, and drink specials. Admission is $10 or $5 and a box of pads/tampons.

Can't make it? Donate products or money here.

On the Spot has collected over 1700 pads and distributed them to seven local schools, a women’s shelter and several after school/summer programs for girls. The project was also able to put together and distribute several hundred personal care bags for boys and girls in need. On the spot is a project of Desiree VanTassel and Jennifer England. All funds and products are distributed by Planned Parenthood of Western Pennsylvania Education Fund, (a 501c3) in schools that have a demonstrated need for help.

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